Rise Of Evil Sword God

642 Fight

After some thinking, Feng Yun decided to make a sneak attack and reduce the number of enemies first. He continued to wait as he watched them bombarding the formation. He was elated when he saw the ten assassins were heavily injured by the formation.

Feng Yun was more than happy to wait and watch them suffer under the formation. As long as the formation was standing, he decided to wait and let them exhaust their spirit energy first.

However, when he saw the leader throwing the explosive talisman, he knew that he couldn’t hide anymore, so he took the initiative to attack.

Hiding in the black pagoda, he easily came to the assassins without being detected by them. While their attention was fully occupied by the formation, Feng Yun sneaked up behind an assassin thanks to the black pagoda and killed him in one strike. He thought he could take out two or three assassins, but their reaction was fast. Well, they were all sovereign profound realm cultivators after all.

At this time, the assassins reacted immediately and charged at Feng Yun while using various martial skills. Feng Yun’s hair stood up in alert when he saw the numerous attacks coming in his direction. Although he has confidence in his strength, he couldn’t take all these attacks head-on, he was clear of this fact. Without hesitation, he entered in the black pagoda. Just now, he already confirmed that these people couldn’t detect the presence of the black pagoda. It was the perfect cloak.

The assassins who were charging at Feng Yun madly were suddenly stunned. Feng Yun who was just standing in front of them disappeared out of thin air.


“Where did he go?”

The assassins were shocked, they spread out their divine sense but couldn’t find the presence of Feng Yun as if he disappeared from the world. But how could this be possible?

“Be careful, he should be using some treasure that could cover his aura.” The leader shouted loudly.

They scanned an area of thousands of miles, but couldn’t find Feng Yun. The leader’s face fell. A Heaven Profound Realm cultivator managed to kill their members and successfully slipped away. He was sure that Feng Yun hadn’t used any teleportation talisman. The only remaining possibility was Feng Yun using a high-ranked concealment treasure to hide.

But what kind of treasure that was, it could conceal Feng Yun’s aura so perfectly that even the powerful senses of sovereign realm cultivators couldn’t detect it.

At this time, Feng Yun appeared behind an early-stage sovereign realm assassin. Feng Yun targeted the weakest members of the team as they can be killed in one move.

“Eight Sword Form!” Feng Yun instantly used his strongest move. The assassin who was targeted was startled by the explosive aura coming from behind, he swung his dagger instantly in response.

“Boom!!!” Two weapons collided, and the assassin felt his hand being crushed by an overwhelming force. He tried to resist, but couldn’t. In the hand, his hand was broken, and he was sent flying back while coughing blood.

“Bastard!” The other assassins reacted. Just as they were about to reach him, Feng Yun was banished again.

“Fuck, what is going on?”

“This bastard, how is doing all of this?” The assassins cursed in anger.

“Gather around, don’t give him a chance to sneak attack.” The leader shouted loudly, his face was boiling with anger and frustration. The assassins started to gather around.

A minute passed, but there was no sign of Feng Yun appearing again.

“Leader, if he remained hidden, we won’t be able to finish him.” At this time, an assassin couldn’t help but complain.

“Captain, we have lost two members and the third one is gravely injured. We already lost three members.”

The captain’s expression was turning livid, anger boiling his heart. This boy was clearly toying with them. He thought for a moment and said, “Forget about him, come with me. The formation is down, we will destroy his sect. I want to see if he will come out to save his people or not.” The man looked at the sect and said with a cold gaze. As far as he was concerned, he was sure that Feng Yun would come out to save his people.

Feng Yun who was hiding in the black pagoda couldn’t help but frown after listening to the captain’s words. Naturally, this was unexpected, Feng Yun somewhat guessed this. He just didn’t expect the captain would lose his calm so soon. Seeing they were going to the sect; he had no choice but to confront them head-on.

At this time, Feng Yun once again appeared.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

“Are searching for me?” Feng Yun said as he attacked with his full power.

“Dragon’s Claw!”

“Meteor Sword!”

“Nine Heaven Sword Art!”

“Heaven’s step!”

One after another, Feng Yun unleashed his final moves, targeting the weaker members of the groups. However, the stronger assassins reacted quickly and protected the weaker ones. They were already familiar with Feng Yun’s tactics.

“Is this really the power of a Heaven Profound Realm cultivator?” The assassins were shocked after witnessing the overwhelming strikes, each was stronger than the previous. They were all very clear that they were to fight Feng Yun one vs one; they were far from being his opponent.

At this time, even the captain moved to defend against the barrage of attacks from Feng Yun.

Feng Yun didn’t hide after making an attack this time; he stood in the air holding the sword in his hand and looked at the group of assassins coldly.

“Why are you looking for me?” Feng Yun asked plainly.

The captain stepped forward toward him while inspecting him seriously, he was really stunned at seeing Feng Yun’s cultivation. Peak Heaven Profound Realm! No doubt! But his current aura was comparable to a late-stage sovereign profound realm cultivator. There was no doubt, Feng Yun was heaven’s chosen’s genius. He couldn’t help but feel a little fear when he thought about the future of this young man. Without a doubt, Feng Yun would become a peerless expert in the future. Thankfully, Feng Yun was still Heaven Profound Realm cultivator.

At this time, a dark world descended, and the surrounding area of hundred miles was shrouded in darkness. The captain’s aura overflowed, and there was a black-colored aura roaming around him.

“Dark element!” Feng Yun’s face frowned slightly seeing the dark world, he could tell that it was a dark domain. The master of this domain should be the leader of the assassin group. He was a little surprised as it was his first time seeing the cultivation of dark elements. It was a rare element. Feng Yun felt his power was being suppressed, not only that this dark domain was devouring his spirit energy bit by bit.

Feng Yun’s expression turned serious; ‘This man is dangerous!’ He thought inwardly. Furthermore, there was a group of assassins as well. Feng Yun took a deep breath; a fighting intent rose in his eyes, and his grip on his sword became stronger.

Boom!!!” Feng Yun’s aura exploded, and dark golden flames burst out from his body, canceling the negative effect of the dark domain. The dark golden flame started to spread out, covering a large area and turning it into a flame domain. It was Feng Yun’s domain.


“This guy already mastered the domain, and it is pretty strong!” The assassins were once again impressed by Feng Yun’s talent.

“Is he really a Heaven Profound Realm cultivator? I think he must be sovereign, but hiding his real cultivation.”

“Whether he is hiding his cultivation or not. It doesn’t matter, we just need to kill him. He didn’t dare to fight us head on, that means he is afraid of us and not so strong.” The captain said slowly. He was suddenly banished from his spot, and the next moment he appeared in Feng Yun, thrusting his dagger.

‘Fast!’ Feng Yun’s eyes widened slightly; the man was too fast. He almost couldn’t see his movement.


“Clang!” Feng Yun felt numbness in his arms as he exchanged a move against him. Next second, they exchanged tens of times. A black and golden light could be seen flashing in the sky, moving here and there at very fast speed.

“What are you guys waiting for? Let’s go and help the captain.” The second in command of the group looked at the assassins and spoke before rushing toward Feng Yun.

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