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Chapter 624 - 624 Return; Wait for His Return!

624 Return; Wait for His Return!

While Hua Nation was undergoing changes, the heroes of the various countries in the forbidden area suddenly saw something.

In the next moment…

They all appeared in their respective countries.


They were stunned at first.

Soon, they were completely immersed in endless joy.

They had returned!

They had come back alive!

Perhaps, when they were first chosen, some of them found it novel and were happy.

Perhaps, after entering the Otherworld, some of them also felt that it was fun.

However, after going without food for ten days to half a month…

After being chased by terrifying monsters…

All the novelty and joy were completely replaced by despair.

Many people had shouted, ‘Why was I chosen? Why can’t you let me go back?’

Fortunately, their wish had become reality.

When the people around them saw these heroes, they were also stunned for a moment. Then, they cheered one after another.

Soon, the news of the heroes’ return spread throughout the world.

The entire world was enveloped in joy.

The heroes had returned!

Doomsday had yet to arrive!

Earth could continue to survive!

This was great news.

The entire world was in an uproar!

Except for Hua Nation.

That was because Lin Fan had not returned.

The white fog still shrouded Hua Nation.

Everyone’s hearts were filled with confusion. They did not know what to do in the future, just like the sky that was shrouded in white fog.

In Nashland’s live broadcast room.

“I’ll tell you the best news in history!” the host shouted excitedly. “Our country’s heroes, Alfrey, Luce, and Alfred have returned successfully!

“Scream and cheer! This is the best blessing for them!”

Barcelo: [Oh, God! That’s great!]

Ram: [I told you that Alfrey was the best! As expected!]

Hiram: [They opened the treasure chests and have now returned to Earth… Doesn’t that mean that our country has three superheroes? They’re real-life superheroes!]

Kuken: [That’s great! Their return will make us even safer!]

Eagle Country’s live broadcast room.

Mike: [Great, our heroes, Bacon and Alva, are back!]

Harrison: [That’s right! They’re the best!]

Bren: [I heard that Bacon and Alva will be received by the Queen. How enviable, but they deserve it.]

In Japes’ live broadcast room.

The host held the microphone and shouted, “Big news! Kupo Tanimoto has returned!”

Qian Tian: [Congratulations, Tanimoto-kun.]

Not Long One: [I knew it. I knew Tanimoto-kun could do it!]

Little Ji Zi: [Uh… Tanimoto-kun, I like you.]

Even though Lin Fan’s absence and the thick white fog made Hua Nation feel a little depressed, the government understood that they had to hurry up and maintain order.

Once the order was disrupted, it would definitely be a terrible disaster.

Xia Bing, Xia Xue, and the others were pale.

They did not care about the white fog outside at all. They just stared at the live broadcast room.

They hoped to see that tall and handsome figure in the live broadcast room.

Unfortunately, after a long, long time…

This figure did not appear.

However, some different comments appeared.

Kim Min-Ho: [There are still so many people watching the live broadcast?]

Seunmida: [There’s no need to watch anymore. Lin Fan won’t be able to come back.]

Li Zhen: [Looks like… many people still can’t accept reality. In that case, I’ll let you see Lin Fan die again.]

The next moment, Lin Fan touched the ball of light. Then, the scene of him being attacked by the sandstorm, being hit by the waves, and being swallowed by the flames appeared in the live broadcast room again.

Moreover, it was being played repeatedly.

Li Zhen: [Look, Lin Fan is dead, right? His body was penetrated by the sand and finally turned into dust.]

Li Daxuan: [If you ask me, it’s good that Lin Fan is dead. Because he killed my family’s Li Xianhao. He’s a murderer! Even if he returned, he would still be punished!]

Jue: [Yes, he deserved to die!]

Xia Bing and Xia Xue looked at the scene of Lin Fan being hurt repeatedly in the live broadcast room. They looked at the insults to Lin Fan…

Their beautiful eyes turned even redder.

Suddenly, the white fog within a hundred miles seemed to be attracted and entered Xia Bing’s and Xia Xue’s bodies.

In the next moment, Xia Bing and Xia Xue suddenly burst out with a powerful aura, sending the surrounding houses flying.

Then, the two of them turned into two streaks of light, one blue and one red. They soared into the sky.

“Lin Fan didn’t die!”

Their voices were like thunder, reverberating throughout the entire world.

Then, Xia Bing and Xia Xue found a direction, stepped on the air, and moved forward quickly.

They passed through Jiangbei and Jiang Province…

They even crossed Hua Nation.

Planes flew over their heads.

Not long after, they appeared in the sky above Seunmida Nation, and their eyes were locked on Li Daxuan, Li Zhen, Li Jue, and the others. Their hands were jumping rapidly on the keyboard.

Xia Bing and Xia Xue opened their mouths and shouted, “Die!”

As soon as they finished speaking, two pillars of light, one blue and one red, shot down like divine punishment.

Li Daxuan, Li Zhen, and Li Jue… Everything within a few kilometers of them seemed to have evaporated.

What replaced it was a black rumbling void.

Seeing this…

Xia Bing and Xia Xue returned to Hua Nation in a flash.

At this moment, a towering door suddenly appeared in the sky above them.

Then, the door shot out multicolored light that filled the sky. Pleasant music sounded in a radius of a hundred miles.

Xia Bing and Xia Xue became incomparably holy and ethereal under the glow and music.

The multicolored light at the door grew brighter and brighter, continuously intertwining and condensing…

Gradually, five words formed in the air—’Congratulations on becoming an immortal!’

This change attracted the attention of many people in Hua Nation.

They all looked up, their faces filled with horror.

The sound of discussion seemed to have turned into a tidal wave.

“Becoming an immortal? Could it be that this is an immortal sect?”

“Heavens! There really are immortals and gods in this world!”

“God Lin must have been an immortal in the past!”

“The two in the sky… Are the two of them immortals?”

“Quick, bow to the immortals.”

“Yes, bow!”

Xia Bing and Xia Xue seemed to feel some kind of summoning. They looked deeply at the door.

Then, they turned around and looked at Hua Nation and Jiangbei!

They whispered, “We’re not becoming immortals; we’re waiting for his return!”

As soon as they finished speaking, the blue and red lights around Xia Bing and Xia Xue appeared. It was as if they had turned into blue and red suns hanging in the sky.

In the next moment, the blue and red suns exploded, forming two powerful blue and red storms in Hua Nation.

Xia Bing’s and Xia Xue’s figures disappeared.

As they disappeared, the door in the sky also disappeared like a bubble.

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