Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie’s Dearest Beloved Wife

Chapter 1241 - It Should Be Her Without a Doubt

Chapter 1241: It Should Be Her Without a Doubt

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Yun Bixue calmly said, “You don’t need to say all these. The key to saving her is me. You would also be scared that you will end up empty-handed, aren’t you? So you better let me listen to Yangyang’s voice and see a video of her. If not, I can just go back home right now. After all, I came to the place you told me to. It’s not my fault if you went back on your word and changed the location.”

Yun Bixue appeared overly calm and collected. The other party remained silent, so she continued, “You should know that people are all selfish. Don’t think of me, Yun Bixue, as some really kind and selfless person. I can be really vicious if I want to.”

After a moment, the other party was only heard gritting on their teeth and saying, “Sure, wait for it.”

Next, Yun Bixue received a video on her phone. It was indeed Yangyang. She had grown and had baby teeth now. She had small little dimples when she smiled, making her look cute and sweet at the same time. She was really a pretty little girl.

However, she widened her big, dazed eyes, and her lips twitched a little before she started crying.

Yun Bixue hated to see children cry. Once they cried, her heart would clench and soften. She spent a great effort to keep her emotions in check, so as not to let the other party see through her.

Right after that came the other party’s menacing voice, “Did you see that? If you want to save her, do according to what I say.”

As the other party used a voice-changing application, Yun Bixue could not tell whether the person was male or female, or old or young. Although the video was very short, she sent it to Xie Limo’s phone. She believed that he could see the background and find the other party’s location in no time.

“Okay.” That one word assured the other party that Yun Bixue would come to save Yangyang and obey her words.

“Don’t pull any tricks, or I’ll strangle her to death.”

“Don’t worry, it’s just me here. What tricks can I pull?”

Within a few minutes, a white sports car with the car plate number XX charged towards Yun Bixue’s side and stopped abruptly.

Yun Bixue did not hesitate and got in the car immediately.

Meanwhile, Xie Limo had already activated all the first-class secret guards in Ning An City to protect Yun Bixue. It could be said that no matter where this white sports car went, it would always be under the surveillance of the Xie clan’s secret guards.

Xie Limo spotted a few clues in the short video sent by the other party. One was a bit of a nail. It was a lady’s nail. The background also looked a little odd.

He ordered his secret guards to start checking according to the thoughts he had in his mind.

Xie Limo called Xie Wu as well. “Xie Wu, bring Old Master Jiang to Ning An City in the shortest time possible. Bring him here even if you have to kidnap him.”


If he guessed correctly, the shape of that nail should belong to Jiang Jingshan. When he was out on an errand in the capital once, the Jiang family had tried to use Jiang Jingshan to seduce him. He had seen her ladylike nail then.

Although he did not care about it then, he had a photographic memory. Hence, he recalled it during this critical moment.

Since he knew, he would make a foolproof plan.

The white sports car took several roundabout turns before stopping at a secluded kindergarten.

It was a private kindergarten. Since it was the weekend, there was no one around.

“Go in!” The driver, who was wearing a mask, pushed Yun Bixue the moment they got off the car.

The moment Yun Bixue reached the door, her phone rang. “Yun Bixue, walk through the kindergarten and up the hill. Just walk, I will be watching you. Continue walking until I tell you to stop.”

Yun Bixue looked up at the small hill behind the kindergarten. She did not expect the other party to set the location at Qing Huan Hill.

Yun Bixue started to find things to say to her. “Why exactly did you ask me to come? Are you trying to kill me? Why are you letting me walk up to Qing Huan Hill?”

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