Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers!

Chapter 697 - 697 Gambler’s Psychology

697 Gambler’s Psychology

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It wasn’t until Mei Shu and Lu Si left, and the door to the hospital room closed once again, that Tang Long slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing him awake, Tang Mei immediately wiped away her tears with joy. “Xiao Long, how are you feeling now?”

Tang Long shook his head, his lips pale and cracked from blood loss. “Sis, I’m fine.”

It seemed like he had expended all his strength just to say that one sentence.

Tang Mei quickly poured a cup of hot water and carefully fed it to him with a spoon. “Don’t worry about Mom. 1 didn’t tell her the truth. She still thinks you just went to a friend’s house to hang out. I’ll talk to her tomorrow, and everything will be fine.”

“Sis,” Tang Long lifted his uninjured hand and pushed away her spoon, “1 have something to tell you.”

Tang Mei placed the water cup back on the bedside table and sighed. “Okay, go ahead.”

Tang Long attempted to prop himself up against the headboard, but he couldn’t summon the strength. He could only manage to raise his head slightly and said with effort, “Sis, what Curly said is true.”

In that instant, Tang Mei’s pupils dilated, but she quickly regained her composure. “So you weren’t completely unconscious at that time.”

Tang Long pursed his lips and struggled to speak, “The reason I said that was because I really wanted to use you to escape. I thought you would definitely call the police, and when it came time for the hostage exchange, I might really have a chance to survive.”

Tang Mei fell silent, her voice heavy, “You told them that my value was greater than yours, that keeping me could earn them a lot of money. After all, considering our family’s situation, we really couldn’t come up with that much money.”

“You guessed it, Sis?” Tang Long’s expression dimmed for a moment, then he became somewhat anxious, “I admit to what I said before, but those weren’t my true intentions! 1 would never abandon you. You’re my sister. How could I let you fall into their hands and do such things just to save myself?”

“Then tell me, why did you go gambling?” Tang Mei suddenly glared at him sternly.

Tang Long shrank back in fear, his voice becoming hoarse, and he collapsed back onto the pillow completely exhausted. “I’m sorry. I just thought that if I really won, 1 wouldn’t have to ask you for money anymore in the future. But 1 didn’t expect it to be their trap. Sis, please don’t tell Mom. 1 don’t want to make her angry!”

“You know Mom will be angry, but you still want to go! Can you face Mom? Can you face me?” Tang Mei stood up in anger, all the bitterness and fear seemed to burst forth like fireworks in that moment, uncontrollable.

Tang Long was a little anxious and said, “Sis, we can never get rich by working for others for a lifetime. Although your salary increased after you joined the Mei Corporation, you still only have a fixed income every month. You can’t make much money. To get rich, you have to rely on other methods!”

“So your method is to gamble and owe so much money, and end up getting kidnapped?” Tang Mei really wanted to open her brother’s mind and take a look.

She could tolerate him using her as a decoy in a critical moment to buy himself a chance at survival, and she could tolerate his previous idleness, but she absolutely could not tolerate his unrealistic ideas continuing to spread in his mind.

“Sister, I was completely set up this time. In the end, both of us were implicated by that Mei Shu! If it weren’t for Mei Shu, 1 wouldn’t have been kidnapped this time, and you wouldn’t have to go through such a dangerous situation!”

The more Tang Long spoke, the more he felt wronged, and his emotions became more and more agitated.

Tang Mei was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

She reached out to search Tang Long’s clothes and found his wallet and phone, stuffing them into her own bag.

“What are you doing, Sis?” Tang Long suddenly panicked, trying to sit up, but his wound was too painful for him to exert any force.

“I’m going to manage your money from now on. During your hospitalization, you won’t need to spend any money. 1’11 prepare everything you need in advance. Until you come to your senses and get rid of those unrealistic ideas, I won’t give you a single cent!” Tang Mei declared firmly.

Tang Long shouted in frustration, “Sis, are you trying to kill me?”

“Isn’t the lesson you learned this time enough? Are you still blaming Miss Mei? Do you know that if it weren’t for Miss Mei’s full assistance this time, you wouldn’t even be alive lying here talking to me? Do you think you’ll really have a chance to see Mom again?”

Tang Mei didn’t even look back as she grabbed her bag and stormed out of the room. “I’ll call a nurse to take care of you. 1 have to go to work tomorrow. Think things through by yourself!”

“Sis! You can’t do this!” Tang Long shouted desperately from behind.

But no matter how he shouted, Tang Mei walked away without turning back.

As the door to the hospital room closed heavily, Tang Long banged the bedside in frustration, his wound suddenly sending a sharp pain through him.

Tang Mei left the room, not expecting Mei Shu to still be waiting outside. It seemed like she had heard the entire conversation just now.

Tang Mei awkwardly apologized to her, “I’m sorry, President Mei. My brother is immature. Please don’t take his words to heart..”

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