Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers!

Chapter 508 - Chapter 508: Showdown of Masters

Chapter 508: Showdown of Masters

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Song Yan calmly surveyed the surroundings, his nostrils lingering with an indelible stench.

The odor carried a hint of blood, fresh and pungent.

At the thought, his brow slightly raised, and he absentmindedly unbuttoned the cuffs of his sleeves, as if liberating a suppressed beast.

After undoing both cuffs, he leisurely took off his clothes, hanging them on a relatively clean spot on the door. Only then did he step into the room.

Having practiced kickboxing since childhood, his practical combat experience surpassed that of his years as a public relations officer. He could distinctly hear two different breaths in the room.


One was very rapid, as if urgently trying to make itself heard.

The other was deliberate, like a seasoned hunter patiently waiting for its prey to walk into the trap.

Song Yan lightly pulled up the corners of his mouth, closed the door behind him, and said with a smile, “Interesting, come out.”

The response was nothing but silence.

In the shadows, Mei Shu silently observed the man who had just entered.

Beside him was an electronic screen visible only to her, displaying his life story that clearly stated he had won the national kickboxing championship at the age of twenty.

He possessed agility even greater than Captain Wang’s, certainly not someone she could easily handle.

“Not coming out? Looks like I overestimated you,”

Song Yan sneered, then accurately attacked towards Mei Shu.

Mei Shu was surprised and quickly raised her hand to block his incoming strike. In that moment, she realized that if it weren’t for the strength she gained earlier, she might have been captured by him already.

“Oh, a woman?” With proximity, Song Yan could clearly smell the fragrance on her, distinctive to young girls. Judging by the force she exerted, he deduced that the intruder tonight was a young girl.

Mei Shu didn’t dare to be careless. After a brief fight, she quickly retreated, disappearing once again into the darkness.

Song Yan casually unbuttoned his collar and glanced at the corner where Zhao

Fu was still panting. His tone seemed somewhat regretful, “Still not dead?

Looks like I can’t save that money.”

“You’re Shen Yuan’s person,” Mei Shu asserted confidently.

Song Yan chuckled, “It seems you know quite a bit. When I catch you, I’ll make sure to ask where Mei Shu found such a skilled girl!”

With that, he attacked Mei Shu’s direction once again.

At this point, he still hadn’t realized that the seemingly delicate Mei Shu was the formidable girl before him.

The two continued to engage in combat within the confined space.

Mei Shu, from initially struggling, gradually found her stride. [Congratulations, Master, Kickboxing level increased by 1! ] [Congratulations, Master, Kickboxing level increased by 3!] Various system prompt sounds echoed incessantly in her mind.

Mei Shu became more and more adept in the fight, feeling the blood in her veins boiling.

As a skilled martial artist, Song Yan had already sensed that something was amiss.

He could clearly feel that she was getting stronger, fueling a sense of frustration at being toyed with.

He refused to believe that someone could make rapid progress through simple fighting. What he thought was that this girl in front of him had been hiding her true abilities all along!

From the very beginning, she possessed kickboxing skills equivalent or even superior to his!

In this brief moment of distraction, Mei Shu threw a punch, hitting him square in the face.

Song Yan groaned in pain, retreating several steps before finally stopping.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he angrily said, “You think you can beat me?”

“The answer seems pretty clear,” Mei Shu said with a sly smile, approaching him again and landing another punch on his face.

Song Yan was quickly forced to the wall. In desperation, he found something at his side and instinctively raised it to strike at Mei Shu.

It was a shovel that Zhao Fu had been holding earlier but had somehow lost during the scuffle.

Mei Shu’s reaction was swift. Her ears were remarkably sensitive, and upon hearing a gust of wind, she swiftly dodged. The shovel barely missed her clothes, hitting the ground with a muffled thud.

“Not bad reflexes. What’s next?” Song Yan, wielding the shovel, continued to strike towards Mei Shu’s direction.

This was the first time Mei Shu had encountered someone with hearing abilities comparable to hers.

Now the room was pitch-black, making it impossible to see anything. The only way to determine the opponent’s location was through sound.

It seemed the opponent was indeed formidable.

Mei Shu became more curious about the person’s identity. The love for talent was a universal trait, and having such a useful person under Shen Yuan’s command was truly a pity!

She was like a butterfly playing with foolish humans, constantly evading in the room. The shovel couldn’t even touch a piece of her clothing.

Song Yan was truly annoyed by her. He panted heavily, using all his strength this time, relentlessly smashing towards the direction where breathing sounds were most pronounced..

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