Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 1370 - Nothing was Gained but a Double Loss

Chapter 1370: Nothing was Gained but a Double Loss

Seeing that the young man no longer raised the price, and when the obese woman was about to speak, Argent Martial Hale briskly raised his hand and said in a deep voice, “8 million Crystal Essences!”

The greasy-looking middle-aged man suddenly turned around and glared at him, fuming. “10 million Crystal Essences! I’ll give up should anyone bid higher than me!”


The hundreds of guests in the entire hall gasped, including the other mortal and Immortal prostitutes. Disbelief covered their faces. They never dreamed that someone would be willing to spend 10 million Crystal Essences just for a woman.

Argent Martial Hale smiled coldly. Had he not had a trip to the Secret Palace, he wouldn’t have been able to fork out 10 million Crystal Essences. He had obtained a lot of treasures back when he was adventuring in the Secret Palace, and the total value was beyond 10 million Crystal Essences, so he shouted again, “10.5 million Crystal Essences! Such a superb woman deserves a similar great lord with deep wealth.”

In that instant, the whole hall was so silent that anyone could hear a needle falling to the floor.

Suddenly, a lean and ordinary-looking middle-aged man shouted with a deep voice, “Then I bid 20 million Crystal Essences for her! Let me see who dares to proclaim himself a great Lord with such deep pockets. Do you think I’ll be scared of comparing wealth with you? This stunning belle is not someone some dirt-poor fella can have.”


Argent Martial Hale’s self-esteem was severely provoked. His killing intent filled glare swept over that middle-aged man again and again. He breathed heavily several times and shouted aloud, “30 million Crystal Essences! You wanna go crazier than this? Bring it on and bid higher if you got the capital!”

The lean middle-aged man hesitated and fell into silence for some time. Then, he bid again after swallowing his tense feelings. “30—no, 35 million Crystal Essences to buy this peerless belle. If anyone else bids higher than me, then I…”

35 million?!

Everyone present was deeply agitated by this fearsome amount. 35 million Crystal Essences was an astronomical figure in their eyes.

Argent Martial Hale nearly blew up with rage. He never imagined that someone would dare to bid such an outrageous price for an immortal hustler. Most importantly, this man kept provoking him. He had been experiencing humiliation as though he was a dog in the Everlasting Palace, and now, after he left the sect, an outsider still crossed him too? That simply felt more painful than stabbing him, inciting his rage.

“40 million Crystal Essences!”

His words finally seeped out through his teeth. He didn’t have that many Crystal Essences, but he still had a lot of immortal artifacts in possession. Selling all of them should barely make up for the amount.

The middle-aged man was as though getting struck by lightning and stared in a daze as he slumped to his seat, unable to speak for a long time.

The obese woman was also stimulated by Argent Martial Hale’s bid, but she was well aware that such a huge amount did not belong to her. She took a deep breath and said aloud, “May I know your name, noble guest?”

“Argent Martial Hale.”

The moment he spat out his name, Argent Martial Hale felt relieved all of sudden. But the instant after, a pang of regret began to multiply in his heart. After reflecting on himself, he realized that he had been reckless since 40 million Crystal Essences was an absolutely terrifying number. Yet, he prodigally burned all of it to buy a woman even though the female was a peerless stunning belle.

No matter what… it was just… not worth it!

The obese woman smiled. “Then I’d like Sir Argent Martial Hale to pay now. Jing Xian’er will be your private property once you’ve paid the Crystal Essences.”

Argent Martial Hale was silent for a moment and then slowly said, “I have not enough Crystal Essences with me now, but I have a lot of immortal artifacts that can be exchanged for sufficient Crystal Essences. Call the appraiser here. I need him to assess their prices.”

The obese woman’s expression suddenly turned cold. She made a few gestures, then tens of powerful auras could be felt silently appearing in the surroundings. Shortly after, she sneered. “Do you know what this place is? Do you think we’ll have any appraiser working here? Noble guest, you shouldn’t have played us and struck our ire. Just speak directly if you can’t pay. Of course, those who have played us never had any good end. You should have heard about our backers.”

Argent Martial Hale was furious, but under the gazes of the public, he finally replied with a headache, “Immortal artifacts can be mortgaged. Everyone knows it. I definitely can pay if I can mortgage these artifacts.”

“I’m sorry, but no.” The obese woman shook her head.

At this moment, the young man who previously bid in the auction blurted. “Hey, I can buy your artifacts, but surely I’ll only buy at a lower price than in the shops.”

Given that he couldn’t leave to sell his immortal artifacts, Argent Martial Hale was immediately very happy after hearing the youth’s offer. He quickly took out an interspatial ring and threw it to the young man. “Appraise the objects yourself and state your price.”

The young man took the ring and used his spiritual sense to check its space. After carefully appraising the items for a long time, he then slowly said, “16 million Crystal Essences! We’ll close the deal if you accept. And if you don’t, I’ll leave.”

“Are you taking advantage to rob me while I’m in a pinch?” Argent Martial Hale growled angrily. “I’ve already appraised these artifacts myself. All of them are worth 24 million at the very least, yet you offer me 16 million? Isn’t that too much of a trap?”

“You know, you’re overestimating the total value of your artifacts, buddy.” The youth sneered. “16 million, take it or leave it. To begin with, I’m helping you out of goodwill, yet you don’t even appreciate it and just lash out your tantrum at me.”

Being scolded right at his face made Argent Martial Hale’s become white and blue. He finally gritted his teeth and said, “Fine! 16 million it is. I still have 2 artifacts here—one offensive and one defensive. Their total value must be over 10 million.”

The young man received the two objects and appraised them carefully. Afterward, he said expressionlessly, “8 million Crystal Essences and I’ll take them. If you don’t want to, then forget our previous deal. Consider me watching a spectacle of you buying your stunning belle here.”

The remark was so merciless and ruthless, causing Argent Martial Hale to bleed inside. However, for fear that the young man wouldn’t buy his artifacts, he finally nodded and said, “Fine, fine. You’re willing to buy my things, so let’s close the deal! A total of 24 million Crystal Essences then!”

The young man nodded, took out an interspatial ring, and threw it to him, saying, “There are 24 million Crystal Essences in it. Your immortal treasures are mine from now on.”

“No problem,” replied Argent Martial Hale bitterly.

Quickly after, he paid 40 million Crystal Essences to the obese woman. As the obese woman brought Jing Xian’er to him, despite her unparalleled stunning beauty, he couldn’t help but want to slap her on impulse. It must be noted that he had sold everything he had except for the immortal sword inside his body. He only had 3.7 million Crystal Essences left after paying 40 million for Jing Xian’er.

“Follow me.” Argent Martial Hale took Jing Xian’er away under everyone’s watch.

Quickly after, Sablefiend Scorpio came to see the obese woman and the young man in a secret chamber to receive all the Crystal Essences and artifacts. After collecting all of them, he casually threw 800,000 Crystal Essences to them and tipped each of them 10,000 more. Afterward, she took everything and quickly left.

Tang Xiu silently followed Argent Martial Hale and Jing Xian’er. At the moment, this guy’s aura became a bit chaotic and his mind was definitely unstable, so Tang Xiu was confident that he wouldn’t be spotted.

In the residential area of Floating Snow City.

Right as Jing Xian’er followed Argent Martial Hale to a deep alley, her pace suddenly came to a halt and a pitiful expression was cast on her stunning face.

“What’s wrong?”

Argent Martial Hale was in a foul mood. After realizing that Jing Xian’er stopped walking, he immediately turned around and grimly asked.

Jing Xian’er hesitated for a while before a blush gradually covered her face, saying, “I… I’d like to go to a restroom, Master.”

Going to a latrine?

Argent Martial Hale stared blankly for a while and observed Jing Xian’er’s blushing face. His foul mood calmed down a lot and he said in a deep voice, “Endure it first, we’ll soon arrive at my house.”

Jing Xian’er didn’t even move her legs and anxiously cried out and pleaded. “Please Master… I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Shit… how troublesome.”

Argent Martial Hale grunted unhappily and waved. “There’s a restroom just around the corner. Let’s go there.”


Jing Xian’er deliberately looked relieved and happy. After following him to the outside of the restroom, she rushed inside while covering her lower part. Argent Martial Hale didn’t follow her but leaned on the wall while thinking quietly where to get a lot of wealth.

Some thousands of meters away from that place, Jing Xian’er’s figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The moment she saw Tang Xiu appear, she casually came to him and asked respectfully, “Are you Great Tang Heavenly Emperor?”

“I am.” Tang Xiu nodded.

“I’ve accomplished my mission. That Argent guy should now think that I’m still in the restroom,” said Jing Xian’er with a smile.

“Your act was great.” Tang Xiu smiled with satisfaction. “Take this 7th grade artifact as your reward. Alright, you can leave now, but I advise you to go elsewhere. This Floating Snow City is not a good place to stay for long.”

Jing Xian’er received the 7th grade artifact and put it into her interspatial right without looking at it. Then, she smiled. “Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, Grandma told me that she’ll take me with her away of this Immortal Domain. Also, she promised me that if I perform well, she will take me as her disciple, so I’m going wherever you go in the future.”

“Come again?” Tang Xiu didn’t expect that Sablefiend Scorpio had given such a promise to Jing Xian’er.


Sablefiend Scorpio bolted from a distance and then appeared in front of Tang Xiu and Jing Xian’er instantly. She then looked at Tang Xiu and respectfully said, “Lord, Jing Xian’er is the daughter of an old friend of mine. I hope you can allow me to accept her as my disciple.”

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