Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 1283 - Ransacking You Clan

Chapter 1283: Ransacking You Clan

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Braving such a response, Tang Xu smiled and his heart twitched a few times. This fella turned out to be so respectful and addressed him as a Senior expert. Although he couldn’t sense a strong aura from the young man in front of him, he was at least a Celestial Immortal Stage expert. This fella must have thought that he was an expert who was hiding his strength. Hence, it couldn’t be imagined how deep his fear was.

Further, You Zhong was sure that these people were not some good bunch to deal with. He even felt a bit regretful, thinking that he was going to deceive them with other lies. As long as he could escape, he would wait for his strength to increase before going to that place to try his luck again. But now it seemed that he would end up miserable should he choose to deceive them.

“Senior, the secret I mentioned to you before is actually a Heavenly Land I discovered. But that place is fraught with fatal dangers that weaker immortals won’t be able to cross. I teamed up with some people back then to explore that place to obtain cultivation resources. But all my companions died, and only I was able to escape and survive by chance. I was able to reach the Celestial Immortal Stage relying on my own ability since I obtained the Auric Profusion Source in that Heavenly Abode.”

Auric Profusion Source?

Tang Xiu and Gu Yan’er looked at each other, both looking surprised.

The Auric Profusion Source was a kind of Heaven and Earth spirit object that was greatly beneficial to immortal cultivators. In particular, it was due to its great effect in nourishing and increasing the immortal soul’s strength. Any ordinary cultivator who consumed this Auric Profusion Source would definitely be successful in his cultivation up to the Immortal Stage if he didn’t die halfway, whereas immortals who absorbed the essence in the Auric Profusion Source would reap great benefits to their souls.

Tang Xiu himself was in an urgent need to increase his cultivation level quickly. His perception of the Heavenly Dao had reached the peak Immortal Stage as of now. As long as he could quickly improve the power of his Immortal Soul, assisted by a massive number of cultivation resources, he would have smooth progress in his cultivation path and finally return to the Supremacy Stage.

“Tell me, where’s this place?”

Tang Xiu stared fixedly at You Zhong. He would definitely torture this guy to death if he dared to lie.

You Zhong took out an astrolabe and quickly marked one region, saying, “That Heavenly Abode is here. According to my inference, that place should be a trial ground, and the area my expedition went into was just its outermost perimeter. My team was able to reach the 7th floor before they were all killed by some immortal puppets.”

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and then turned to Gu Yan’er. “We’re heading to the You Clan first. I need a lot of Immortal Stones and Crystals to increase my cultivation. We’ll explore this place when my cultivation level has advanced to the Immortal Stage.”

“Alright!” Gu Yan’er nodded in approval.

Tang Xiu then asked again, “Is there anything else you’ve taken from the You Clan people?”

“Yeah.” Gu Yan’er took out an astrolabe and continued, “This astrolabe is labeled as the most complete map of the Riversky Outer Doman, but less than half of the region is left unlabeled, including the region this guy just marked on his astrolabe. There’s no such place on this one.”

Tang Xiu asked for You Zhong’s astrolabe and did a comparison before marking some new locations. An astrolabe was a mapping tool for the immortals, and most of them knew how to add starfield markers to the astrolabe to increase the regions mapped on it.

“Alright, now take us to the You Clan.”

Tang Xiu grabbed You Zhong’s shoulder and Gu Yan’er brought them to fly quickly. For immortals, flying in the starry space was just everyday life. After all, the Immortal World was too vast, and only on a supercontinent could they not cross the void and shuttled through the universe.

Evergreen Scrub Star.

A planet that was roughly a thousand times larger than Earth and 65% of its area was covered by many bodies of water, be it from the countless rivers and lakes as well as its vast oceans and seas. The planet itself had three large continents, and the rest of the lands were islands of varying sizes. The You Clan itself occupied a large continent as one of the powerful clans on this planet.

“The Evergreen Scrub Star has a total population of over 100 million, and hundreds of thousands are immortals. However, there are only three super experts at the Golden Immortal Stage here. The most powerful one is the Blue Clan’s ancestor, who’s rumored to be able to break through to the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage within the next 1,000 years. The You Clan’s ancestor is also at the Golden Immortal Stage, but he’s only at the early stage, far from being the opponent of the Blue Clan’s ancestor. However, the You Clan has six Profound Immortal Stage experts, compared to the Blue Clan’s three.”

On the way there, You Zhong explained the Immortal Domain’s situation and finally introduced the Evergreen Scrub Star.

Tang Xiu’s expression when You Zhong talked about the You Clan’s ancestor was indifferent and unphased. It was likely that he regarded this You Clan’s ancestor as just a passerby and not worth remembering.

“You Zhong, we are actually upright and dignified Immortals. Though we’re currently dirt poor and must resort to robbing other immortals, they are just some wicked people, to begin with. We won’t hold back since you yourself regard the You Clan as bad apples. However, I have your life in my palm, so I’m going to push you forward when robbing the You Clan. Do you dare to take the chance?” After descending on the continent occupied by the You Family in the Evergreen Scrub Planet, Tang Xiu asked with a smile.

You Zhong hesitated for a moment before he forced a smile and replied, “Do I look so brave to not agree with you, Senior?”

“Well, those who know the circumstances are indeed wise.” Tang Xiu smilingly stated. “You hate the You Clan, so you’ll be the one to make a ruckus there! Let’s head to this clan’s residence now. Ah, by the way, do you know where the You Clan’s treasure vault is?”

You Zhong shook his head and said, “I’ve never taken any resources from the You Clan. How would I know where their treasure vault is? I think you can easily squeeze the answer from some senior members of the clan, however.”

“You’re right!” Tang Xiu patted his forehead and intentionally said, “Well, I just got my stupid moment. Alright, let’s set off to their place and cause some ruckus directly before devastating them completely.”

The You Clan.

This clan’s territory covered an area comparable to China on Earth, full of buildings and pavilions. There was no one flying over the territory since this clan had arranged a very powerful array. Those who flew would be attacked by the array unless they could destroy it.


The 100-meter-high front gate of the You Clan’s residence was powerfully blasted by You Zhong’s punch. The tens of You Clan’s members who were stationed outside the front gate were all just ordinary immortals. None of them could withstand You Zhong’s punch and were killed directly.

In a flash moment, many figures flickered from the interior and came out lightning-fast. Wearing battle suits and holding immortal artifacts, each of them radiated a boiling killing aura as they appeared in front of the three people. Their leader, a burly man wearing a black cloak and an immortal spear, quickly roared angrily the moment he saw You Zhong. “You dare kill your own clansmen and smash the front door of your own clan’s residence? You deserve to die for such a capital sin! You’re a damn bastard, You Zhong. Who the hell gives you such balls?”

You Zhong unleashed his sword and aggressively burst out with killing intent. “You Long, if you really did regard me as a member of You Clan, then why did that vixen bitch send some people to chase me down? None of you in power even cares a shit about me, no? I would’ve been killed by the Yous already had I not run into these two benefactors.”

A sympathizing look flashed in the burly man’s eyes. However, he still coldly replied, “It’s your own issue to deal with, we have nothing to do with it whatsoever. Yet, you still took outsiders, destroyed the clan’s front door, and killed your own clansmen. All those are capital sins! Surrender and you can live a little longer, or you’ll die without any chance to reincarnate otherwise.”

“Heh, you want me to surrender? You’re not qualified to even speak about it.” You Zhong sneered. “Two Seniors, I owe you both for your great benevolence, and I’m now giving you this clan to pay my debt. Seniors can casually slaughter them if they dare to disrespect you.”

Tang Xiu slightly smiled and observed the burly You Long. However, he couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless inwardly. Due to his current strength, he could only defeat ordinary immortals at most, even an Earth Immortal could easily slap him to death. Hence, even though he pulled out this robbing stunt with Gu Yan’er, there was nothing he could do at the moment.

“Yan’er, let’s not waste time and just strike them.”

The smile on Gu Yan’er’s face slowly faded away. The moment she unleashed the immortal sword in her body, overlapping layers of sword images spread out for tens of kilometers. It took only the blink of an eye for her to destroy all the outermost buildings of the You Clan, while tens of thousands of You Clan’s people were severely injured and lost their abilities to fight.

She didn’t kill anyone because she knew that it was impossible for her to commit wanton killings given Tang Xiu’s personality. Hence, she spared the lives of these people and only abolished their cultivation when she attacked.


You Long, who retreated for tens kilometers, immediately turned around to look at the terrifying Gu Yan’er and roared. “All Deacon Sires, some outsiders just came to make trouble in our You Clan! Please take action quickly and kill them!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three figures flashed and instantly appeared in front of You Long. A burly man in the middle launched a strike with a sword and roared. “Who are you, people? To think that you dare to challenge the immortal power of the You Clan. Are you that impatient to die?”

Gu Yan’er coldly hummed in response and instantly blasted out with 80% of her power. As she cast an immortal art and displayed a divine ability, a lot of You Clan people were hit by the impact and flew upside down. All of them were stunned, while the three Profound Immortal Stages that were directly attacked by her looked horrified.

“You’re a Golden Immortal? A Golden Immortal is attacking our You Clan?! Inform the Ancestor quickly and let the elderly take action to kill these enemies!” You Long growled in panic after seeing that the three Profound Immortal Deacons were helpless and flew upside down after the strike; the two of them even seemed to have died.

Gu Yan’er let out a contemptuous look. The sword beams kept striking and stunned all the You clansmen below the Earth Immortal Stage while killing those above it. At the same time, she sent thousands of interspatial rings to Tang Xiu’s direction.

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