Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 952 - 952 I Love You Too

952 I Love You Too

Upon hearing this, Yun Xi could no longer control her emotions. She hurriedly replied, “I love you too, Zhou Lin.” Then, she hung up the phone and could not help but sob softly.

That night, Yun Xi secretly made up her mind. She must take good care of Zhou Lin and do everything she could to be good to him. She really loved this man too much.

Time passed quickly and it was the next morning. Yun Xi woke up early and left the house after washing up. She did not even have time to eat breakfast. Her mother, Chen Li, was grumbling behind her. “This child is really too much. No matter how busy she is, she still has to take care of her health. She won’t be able to take it if she continues like this.”

“Mom, don’t worry about sister. She’s already an adult. You’d better make breakfast for your baby son. I’m starving,” Yun Yang said jokingly.

“How old are you, child? You’re still acting like a spoiled child to your mother! Alright, alright, I’ll make it for you immediately.” Chen Li smiled as she entered the kitchen.

Yun Xi walked on the road in a panic and saw a breakfast stall by the side of the road. She thought she should buy something to eat.

“Boss, please give me a cup of soy milk and a cake. I’ll eat it on the way.”

“Alright, young lady. But please wait for two minutes. It’ll be ready in a minute,” the boss replied.

The boss was quite fast. It did not take long for him to pack Yun Xi’s breakfast and hand it to her.

“Young lady, your breakfast is ready. Take it and walk slowly. You’re welcome to come again next time!” The boss said.

Yun Xi paid the money and took the breakfast to eat as she walked.

She had to deal with the program today, so she had to rush to the production team as soon as possible and inform everyone about the solution.

Yun Xi still remembered that Yun Qi had said that he wanted to find the fan, so she quickly asked the realm. Since her rebirth, Yun Xi had also completed all sorts of missions, big and small, that were arranged by the realm. Now, the functions of the various sections of the realm were almost fully developed.

“Space, I would like to know everything about the fan that Yun Qi mentioned.”

“Yes, Master. I’ll check it for you immediately.”

After waiting for a while, the space informed Yun Xi of the information.

“This is a female fan. Her name is Su Xin and she’s still a high school student. You can find her at High School A in the city.”

“Alright, I got it.”

When Yun Xi arrived at the set, Yun Qi was waiting in front of the office door. She did not expect him to arrive so early, which surprised Yun Xi. Because as far as she knew, some interns in the group were often criticized by the director for being late.

“Producer Yun, you’re here.” Yun Qi was the first to speak.

“Why are you here so early? Have you had breakfast?”

“Yes, producer Yun. I just want to confirm with you how we can find that fan.

“I’ve already found it,” Yun Xi replied with a smile.

Yun Qi had a look of disbelief. What kind of ability did his boss have to find someone he had never even seen in one night? He then said, “Ah?!” So fast?”

Yun Xi did not want to explain too much to avoid Yun Qi’s suspicion, so hse could only find a random excuse.

“Yeah, a friend of mine helped me with this. He’s really good at finding people!”

Yun Qi did not ask too much. After all, this was his boss’ business, and it was not something a small intern like him could ask about.

After saying that, Yun Xi called for a meeting and told everyone about the solution and the information related to this fan.

“Does anyone have any questions about this solution? Those who agree with this plan, please raise your hand.”

After Yun Xi finished speaking, everyone in the meeting room raised their hands. This was quite a surprise to Yun Qi, who was standing at the side. He did not expect his method to gain so much support.

“Okay, if there are no problems, we’ll proceed with the next step of the plan.”

Everyone agreed. Just as everyone thought that Yun Xi was going to announce the end of the meeting, she slowly said, “I’ll have to waste a few minutes of everyone’s time. I have something to announce.”

Everyone’s gaze followed Yun Xi’s words and gathered on her.

“I hereby announce that Yun Qi has passed his internship and has become a full-time employee. He will be in charge of the public relations crisis this time.”

Everyone looked at each other, and this time, they focused their attention on Yun Qi.

Yun Qi was also surprised, as if Yun Xi had not said his name.

“I’m not asking for everyone’s consent. I’m announcing my decision to all of you. I hope there won’t be any misunderstandings.”

Yun Xi was domineering for once because she knew that Yun Qi was not a simple person. He would be the most powerful support for her when she entered the entertainment industry.

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