Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 715 - A Disaster

Chapter 715: A Disaster

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“Tell me about the young people these days. They just don’t know how to be enterprising and hard-working. They only think about how to rely on their elders. I think there’s no difference between living for 20 years and living for 40 years for such a young man. Our Zhou Lin is young and promising, and he has inherited his father’s mantle!”

Hu Quan wanted to praise Zhou Lin and express his attitude toward the young man from the roast duck restaurant.

“Come back here! Ah Da, Ah Xiao, stop him! Don’t let him go out!”

Ah Da and Ah Xiao were the security guards in the roast duck restaurant.

“I want to go out today. No one can stop me!”

Seeing Ah Da and Ah Xiao blocking him at the stairs, Wang Wei immediately moved to the other side.

“This kind of person has had such a bad habit because his parents didn’t educate him well since he was young…”

Hu Quan was still giving his speech.

Wang Wei happened to run toward Hu Quan and the others’ private room and bumped into the waiter who came to deliver the food.

Wang Wei thought that the waiter, Ah Da, and Ah Xiao, were here to block his way, so he directly bumped into the waiter.

The waiter was holding a tray, on which was the hot soup ordered by the customer. The violent impact made the tray unstable. The tray could no longer be controlled, but the waiter could not pour the hot soup over his little boss’s head, so he could only let the tray deviate.

The door of the private room of Zhou Lin and the others was not closed. The hot soup tray on the tray entered the private room through the door and directly splashed on Hu Quan’s face.


Hu Quan’s pig-like screams rang out in the entire private room. Yun Xi could not help but cover her ears.

“Is your waiter here trying to murder a guest?”

Hu Guo was the first to stand up for her father.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This is our negligence! I’ll immediately get a towel to help you clean up. I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry.”

The waiter came back to his senses and walked into the private room. He kept bowing and apologizing.

“You guys made such a big mistake, you should give us a free meal! If apologizing is useful, then why do you need the police?”

Hu Guo obviously did not want to let this waiter go easily. Hu Quan could only pick up the napkin on the table and simply adjust her hairstyle.

Many parts of Hu Quan’s face were already red from the heat. There were already small blisters appearing on some parts of his face. If he did not deal with them in time, it was very likely that they would leave a scar on his face.


The waiter swept his gaze across the three roast ducks on the table with a troubled expression.

The roast ducks in this restaurant were not cheap. Although being a waiter in this restaurant could earn a little more money than being a waiter in other restaurants, if he compensated for this table of three roast ducks, he might not have much of his salary this month.

His family was still waiting for him to take his salary back to support his family. He did not dare to use this money to compensate the customers. He could only stand there in a daze and let Hu Guo insult him.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? What do you mean by this? Call your boss over. Today, this matter must be handled by the boss personally.”

Hu Guo saw that Hu Quan’s expression was getting worse, so she became serious.

“I’ll take this money. I’ll come back after a while.”

Wang Wei ran to the first floor from a small staircase in the other corner. He did not forget to take the money in his hand and tell the shop owner, Wang Bing, about it.

“You unfilial son, you unfilial son!”

Wang Bing chased after him as he arrived at the door of Zhou Lin’s private room. He saw that the waiter looked like he had done something wrong. He stood still with his hands clasped together and his face was flushed red.

“What happened?”

Even if the sky was falling today, he still had to do business. Wang Bing put away his previous look and began to ask about the situation of the guests in the private room.

“Your waiter poured hot soup on my father’s head! How can this matter end with just a word of apology? No matter what, this time your restaurant has to show sincerity and give us a free meal. Otherwise, I will sue your waiter for intentional injury.”

Hu Guo also studied law, so her words were clear.

“I’m really sorry!” Wang Bing also began to apologize.

Customers were gods, and the owner was also a member of the service industry.

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