Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 6 - She Was Told to Die?

Chapter 6: She Was Told to Die?

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The main door of the Yun residence had benefited from the ‘blessing’ of the Yun family’s eldest son. It was exceptionally grand and bright. From the main door, one could directly see the scene inside the hall.

When Yun Xi returned home, the uncle and nephew of the Zhou family had already entered the hall. Old Master Yun was invited out to sit in the main hall.

Zhou Mo sat next to Zhou Lin. He suddenly stood up and raised his chin proudly as he spouted nonsense. “I’m here today to break off my engagement with Yun Xi. This isn’t a request but a notice!”

His look was infuriating.

Yun Xi was even more regretful of how she had taken a fancy to him in the first place!

“Let’s break off the engagement! Remember, I, Yun Xi, am the one who broke off the engagement!”

Yun Xi entered through the main door, her voice loud and clear. Everyone in the hall stared at the thin and weak girl.

Zhou Mo was also greatly surprised. He did not expect that this girl, who used to be extremely obsequious and uninteresting, would say such a thing today. Deep down, he began to see Yun Xi in a different light.

In her previous life, Yun Xi refused to break off the engagement by threatening him with her death. Only then did Zhou Lin help Zhou Mo decide not to break it off.

In this life, she would never allow herself to continue doing such a shameful thing.

On the other side of the room, the glum Zhou Lin heard what Yun Xi said. It was as if there was an undetectable ripple in his eyes.

At this moment, Yun Lian, who had been hiding behind the pillars in the hall, cried out in surprise when she heard Yun Xi’s words.

When Zhou Mo heard Yun Lian’s cry, he instantly looked back at the pillars in the hall. When he saw the face that he had been longing for day and night, his eyes lit up. He had long forgotten about the shock that Yun Xi had brought to him just now.

However, at this moment, Zhou Mo’s eyes sparkled. His eyes must be dim after he knew the truth.

Zhou Mo jogged all the way to Yun Lian’s side.

He whispered into her ear, “I’ve already told your grandfather that I’ll break off my engagement with Yun Xi. Then, we can be together.”

When Yun Lian saw that she had been discovered, she no longer hid behind the pillars. She walked out and stood awkwardly in front of the group of elders.

A tall and straight figure entered her sight.

Although Zhou Lin did not wear a military uniform due to his family’s private matters, his ordinary black clothes made him seem dignified like a king.

His chiseled jawline, tall nose, and every other part of his body appeared to be perfect.

Yun Lian was deeply attracted by Zhou Lin’s figure. She did not listen to what Zhou Mo was saying beside her ear.

It could be said that meeting the Zhous was a lifelong mistake!

“Oops, oops!”

In the end, Yun Lian was awakened by the old lady of the Yun family, Zhao Lan, who was crying.

Yun Lian silently thought to herself that now was not the time to be infatuated. Today, she and Old Madam Yun were going to snatch back the opportunity to go to school that originally ‘belonged’ to her.

Old Madam Yun walked out of her house shakily.

“What an unfortunate family we have!”

Old Madam Yun pointed at Yun Xi as she walked forward. Her trembling fingers revealed her rage.

“I haven’t even gotten married yet, and the engagement has already been broken off. I’ve lost my dignity. How can I possibly live on in this era?”

“How dare this young lady be so shameless about breaking off the engagement with a man!”

“Old Man, our family is so unfortunate. How can we face the ancestors of the Yun family?”

Old Madam Yun said so much alone, while everyone in the hall had a dark expression on their faces.

Old Madam Yun came from an older generation, and she had been tortured by the bad habit of foot binding, so her thoughts were more conservative. Yun Xi had always known that Old Madam Yun was especially biased toward her talkative and sweet-tongued granddaughter, Yun Lian.

Even so, no one had thought that Old Madam Yun would be so biased that she would let Yun Xi die.

Yun Xi knew that Old Madam Yun had bound her feet in the past, but she wondered if Old Madam Yun had bound her brain as well. Could it be that Yun Xi was not of the Yun family’s bloodline and was not Old Madam Yun’s biological granddaughter?

Since the other party was unkind, Yun Xi should not be blamed for being unrighteous.

Yun Xi directly sat on the ground, tears streaming down her face.

“Granny, are you telling me to die?”

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