Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 469 - In Zhou Lin’s Room?!

Chapter 469: In Zhou Lin’s Room?!

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Not long after Qian Yun returned to the city, Zhou Mo rushed back to the city with Yun Lian.

Yun Lian had enough of the limelight in her hometown, so she did not have to stay in this hotel all the time. After that night, the relationship between her and Zhou Mo had a subtle change.

Although it was not the kind of love that a husband had for his wife, at least it was a normal relationship between husband and wife! Even though she could not feel any joy from doing that kind of thing, as long as she could achieve her goal in the end, what did it matter?!

When Yun Lian heard that Zhou Lin had brought Yun Xi back to the city, she could not help but feel a little sour in her heart. Hence, she took the initiative to move to the Old Master’s place to live for a period of time. The Old Master naturally would not welcome Yun Lian, so Yun Lian claimed that she was going to bring the child over for the Old Master to take a look.

Although Old Master Zhou did not like this granddaughter-in-law, this child was still a descendant of the Zhou family. It was already very difficult for him to be able to share the same house with four generations and enjoy playing with his grandson at his age!

For the sake of the child, Old Man Zhou agreed to let Yun Lian bring the child and aunt-in-law to the old residence for two days.

In fact, Yun Lian’s little plan was particularly good. She was afraid that if Yun Xi was here, Old Master Zhou would be biased and give Yun Xi some heirlooms or something. Even if Old Master Zhou did not like her, she could let Old Master Zhou ask for something for the sake of the child.

“Let me take a look at my great-grandson.”

When Yun Lian just entered the house, Old Master Zhou was still very enthusiastic. He had been teasing the great-grandson in the midwife’s arms. The child was already over five months old, but other than crying and laughing, he still did not make any sound.

The child in her arms saw that someone was teasing him, so he only revealed his pink gums and laughed hard.

“Grandpa, then we’ll stay here and disturb you for a few more days!”

Yun Lian was polite on the surface, and then she put her luggage in the living room.

“Grandpa, look, I still have to take the child with me tonight. Can you give me the largest room in the house? Grandpa, you don’t have to move if your legs aren’t good. I want to stay in little uncle’s room, is that okay?”

Yun Lian started acting up as soon as she entered the house. Even if she could not get this man, she still had to stay in this man’s room for a few days.

“You better not ask me about this. You can ask whoever the room belongs to if you want to stay in their room. Right now, I just want to tease my big, fat great-grandson!”

For the sake of the child, Old Master Zhou did not want to be too harsh, so he threw the problem back at Zhou Lin like throwing a rubber ball.

Zhou Lin turned his head to look at Yun Xi, only to see Yun Xi looking at him with a playful expression!

“No!” Zhou Lin’s reply was firm and decisive.

“Little uncle, consider it to be for the sake of the child. This child can be considered your grandnephew no matter what. As an elder, it’s only right for you to sacrifice yourself for your grandnephew!”

Yun Lian’s words carried a hint of coercion.

“It’s true that this child is my grandnephew. He needs a spacious room, but my future wife also needs a spacious room. To me, of course, there should be a balance between the two. Only Yun Xi would have the right to sleep in my room.”

Sometimes, people needed this kind of favoritism!

Hearing Zhou Lin’s reply, Yun Xi’s heart warmed!

“I will give the bedroom that Zhou Mo used to live in to the two of you. I will go sleep in the study.”

Zhou Lin’s action could be considered to be extremely benevolent. Yun Lian had better not be ungrateful.

Yun Lian did not speak, because she had already seen the cold light in Zhou Lin’s eyes. She was afraid that if she said another word, she would be thrown out of the Zhou family’s old residence immediately with her luggage.

“Then where should I Live?”

The midwife saw that everyone had their own arrangements, but no one came to make arrangements for her. She could only ask herself.

“Why don’t you just sleep in the living room?”

Old Master Zhou spoke in time and handed the child in his arms to the midwife while he returned to his room, no longer caring about the problems of his children.

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