Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 45 - Yun Lian Will Go Together

Chapter 45 Yun Lian Will Go Together

On the other hand, on Yun Lian and Zhou Mo’s side

Yun Lian had just brought Zhou Mo to a place where there were no outsiders, and she began to display her best ability-pretending to be soft.

If Yun Lian were to become an actress, she would definitely become the best actress. Tears appeared in her eyes without warning.

Zhou Mo panicked. He did not understand why the goddess he had just seen suddenly wept.

“Lianlian, what’s wrong? Don’t cry!”

Yun Lian saw that Zhou Mo was very concerned about her, so she cried even harder.

After shedding a few more tears, Yun Lian sobbed and said, “I really miss you. I thought you wouldn’t come to our remote and desolate place to see me again.”

As she said that, she squeezed out a few more tears and looked weak and pitiful. It made Zhou Mo feel heartbroken.

“No, what are you talking about? How could I not come back to visit you again?”

Zhou Mo felt that Yun Lian’s words were a little strange. He, Zhou Mo, was the most righteous person. How could he not care about his savior anymore?

“Look, didn’t I come to see you with my little uncle this time?”

“But… But…”

Yun Lian also wanted to go to the Zhou family’s old residence, but she still could not say it out loud. She was afraid that if she was so greedy, she would scare away this last straw of hope in front of her.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Lianlian, do you have any unspeakable difficulties?”

Zhou Mo had always been a muddle-headed person. He was not as meticulous as Zhou Lin, who could guess what a girl was trying to say with just one sentence and one look.

Seeing Zhou Mo’s unenlightened look, Yun Lian could only beat around the bush.

“I heard that your uncle came to propose to my sister this time.”

“Yes, that’s right. It was my grandfather who arranged the marriage for them.”

Zhou Mo continued to listen to Yun Lian’s words. He did not realize that this was a trap set by the pretentious lady in front of him. “But if your little uncle and my sister were to be together, does it mean that we won’t have the chance to be together anymore? Then how should we address each other?”

Zhou Mo had indeed not considered this matter before. Instead, he thought that once the matter with Yun Xi was resolved, he could tell his family members that he wanted to be together with Yun Lian. “It’s fine. It’s just a matter of seniority. Our old master doesn’t care about the seniority between him and the Yun family’s old master. When the time comes, we can just discuss our matters. I’ll marry you for sure.”

After hearing Zhou Mo’s words, Yun Lian finally felt reassured. Thinking about how this second-generation heir was unafraid of anything and would do anything to get what he wanted, Yun Lian began to say what she wanted to say with relief.

“I was sitting in my grandfather’s room with my mother just now. I heard that your uncle said that he’s going to bring my sister back to the Zhou family’s old residence so that they can bond together. Have you heard about it?” Yun Lian knew how to maintain her dignity. When did she sit in her grandfather’s room?

She was clearly eavesdropping with her adoptive mother. Despite that, Zhou Mo did not know about it. He did not want to find out how Yun Lian knew about it.

“I heard my grandfather say that there’s indeed such a thing.”

“I… Mo, then I…”

Yun Lian continued to squeeze out a few more tears, looking as if she was in a difficult position.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Zhou Mo still could not understand what Yun Lian was trying to say. He could only hurriedly wipe away the tears of his goddess. Little did he know that those were real tears that were a result of her being enraged by Zhou Mo.

“Then can I bond with you too?”

Yun Lian had made it clear. If this hothead still did not understand, Yun Lian might as well bite her tongue and commit suicide on the spot!

“Do you also want to follow me back to the Zhou family’s old residence?”


Yun Lian nodded shyly.

“Okay, of course, I also want to bring you back. I’ll tell my little uncle about this. On the day of our departure, the four of us will leave together.”

Yun Lian quickly stopped crying and looked at Zhou Mo with sparkling eyes. She looked like a little girl who was worshiping a hero. Seeing this, Zhou Mo’s vanity exploded. He swore in his heart that he would do what his goddess told him to do.

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