Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 36 - Ask for Money

Chapter 36: Ask for Money

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“Get out of the way. Don’t get in the way of my business here.”

Before Yun Xi, Jing Yu, and the others could open the door for Yun Lian, a few fat and strong men came to Yun Lian.

It was midsummer. Some of these men were only wearing thin undershirts, while others were standing behind Yun Lian with their upper bodies naked.

The smell of the men’s sweat and mouths wafted past Yun Lian’s nose, causing her to furrow her brows.

“Jing Yu, don’t be afraid. Stay here. I’ll go and open the door to take a look.”

Yun Xi followed them out. She wanted to see with her own eyes how her hypocritical sister had managed to obtain such a capable assistant in her previous life.

However, just as she opened the door, she saw a scene that was different from what she had imagined.

There were three strong men outside the door. Yun Lian was standing beside the three strong men, as weak as a chicken.

“Sister, Sister.”

It could be seen that Yun Lian was afraid of the strong men. After the door was opened, she no longer cared about the enmity between her and Yun Xi. She ran to Yun Xi like a gust of wind.

Yun Xi avoided Yun Lian with disdain.

“These men are here to ask for money. You should leave quickly!”

When Jing Yu saw that these men were here, he did not do his duty as a host and asked Yun Xi to leave quickly. He was afraid that the Jing family’s matter would affect Yun Xi, his benefactor.

“Kid, you should return the money today, right?”

The three men did not stand on ceremony. They directly walked into the Jing family’s courtyard and looked down at Jing Yu.

“Big Brother, aren’t you asking for nothing? It’s only been a few days. How could this kid from the Jing family possibly take out the money he owes?”

Another burly man at the side reminded.

“Right, right, Big Brother. Don’t talk too much to this kid. Just take their land deed away.”

Another burly man at the side echoed.

“No way. I’ll pay back the money I owe you. You can’t take the land deed away.”

If the land deed was taken away by these people, Jing Yu’s family would not even have a place to stay. He would never let his mother and sister sleep on the streets.

“I can choose not to take the land deed. As long as you can return the money, I won’t make things difficult for you today. Oh, you don’t have that much money, right? It’s fine. As long as you can pay back one-fifth of it today, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

Jing Yu’s family owed the burly man a total of 500 yuan. Back then, they owed a loan shark as they were in a hurry to cure Jing Yu’s mother’s illness. After many years had passed, the interest of the loan shark was rolling in. It was unknown how much money it had doubled. Jing Yu’s family did not calculate it. After all, they knew that even if they did, they would not be able to pay it back.

“You can’t even pay back one-fifth of the amount?!”

The burly man’s lips curled up.

“Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. Kid, take out the land deed. Are you going to do it yourself, or should we help you do it?”

A few burly men had already started to giggle, as if the land deed was already in their hands.

“I’ll pay it back for him!”

Yun Xi suddenly stood out. Her thin and small body formed a sharp contrast with the three burly men. However, in terms of imposing manner, she did not lose to the other party at all.


The burly man in the lead laughed out loud in disdain.

“Little girl, do you know how much money he owes me? How can you pay it off alone?!”

“I’ll pay off however much the Jing family owes you on their behalf.”

The burly man looked at the little girl’s serious face and felt that she really did not know her place.

“5000 yuan!”

The burly man stretched out his hand to Yun Xi.

“Little girl, you can’t afford it, can you?”

“Okay, I’ll pay it back!”

Yun Xi stood there, saying every word sonorously.

Jing Yu, who was beside her, was dumbfounded. For many years, he had been working hard to support his family, but he had never thought that someone would stand in front of him to deal with the obstacles for him.

The sun on that day was not bright, but Jing Yu sensed a faint layer of glow around Yun Xi. It was merely the first time they met, but the emotions in his heart could not be explained. After many years, Jing Yu finally knew that this kind of emotion was called love at first sight.

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