Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 335 - I Regretted It    

Chapter 335: I Regretted It

“What right do you have to say that our Yun Lian is a liar? The person who saved you from the water back then was indeed her. The entire village, including the people at the sanitation station, can testify to this.”

When the Old Madam heard someone saying that her favorite granddaughter was a liar, she could not sit still and quickly retorted.

After listening to the Old Madam’s words, Zhou Mo was even more certain of his guess. However, he did not want to bother with this troublesome Old Madam now. In his heart, he only had his true savior.

He turned toward Yun Xi, he looked at her. “Back then, you were the one who saved me. I thought that Yun Lian was the one who saved me. However, before I fainted, I saw a birthmark on the back of my savior. That incident was my last memory. I definitely would not be mistaken. Now, I actually didn’t see that birthmark on her back. Instead, I saw that birthmark on your back when there was an accident that day. Only then did I realize how ridiculous my mistake was all these years.”

After hearing his words, Yun Xi’s heart was also shaken. If it was in her previous life, she would still have the kind of mentality that she wanted to explain, but in this life, she no longer wanted to have anything to do with this man. She wished that Zhou Mo would misunderstand her for the rest of her life.

However, he actually relied on himself to find out the truth of the matter. Perhaps this was also a kind of karma!

“Zhou Mo, the matter between us has already ended. From now on, don’t bring it up again, alright?” Yun Xi said indifferently.

“Why can’t I bring it up? Do you think that you done nothing wrong when we broke off the engagement? Why didn’t you explain the truth of the matter to me back then? It caused this situation between us today!”

“My uncle doesn’t like you. He’s just a soldier who knows how to obey orders. His engagement with you is just an order given by my grandfather, the old chief. You won’t be happy with him either. Now that I know the truth, as long as you agree, I can ask my grandfather to restore our engagement now.”

“Furthermore, there’s a huge difference in age between you and my uncle. There definitely won’t be much common ground between the two of you. In married life, you two definitely won’t have as many topics to talk about as the two of us. I’ll go ask my grandfather now!”

Zhou Mo did not get angry after hearing Yun Xi’s words. Instead, he said it bluntly. What he was most worried about now was that she would reject his proposal.

“Even if I had explained it to you back then, would you have believed me? I didn’t know that there was such a birthmark. At that time, everyone could testify that I wasn’t the one who saved you. Even if I had ten mouths, I don’t think I would have been able to explain it clearly

“Also, since the engagement has already been annulled, then it can be considered invalid. There’s a saying that goes, ‘what’s done can not be undone’. What happened has already happened. There’s no way to return to the way it was before. Even if we are reunited, there will still be a gap between us.”

Yun Xi thought that her words were very tactful. In fact, there was some resentment mixed into her words. She was venting her anger on behalf of her past life.

Just as the two of them were arguing about this matter, Zhou Lin walked into the courtyard.

“Little uncle, you are back. Coincidentally, I have something to discuss with you.” Zhou Mo ran to Zhou Lin’s side.

“Back then, I wanted to break off the engagement because I thought that Yun Lian was the one who saved me from drowning. However, I’ve already figured out the truth. That woman is a liar. So now, I want to resume the engagement with Yun Xi. Can you help us?”

After Zhou Mo said these words, he raised his head and looked into Zhou Lin’s eyes, hoping that his little uncle would agree. If he did not even help him with this favor, what else could he do?

After Zhou Lin heard Zhou Mo’s words, he frowned.

“No!” Zhou Lin said firmly.

“Uncle, why aren’t you willing to help me? Aren’t you the elder who loves me the most? I now know who is my savior. I want to start over with her. I don’t want to miss my lover. I want to start over with her.” Zhou Mo shouted at Zhou Lin.

“You should find someone that also likes you to be with you, not just anyone, just like what our old man said. You agreed to give up on this engagement now so that you can meet someone in the future who will move your heart. You’ll be helping both of us. This is the best of both worlds. Why aren’t you willing to agree?!” Zhou Mo continued to persuade Zhou Lin, he did not believe that his uncle would not agree.

“How do you know that she and I will not be happy? How do you know that I do not love her?” Zhou Lin asked back.

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