Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 31 - Get Engaged?

Chapter 31: Get Engaged?

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Zhou Lin left work on time at 6:00 p.m.

However, he was always known to be a workaholic. As long as he had nothing to do at home after work, he would continue to stay in the military region for a few hours. Sometimes, he would take some of the special forces soldiers to training. At other times, he would discuss with some soldiers their personal life problems.

Therefore, the special forces soldiers had mixed feelings about Zhou Lin. They respected him from the bottom of their hearts.

Recently, however, Zhou Lin had been going home right after work. Everyone in the military region thought that the old man’s health had been poor recently, which explained why Leader Zhou headed home early. Little did they know that the ‘sanctimonious’ Leader Zhou did not leave early to go home to meet the old man.

“Alas, Dad, you scared me.”

Zhou Lin inserted the key into the door and opened it. Just as he stepped into the house, he was so scared that he shrank back.

He saw Old Master Zhou take a chair to the main entrance and sit there. While holding his walking stick, Old Master Zhou looked straight at Zhou Lin.

“Brat, I’ve been waiting for you to come home. Today, I have to lecture you.”

Old Master Zhou gripped the walking stick, and his gaze was especially stern.

“Dad, what happened?”

Ever since Old Master Zhou retired, this was the second time Zhou Lin had seen his gaze so stern. Zhou Lin thought that something big must have happened at home.

When was the last time Old Master Zhou was especially stern?

It was when Zhou Mo wanted to break off the engagement with Yun Xi.

“If I didn’t see it myself, wouldn’t you tell me what’s weighing on your mind, you brat?”

Old Master Zhou went straight to the point when speaking to his youngest son. He threw the letter that Yun Xi had written to Zhou Lin on the coffee table.

“Dad, how could you randomly touch the letter in my study!”

Zhou Lin thought it was an urgent military case, so he was about to blame Old Master Zhou. However, he immediately saw the few beautiful words on the letter, and his ears started to blush.

“Tell me what’s going on. How did you get in touch with your ex-niece-in-law?”

For some reason, Zhou Lin felt a little uncomfortable when he heard Old Master Zhou say “ex-niece-in-law”. It was as if an ant was crawling on his heart. He wished he could give his nephew, Zhou Mo, a critical blow right now.

“Well… I was injured when I went on a mission in the Yun family’s residence. Yun Xi’s grandfather happened to pass on some medical skills to Yun Xi, so she prescribed some medicine for me. It’s not surprising that we’re in touch because of this.”

Zhou Lin tried his best to dispel Old Master Zhou’s ‘improper thoughts’ and put things on the right track!

Old Master Zhou knew that Zhou Lin had suffered a serious knee injury when he went out on a mission. However, Zhou Lin had always been tough and never let others see his weaknesses. Only when he was in his own room would he moan twice when the pain was unbearable. Old Master Zhou heard it and felt his heart aching. However, he would avoid exposing Zhou Lin as a way of showing respect for him.

However, Zhou Lin’s muffled groans were rarely heard recently. It seemed that Yun Xi was a contributor to this!

At this thought, Old Master Zhou was even more satisfied with Yun Xi. He wanted her to become his daughter-in-law even more badly.

“If both of you are only connected because of the treatment of your leg injury, why did Yun Xi weave that hair bracelet for you? She’s 18 years old, so she might not know the meaning behind this. Given that you’re already 26 years old, don’t you know the meaning behind this bracelet?!”

Old Master Zhou stared carefully at Zhou Lin’s face. For the first time, he saw an awkward expression on his son’s face.

“If a woman gives a man hair bracelet and that the man accepts it, it means that he’ll be responsible for the woman for the rest of his life. You must be aware of it, right?”

Zhou Lin’s head gradually lowered as he did not know how to reply to Old Master Zhou’s words.

“Since things have come to this, why don’t you get engaged to Yun Xi? This will just make up for the favor I owe Buddy Yun.”


Upon hearing it, the usually composed Zhou Lin spoke up.

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