Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 304 - Yun Yang Saves the Damsel in Distress   

Chapter 304: Yun Yang Saves the Damsel in Distress


“You b*tch, how dare you to bite me? If I don’t deal with you today, my surname won’t be Wang.”

As Wang Wu spoke, he pounced on Jing Ning.


Jing Ning shouted with a sobbing tone. However, Wang Wu did not stop his actions.

“Stop right there!” At this moment, a young male voice came from the door.

Wang Wu raised his head and looked at the door. When he realized that the person standing at the door was Yun Yang, the little bit of panic he had disappeared.

The person standing at the door was just a teenage boy. Compared to him, he was just a child! What was there to be afraid of with just a little kid like him!

When Jing Ning saw Yun Yang appear at the door, a smile appeared on her face.

It was as if she had grasped her last lifeline.

Yun Yang had come to the medical center to study today and had forgotten that he had to deliver medicine to Aunt Jing in the morning. It was almost noon before he remembered this matter. However, because the two families were next door, Yun Yang would usually choose to visit the pharmacy after he had finished studying for the whole day.

Whenever Aunt Jing cooked something delicious, she would reserve a portion for him. Therefore, this building was like his own home to him. When the staff members saw him running upstairs, no one had ever stopped him.

However, he did not see Aunt Jing today. Instead, he saw a jerk who was touching Sister Jing Ning.

As soon as Yun Yang saw Wang Wu, a wave of anger rose in his heart. He immediately rushed toward Wang Wu.

“Brat, who are you? How dare you meddle in my business!” Wang Wu sneered.

“Hmph! It doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is that I won’t allow anyone to bully Sister Jing Ning!”

After saying that, Yun Yang’s fist smashed Wang Wu’s head.

“Hmph! Just you? Even if you were two years older, you wouldn’t be a match for me. With your tiny arms and legs, I would be able to break them with just a little bit of strength. I advise you to go back to what you were doing!”

Wang Wu’s tone was especially arrogant.

Yun Yang punched Wang Wu in the head at an extremely fast speed. An ordinary person would not be able to react in time.

Wang Wu had not expected Yun Yang’s fist to be so fast and fierce. He was caught off guard and was hit by Yun Yang.

Although Yun Yang’s fist was not very powerful, his age was young, and his strength was limited, he still managed to injure Wang Wu because he was caught off guard. Wang Wu covered his head and looked at Yun Yang.

“You! You brat! How dare you hit me?!”

“You’re shameless! Why can’t I hit you?”

Yun Yang was not afraid at all. He gestured for Jing Ning to hide on his side.

“I’m going to beat you up until your mother can’t recognize you.” Wang Wu was furious. He rolled up his sleeves and clenched his fists.

Although Yun Yang was not a match for this man in terms of strength, he had still learned the basics of traditional Chinese medicine from Doctor Lu for a period of time. He was very familiar with some parts of the human body. If he could not win with strength, then he would win with intelligence.

There was a numb tendon on a person’s arm. As long as someone hit this area, the person’s arm would instantly become numb. The person would not be able to withstand a beating.

Moreover, Yun Yang had always envied his brother-in-law for being an awe-inspiring soldier. Hence, when Zhou Lin was living here, he had learned a few life-saving moves from Zhou Lin. One of these moves was to kick a man’s vital spot. These consecutive moves were used on Wang Wu at the same time. Wang Wu could only cover his lower body and roll on the ground.

When Jing Ning saw this scene, she was secretly happy.

She was finally safe. She had gotten rid of this b*stard.

“Hmph, how dare you insult my Sister Jing Ning. If I don’t beat you up today, my name won’t be Yun Yang.”

After saying this, Yun Yang picked up a wooden stick from the ground and smashed it at Wang Wu.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Wang Wu’s screams echoed throughout the entire pharmacy.

“Sister Jing Ning, quickly find the staff in the shop and call the police. Let the police punish this bad guy.”

Yun Yang instructed Jing Ning.

Jing Ning finally reacted. She tidied up her messy clothes and went downstairs to find the staff in the shop to help.

Wang Wu lay on the ground and looked at Yun Yang. He knew that he had run into another member of the Yun family today. This family had already ruined their family’s plans several times. Wang Wu thought to himself that they would definitely not let this family off.

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