Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 3 - Who Will Win

Chapter 3: Who Will Win

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Yun Xi stood frozen to the spot, tears welling up in her eyes. She refused to let her tears fall on her cheeks. She bit her lower lip and looked at Yun Shan without saying a word.

Yun Shan felt his heart ache under his daughter’s gaze.

Due to the limited material resources in the family, Yun Lian was given to her eldest uncle after Yun Xi and Yun Lian, the twin sisters, were born.

There were a total of three sons in the Old Yun family. Yun Xi and Yun Lian’s father was the youngest. Yun Shan had two older brothers. His eldest brother was Yun Gang, while his second brother was Yun Lin.

The eldest brother, Yun Gang, was the most outstanding child in the family. He had studied for a few years and relied on the family’s savings to obtain a small cadre position. He was the one who arranged for Yun Shan’s accounting job.

The second brother, Yun Lin, did not have any great prospects. He was very honest and appeared to be aloof from worldly affairs. Later, the old lady in the family, Liu Lin, arranged for him to marry a wife and give birth to two sons.

The second brother’s family sided with the eldest sister-in-law and boycotted the third brother’s family who was good-for-nothing.

The eldest brother’s family’s conditions were a little better than his two younger brothers. The eldest aunt, Liu Fang, and the eldest uncle had been married for many years, but they were still childless. Most people thought that the eldest daughter-in-law of the Yun family was infertile. Therefore, after the third daughter-in-law of the Yun family gave birth to twin daughters, the younger sister was taken away.

Yun Lian had the ability to dream about the future since she was young. She dreamed that her adoptive mother, Liu Fang, would be able to conceive a child in the next few years and that she would also be able to have a son.

Afraid that she would lose her position in the future, Yun Lian pretended to pray sincerely for Liu Fang every day.

Yun Lian’s ‘prayer’ indeed made the eldest daughter-in-law pregnant and gave the Yun family a grandson.

Liu Fang did not expect herself to be able to give birth to a son. In this era where sons were valued more than daughters, Liu Fang giving birth to a son was definitely a joyous occasion.

For this matter, Liu Fang gave credit to her adopted daughter. She regarded Yun Lian as a lucky star. Although Yun Lian was not her biological daughter, Liu Fang treated her quite well.

“Hey, what’s going on? It hasn’t been long since I left the house. Why is everyone in the family crying?”

Speaking of the devil, the devil arrived.

Liu Fang held a handful of melon seeds in her hands and stood in front of the door of the hall. She made a strange sound as if she was watching a play.

When she got closer, she saw her adopted daughter, Yun Lian, sitting on the ground with her head broken and bleeding.

Liu Fang put down the melon seeds in her hand and went forward to help Yun Lian up.

“Oh my God! You’re so seriously injured.”

Liu Fang played her trump card by making a scene.

Her husband, who worked as a government official, often scoffed at her for doing this. He said that her image would damage his reputation as an official. Even so, he often relied on his wife’s character for his own benefit. As expected, they were a family.

“Yun Xi, haven’t you always doted on your younger sister the most? Isn’t it just a chance to go to school? You’re merely a young girl. Why can’t you give the chance to your own younger sister?!”

Yun Xi secretly sneered. As expected, this family was good at guilt-tripping her.

Given that Yun Lian had been adopted by his eldest uncle’s family, Yun Shan had always thought that he had wronged her. Everyone lived in the same courtyard and usually took good care of her. In her previous life, Yun Xi was influenced by her parents. She believed that Yun Lian had suffered a lot since she was young, so she felt the need to leave all the good things to her younger sister. In the end, she was so foolish that she gave her kidney to the hypocrite.

Yun Xi swore that in this life, she would take back all the grievances that she had suffered in her previous life.

“But isn’t Sister a young girl as well?”

Yun Xi’s words hit the nail on the head, leaving Liu Fang at a loss for words.

“Since you’re the elder sister, isn’t it only right for you to make a concession to your younger sister?”

Liu Fang continued to fight for the opportunity for Yun Lian to go to school this time. The old lady and Yun Lian at the side also cooperated with Liu Fang and began to sob softly. It was as if the three of them had suffered a great grievance.

“But, but…”

Yun Xi also pretended to be extremely wronged and began to speak in a submissive manner. She knew that her father was the most righteous person and that one tended to side with the weak.

“But, Aunt, Yun Lian is no longer considered my parents’ daughter. Shouldn’t you be the one who bears her school fees?”

She was able to answer cleverly with a simple sentence.

Liu Fang was speechless again.

In her impression, Yun Xi would never have the guts to speak so bluntly.

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