Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

Chapter 26 - Borrow Money

Chapter 26: Borrow Money

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After a few hours, the originally noisy room fell into silence. Beating his wife and children was not the best way to solve the problem. Now that things had come to this, Yun Gang had to think of a way to change the current stalemate.

“Liu Fang, how much money do we still have at home?”

Liu Fang thought that Yun Gang’s promotion was a sure thing, given that he had spent most of the family’s savings on gifts. She thought that he would receive many gifts from other people once he was promoted, so the small amount of money would not matter to their family anymore. She continued to put on the airs of the wife of an official so that her sisters-in-law would be nice to her when they played mahjong together in the future.

This time, however, her good intentions did not work. Not only did Yun Fang fail to get promoted, but he was even suspended.

Liu Fang took out the money box at home and filled the money box with the miserly amount of money she had left. After a rough calculation, even some small coins were not enough to make up 600 yuan.

“Hubby, this is all we have left.”

Yun Gang’s room had always looked glamorous, but in fact, they had limited funds. Although Yun Gang’s salary was higher than his two younger brothers, he was considered the lowest-level cadre in his department. No matter what happened to which leader’s family, Yun Gang had to give a red packet with a large sum of money. If the higher-ups were busy with weddings or funerals in a month, Yun Gang basically had no salary for that particular month.

At this time, Liu Fang played her role. She went to Old Madam Yun’s place and the youngest son’s family’s room to take advantage of them. That way, Liu Fang and her family would be able to get by.

“Hubby, why don’t we go and borrow some money from the other families so that we can get through this first?”

Liu Fang planned to take advantage of the other families.

“If you want to borrow money, you can do it. I can’t bring myself to do that.”

Hearing that he had to borrow money from the other two families, Yun Gang felt embarrassed. He thought that his two brothers were no match for him. If he wanted to borrow money from these two idiots at this time, he might as well just kill him.

However, Yun Gang did not say that he would not borrow money. He then handed this shameful matter to his wife.

“Yun Lian, go wash your face. Come with me to your parents’ room first.”

As Yun Lian had just been beaten up, the snot and tears on her face were mixed together. She was in a sorry state.


Yun Lian reluctantly agreed to Liu Fang’s request.

After everything was done, Yun Lian and Liu Fang walked toward the room. Although the two of them had tidied themselves, the right side of Yun Lian’s face was found to be slightly red and swollen if one took a closer look.

Halfway through, Liu Fang suddenly regretted her decision. Thinking of Yun Xi’s recent actions, she felt that it was not easy to bully Yun Xi’s family. She decided to ask Yun Lian to borrow money while she went to the second son’s family to try her luck.

“You can borrow money from your parents while I’ll be looking for your second uncle’s family. If you can’t borrow money, don’t think about going back to sleep tonight.”

Liu Fang did not forget to threaten her adopted daughter before leaving.

“Knock, knock…”

“Dad, Mom, are you there?”

Yun Lian gently knocked on the door. She had been having such a tough life that she was no longer as domineering as before.

“Come in.”

The person who replied to Yun Lian was Chen Li.

Yun Shan had left for work early in the morning and had not returned yet. Yun Xi and Yun Yang were playing games at the side, and they would occasionally laugh. They must have been having a good time.

Yun Lian could see Yun Xi from her angle. Yun Xi’s bright smile was reflected in her eyes. At the sight of Yun Xi, Yun Lian’s jealousy was overwhelming. If Yun Xi had not existed, the person who would be smiling brightly right now would be Yun Lian. Chen Li loved Yun Lian dearly too, considering that Yun Lian was her biological child. She would not insult or beat Yun Lian. Besides that, Yun Lian would have a younger brother who treated her sincerely.

It was all because of Yun Xi’s existence that everything did not belong to Yun Lian.

Yun Lian was filled with jealousy and hatred. She wanted to take everything that Yun Xi had.

However, Yun Lian had forgotten that the first person to betray her was not Yun Xi but herself.

“Yun Lian, what’s the matter?”

Chen Li’s tone was gentle as usual, but she had already changed the way she addressed Yun Lian. She would address her directly as ‘Yun Lian’, rather than ‘Lian Lian’.

Once the estrangement existed, it would not disappear so easily.

“Mom, I want to borrow some money from you to invest in Eldest Uncle. This is a deal that you surely won’t lose money.”

Yun Lian was still trying to fool people.

Yun Xi, who did not want to pay attention to this matter at the side, could not bear to listen anymore. It looked like she had to teach this hypocrite how to behave!

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