Renegade Immortal

Chapter 49 – Exchange (3)

Chapter 49 – Exchange (3)

Like the Xuan Dao Sect disciples, the Heng Yue Sect disciples had all joined in the last 20 years and had never seen such a bloody scene before.

All of them remained silent and felt uneasy in their hearts.

Sect head Huang Long’s expression remained sullen. He stayed silent for a long time. He could easily see that this Liu Feng was at the 6th layer, but didn’t expect him to have such a powerful technique. His water screen couldn’t be broken unless the attacker was at least at the 8th layer.

This was only the first round and it was already like this. There was bitterness in his heart. The Heng Yue Sect had really fallen. He looked at his fellow apprentice-brothers and saw that all of them had bitter expressions on their faces as well.

Sun Dazhu sucked in a breath of cold air. “Mother f*cker! A disciple is even more powerful than me. How does the Xuan Dao Sect get disciples like this? How come I’m not this lucky?”

Wang Lin gave Liu Feng a deep look. He clearly saw what had happened. Although he was able to see through Liu Feng’s cultivation when he used the water screen, Wang Lin was still shocked by the technique.

Xuan Dao Sect’s elder Ouyang smiled and loudly said, “Friend Huang Long, in this second round, it’s your turn to send out a disciple first.”

Huang Long’s gaze swept across each inner disciple. Each of the disciples lowered their heads, hoping not to be selected.

Seeing this, Huang Long became very angry. As he was about to speak, Sun Hao clenched his teeth and said, “Sect head, although disciple isn’t a genius, I’m willing to fight in the second round.”

The few elders’ expressions all changed, and elder Xu frowned and said, “Sun Hao, you are only at the 4th layer, don’t mess around!”

Sun Hao hesitated for a while and said, “Disciple…disciple has a new technique. Although I can’t win, I can still make them look bad.” He thought in his heart, “Right now, no one wants to go, so if I go up now, I can leave a good impression with the sect head. Even if I can’t win with this stink bomb, I won’t look bad. Sorry brother Li Shan, I bought this from you and now I’m using it on you guys. I guess it can be called karma.”

In these past few days, he felt that he had gained a good understanding of how to use the stink bombs. He tried it himself and failed, but after going to brother Li Shan, he finally succeeded a few times. Although, due to lack of time, he didn’t get to practice more, he felt that with a few tries, he could make it work.

Huang Long pondered a while and sighed. He nodded and said, “You can go. Let me see your new technique.”

Sun Hao straightened his body and stepped onto the platform. He said, “Heng Yue Sect disciple Sun Hao asks the Xuan Dao Sect for guidance.”

When Li Shan saw Sun Hao, his lungs almost burst from laughing. When he saw that elder Ouyang was about to appoint a disciple, he quickly stepped up and said, “Elder, disciple Li Shan is willing to go up and spar with him.” He even winked as he was talking.

Li Shan was a disciple that caused elder Ouyang many headaches, but Ouyang also knew that Li Shan was very cunning and wouldn’t do anything that was disadvantageous to him. Elder Ouyang knew that if Li Shan was willingly going up, he was 100% confident in himself, so he let him go.

Li Shan excitedly went up to the stage. His heart was about to burst with excitement. He thought, “Oh Sun Hao, Sun Hao, you’ve brought this upon yourself.”

When Sun Hao saw Li Shan come up, his expression became strange.

Li Shan loudly said, “Brother Sun Hao, come and show me your newest technique. I, Li Shan, will stand here and take your attack.”

Sun Hao hesitated a bit. He had already reached the level to use flyings words. His hand formed a seal and a red sword quickly flew out and floated around him, revealing a cold light.

“Go!” The flying sword rapid flew toward Li Shan and Sun Hao took this time to take out several stink bombs. He shouted, “See my new technique!”

Li Shan let out a loud laugh. He easily dodged the flying swords and thought in his heart, “Explode!”

The stink bombs in Sun Hao’s hands exploded with a bang before he even threw them. A putrid stench spread out to the surroundings. Sun Hao stood there, covered in black ash, dumbfounded.

He couldn’t understand why these stink bombs exploded before he even threw them. Did he use too much force earlier?

Li Shan let out a sigh and said, “Brother Sun Hao’s move is too strong. What is it called? Self destruct? I already told you before, you need to be careful with the stink bomb, but you used too much force grabbing them and they exploded.”

All of the Xuan Dao Sect disciples roared with laughter and sounds of ridicule could be heard.

Even the Heng Yue Sect disciples wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare to as it might anger the elders.

Huang Long angrily waved his hand. A wave of wind blew the stench away and even flew the dumbfounded Sun Hao off the Pine Peak back to the Heng Yue Peak.

Elder Ouyang smiled and said, “That Sun Hao misused his technique, so we don’t know his real strength. Let’s call this a draw.” After he finished speaking, he gave Li Shan an approving look.

Huang Long gloomily said, “A loss is a loss. How is it a draw? Continue.”

Elder Ouyang laughed and said, “No less from the largest sect 500 years ago. Xu Mu, you go up!”

A disciple walked out from the Xuan Dao Sect. He was about 24 to 25 years old. He clasped his hands together on the stage and didn’t say more.

Huang Long didn’t call out any inner disciples, but took out a piece of jade and gently crushed it. The moment it was crushed, a flash of blue light appeared on the stage. Three people walked out of the shining blue light.

These three people wore purple clothes. The moment those three appeared, they released a very strong pressure that shocked the inner disciples.

Elder Ouyang’s expression slightly changed and he carefully examined those three.

The middle aged man standing in the back of the Xuan Dao Sect suddenly turned to them. His eyes lit up and displayed an urge to fight.

When the three men appeared, they coldly looked at the audience. One of the 40 year old middle aged men said, “Xuan Dao Sect? Hmph, 20 years ago, I, Lu Song, lost, but this time, I won’t.”

Wang Lin’s pupils contracted. Among the three people, he only knew one of them: second apprentice-brother Zhang Kuang.

Huang Long plainly said, “Lu Song, this time, you go.”

Lu Song nodded. The other two besides him moved off the stage and stood next to Huang Long.

“Lu Song! Fifth senior brother Lu Song! I heard he was at the 6th layer 20 years ago. This time, our Heng Yue Sect will win for sure!”

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