Renegade Immortal

Chapter 39 – Wealth

Chapter 39 – Wealth

Sun Dazhu nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “You can keep this token. It will allow you to freely enter and exit this garden. But remember, you aren’t allowed to touch any of the herbs without my permission.”

Wang Lin nodded. He knew that Sun Dazhu didn’t like him, but seeing how he had already reached the 3rd layer, Sun Dazhu at least recognized him as a disciple. Wang Lin respectfully left.

Not long after, he arrived at the sword pavilion in the main courtyard. He was here many years ago, and being here again made him remember the scene from back then.

Outside the sword pavilion sat a disciple in white. He looked like he was 30 years old and kinda chubby. Wang Lin didn’t recognize him, so it seemed he didn’t participate in the intense training.

He looked at Wang Lin and exclaimed, “Junior brother, you are only at the 3rd layer. What are you doing here? This is a place only disciples of the 4th layer or higher can enter.”

Wang Lin remained silent. He took out the token Sun Dazhu gave him and tossed it over.

After the fat disciple received the token, his face became strange, as if he was trying to hold back a smile. Soon, he couldn’t hold it back any longer and burst out laughing. “It seems to be Elder Brother Sun’s tradition. I had forgotten about this. Elder Brother Sun has this tradition that at everyone competition with another sect, he likes to show off a flying sword.”

Wang Lin became embarrassed, especially thinking about Sun Dazhu’s serious expression before. He warily smiled.

The fat man laughed for a long time. He forced down his laughter and waved his hand saying, “Junior brother, you can go. I recommend the sword 3 from the right. That flying sword is really amazing. The first time I saw it, I thought it was the most amazing flying sword in the country of Zhao.”

Wang Lin quickly thanked the man and made his way toward the pavilion. When he was 5 meters away, he suddenly detected waves of energy from the pavilion, seemingly to try to prevent him from entering.

Seeing this, the fat man realized that he forgot to turn off the formation set around the pavilion. He wanted to tell Wang Lin, but right when he was about to speak, he suddenly stopped as if there was a fishbone stuck in his throat. His eyes grew large and stared at Wang Lin with a look of disbelief.

Wang Lin felt the resistance and remembered the shame from back then. He snorted and kept moving forward, 5 meters, 4 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter!

Despite the resistance increasing, it wasn’t able to stop Wang Lin at all and he easily stepped into the sword pavilion. After entering the room, he used his divine sense and found that the room he was currently in was very strange. It seemed his divine sense was restricted to only 3 meters in range.

The fat man immediately jumped up with a shocked expression on his face. He was the disciple in charge of managing the sword pavilion, so he knew the power of the formations very well. Not to mention inner disciples, but lot of the elders couldn’t force their way in like Wang Lin just had.

Only when recruiting disciples was the power of the formation weakened hundreds of folds, so that the swords’ energy could be released to see if there were any matches.

“Is the formation broken?” The fat man couldn’t believe what had just happened. He think the formation had to be broken, so he moved up to test it himself.

Just when he entered the 5 meter range, he felt a very strong pressure that made him feel like he was a leaf in the turbulent sea. He was mercilessly thrown out. His body flew black and made an arc as he fell. He coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood after he landed on the ground. After a long time, he recovered his senses. His was face filled with fear. He exclaimed, “Not… not broken!”

Wang Lin easily entered the room. Once inside, he saw that there were many flying swords of various lengths, all releasing powerful sword intent.

Wang Lin scanned each sword one by one without stopping, until he finally saw the sword that the fat man said was the most amazing looking sword in the country of Zhao.

Aftering seeing it, Wang Lin was speechless. It could really be considered the most amazing looking flying sword. It shouldn’t really even have been regarded as a flying sword, but more like a rectangular sign.

It was two palms wide, 1 meter long, and the whole body shined with a golden light. The reason for the golden light was not because this was some sword with a magical spell, the golden light was there because the entire sword was coated with gold.

Also don’t think that the coat of gold was there just to hide some amazing sword under, it was just regular iron.

On the handle were two large diamonds, and even the sword tassel was made from thin strips of gold.

In short, taking this sword out to show people would really amaze them, and maybe even make them think it was an amazing sword.

Wang Lin stroked his chin. He is really optimistic about the sword. If anything else, at least if he ever needed money in the future, he can sell it for a lot of money.

On the flying sword there was a sign that read, “This sword’s name is Wealth. It was made by a sect elder 500 years ago and said to have unimaginable power. But in reality, this sword has been broken and rebuilt many times. However, because the elder had done much for the sect, his last will was to leave the sword here in hopes that it finds someone fitting in the future.”

“Whoever chooses this sword must treat it well. If it breaks, it must be immediately repaired. If it’s sold, then the person who sold it will be kicked from the sect!”

Wang Lin couldn’t hold in his laughter. He picked up the sword and said, “I’ll chose you then, but I, Wang Lin, am a poor man, so if you break, don’t expect me to put you back together!”

After putting the flying sword away in his bag of holding, he left the room. The fat man outside looked nervous. Instead of the mocking laughter from before, he respectfully sent Wang Lin off.

Wang Lin’s divine sense was restricted inside the pavilion, so he didn’t see what happened to the fat man, so he was surprised at why the fat man suddenly became so respectful.

After returning to Sun Dazhu’s garden, Wang Lin took out the sword. Sun Dazhu was stunned, and after mumbling to himself for a while, he glanced thoughtfully at Wang Lin and said, “When I saw this sword before, I didn’t have the guts to take it, but it seems you have guts. Good. Take this sword with you to the competition in three days and show it off to the elders.”

Three days later, the bell in the Heng Yue Sect rang nine times. It echoed for a very long time through the mountain. The head, all the elders, and many disciples all stood outside the main hall.

They saw a black dot appear in the sky. The black dot got closer and closer to them, until they saw it was a thousand foot long centipede. The centipede was completely black. It seemed to step on black clouds as it thunderously roared towards them.

All of the Heng Yue Sect inner disciples took a deep breath their eyes filled with fear. Some of the female disciples’ faces became pale and their legs became weak.

“What’s the big deal about it? Although this thousand foot long centipede looks scary, if everyone here struck it with a sword, it will still die!” The red faced man next to the sect head shouted. His voice was very loud. It seemed he wanted the people on the centipede to hear.

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