Renegade Immortal

Chapter 36 – Quarrel

Chapter 36 – Quarrel

After thinking about it, he took out the mysterious bead and started his first closed door training.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, 2 years had passed. During those two years, Wang Lin was either cultivating or practicing his attraction technique, but he didn’t feel lonely at all.

Even though it had been two years in the real world, in reality, he had been in closed door training for 13 years.

The spiritual energy here was very rich. He was very impressed. Although it couldn’t compare to the spiritual energy liquid, whenever he was waiting in the real world, he found the spiritual energy to be at least twice as dense as it was outside of the back mountains.

Starting from the second layer, his cultivation became very slow. After cultivating in the dream space for more than 6 years, he reached the limit of the second layer. He then started to tackle breaking into the third layer. After countless tries, he finally broke through.

But what was causing him confusion and distress was that in the 7 years after, even though he had already reached the peak of the 3rd layer, he couldn’t enter the 4th layer, no matter how hard he tried. It was not that he lacked spiritual energy. He felt a mysterious force stopping him every time he reached the critical point.

And this 3rd layer of Qi Condensation was also weird. It was unlike the 1st or 2nd layer, where once he reached the peak, he couldn’t condense any more spiritual energy.

Although Wang Lin felt that he had reached the limit, the 3rd layer didn’t seem to have a limit. If he continued to cultivate, his spiritual energy would continue to increase and keep transforming his body.

This caused Wang Lin to be very surprised, but no matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t find an answer.

Today, all of the snow water had been used up. He only had one gourd of spiritual energy liquid left. That gourd had been with him for a long time. It was one of the three that Wang Lin buried in the mountains. He used two of them to make the 10th cloud appear on the bead, and considering that he almost died the last time he took a gulp of it, he had been very wary of it and kept it in his bag of holding.

After a bit of hesitation, Wang Lin didn’t take out that gourd. Based on his calculations, the amount of spiritual energy in that gourd had already reached a terrifying state. He could always use it once he reached a higher level of Qi Condensation.

He stood up and stretched his body. He walked to the lever and pulled. With a roar, the stone door opened. Sunlight poured into the cave and blinded Wang Lin. After he got used to the light, he came out of the cave and took a deep breath.

Looking down, there were a lot of people chatting in the valley. It seemed that a lot of these people found cultivation dull and came to socialize.

After pondering a little, he activated the technique to hide his cultivation level to the first layer of Qi Condensation. He waved his sleeves and jumped forward. His body slowly floated down to the ground.

In the 13 years that he had spent in the dream space, he had completely mastered the attraction technique. He didn’t even need to say the chant anymore, he only needed to will it to use it.

Like now, he was using the attraction technique on his body. Although it could be said that once the attraction technique reached a certain level, it was doable, that was only when one moved slowly. The moment it speeds up, it becomes difficult.

But Wang Lin felt so confident now, that even if he needed to fly quickly, he wouldn’t lose control. Without more than 10 years of practicing the attraction technique, this would be impossible.

But who had the time to waste on practicing for 10 years on this low level technique? All of cultivators were racing against time. If they had the time, why not practice some higher level techniques?

In order to not attract attention, Wang Lin slowly landed in the valley. Right as he landed, he could hear the sound of ridicule. “The sun really came out from the west side. Even the trash, Wang Lin, has reached the first layer of Qi Condensation and can finally come down from the cliff without help.”

Wang Lin turned his head. He indifferently looked at Wang Zhuo. There were also a few people sitting next to him. They were all inner disciples.

A 24 to 25 year old white clothed youth laughed. “Wang Lin, you shouldn’t be here. You should be mixed with those honorary disciples back in the chore house. At least there, you can feel high and mighty, but here, you are the worst of all of us.”

Wang Lin scanned with his divine sense. Wang Zhuo was the same as him, reaching the peak of the third layer, and the white clothed youth had reached the peak of the 4th layer. He could break through it at any time.

Wang Zhuo proudly said, “Wang Lin, you sure were smart 2 years ago. You knew you weren’t my match, so you just gave up. But let me tell you, trash will always be trash. You will never match up to me. I was the top newcomer two years ago, what are you?”

The white clothed youth beside him laughed. “Junior brother, go fetch me some water from the river there. Your senior brother is feeling good, so I might give you some pointers.” As he was speaking, he threw a bottle. It landed at Wang Lin’s feet.

Wang Lin remained silent and looked at the white clothed youth.

The white clothed youth said, with a dismissive look, “What does this mean? You want to fight? Let me tell you, second apprentice-brother already said that inner disciples can’t fight with each other. If you don’t act properly, don’t blame me for teaching you a lesson.”

“That’s enough. All of you shut up!” A shout came from the cliff. Soon, a shadow appeared like lightning, revealing apprentice-brother Zhang’s shadow. He frowned and looked at everyone and growled, “Wang Zhuo, Sun Hao, the two of your aren’t cultivating, but are here bullying a junior who is only at the first layer of Qi Condensation. Is this really that interesting?”

The two’s expression quickly changed. They quickly shot Wang Lin ugly looks and lightly snorted. Afterwards, they didn’t say any more. They clearly feared marital brother Zhang.

Apprentice-brother Zhang’s gaze turned to Wang Lin and equally harshly said, “Wang Lin, you really shouldn’t have come, but since you’re here, you should properly cultivate. In the world of cultivation, power is everything.”

Wang Lin nodded. He hesitated a bit and asked, “Apprentice-brother Zhang, I have a question. After reaching the peak of the first layer of Qi Condensation, why, no matter what I do, can’t I break into the second layer?”

Wang Zhuo snorted and said, “With your talent, don’t even think about reaching the second layer in your lifetime!”

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