Renegade Immortal

Chapter 25 – Qi Condensation

Chapter 25 – Qi Condensation

Time had flown by while he was in the Heng Yue Sect. Wang Lin had been cultivating in the dream space for the past two months. He had thoroughly studied the capabilities of the stone bead.

The dream space could be entered three times a day. Each time was about fifty hours, adding up to about six days.

Two months had passed in the real world, but he had cultivated for a whole year.

Wang Lin couldn’t feel it before, but cultivating was a very boring and dry process. With the help of the spiritual energy spring water, he didn’t need to eat all. All he did every day was cultivate.

He repeated the one long three short breathing technique as the spiritual energy entered his body. If it wasn’t for his parents’ looks of hope that kept popping up in his mind, he believed that he wouldn’t be able to stand this tedious cultivation.

Especially when he thought about how Wang Zhuo was able to reach the first layer of Qi Condensation in three months. Wang Lin would always feel dissatisfaction in his heart. He almost never left his house. He was completely devoted to his cultivation.

Wang Lin was the joke of the Heng Yue Sect. Although there were many people who made fun of him, only a few paid any attention to him.

Sun Dazhu had almost forgotten about Wang Lin. Every time he thought of Wang Lin, he would become furious and do his best to filter those thoughts out of his mind.

Thanks to all these factors and with Wang Lin hiding his precious stone bead in his clothes before he fell asleep, these last two months had passed by peacefully, without anyone finding out about his stone bead.

In those two months, the amount of times Wang Ling had consumed the spring water couldn’t be counted anymore. Basically, any time he felt he was lacking spiritual energy in his body, he would drink a few big gulps.

If Sun Dazhu knew of this, his heart would be filled with pain. He would likely kill this disciple with one slap. In the entire cultivation community in the country of Zhao, who else could cultivate like Wang Lin, drinking spiritual energy filled spring water every day? Only a few old monsters of sects in the mainland could possibly have similar privileges. They would have to take over a mountain with an abundance of spiritual energy to achieve results similar to what the spiritual energy water brought Wang Lin.

spiritual energy held an important place in all cultivators’ hearts. Although in the country of Zhao there wasn’t an overabundance of spiritual energy, it was enough for the few sects that existed. If other cultivators knew of how Wang Lin was using spiritual energy, their hearts would ache to death.

If Wang Lin’s spiritual energy spring water would be used to make immortal pills, it would increase the success rate. Although making immortal pills was all about the ingredients, a bit of extra spiritual energy could work wonders.

With the help of the endless reservoir of spiritual energy contained within the bead, the quantity of spiritual energy in Wang Lin’s body had increased more and more.

Today, when Wang Lin was cultivating in the dream space, he could clearly feel the spiritual energy move within his body. With his breath, two long white dragons came from his nose.

A feeling of ants crawling in his body arose. It felt as if water was washing every part of his body. Black liquid that smelled very bad excreted from his pores.

Soon, the black liquid soaked his clothes. Wang Lin didn’t care about it at all. He was currently in a wonderful state, as if he could see the spring water rushing inside him while the spiritual energy slowly changed his body.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin opened his eyes. There was a light in his eyes that was never there before.

His mind was clear and his heart was as calm as water without a single ripple. His childhood flooded through his mind. His father’s loving look when he was learning to talk, his mother’s supporting words when he was studying all night, his parents’ looks of expectation when he entered the Heng Yue Sect, his relatives’ ridiculing faces, and the villagers’ admiring looks. He saw all of these things calmly, as if he was a stranger.

Much later, he took a deep breath. His heart felt bitter. When he had stepped into the first layer of Qi Condensation, he gained a hint of understanding.

According to the Three Stages of Qi Condensation, the first layer of Qi Condensation was like a gate. Once one opened the gate, they could enter the ranks of cultivators and would cut themselves off from the world, giving up worldly affairs.

Everyone would experience this when they entered the first layer of Qi Condensation. He didn’t know how others handled it, but he could cut off all worldly affairs except for his parents’ love.

With a sigh, Wang Lin dusted his shirt and stood up.

With bright eyes, he looked around and could already feel that there was a difference in the dream space. Like before, he couldn’t tell if there was anything weird with the glowing lights around him. but now he could feel spiritual energy moving within them. Even though he couldn’t see the exact movement, compared to before, he was like a blind man who had become able to see.

While watching, the feeling of being torn apart appeared again. Although there was still pain, it was a lot less and wouldn’t result in cold sweat anymore.

Wang Lin opened his eyes. He sat on his bed, thinking for a while, and immediately opened the gourd. When he looked inside, he could now see the spiritual energy that filled the spring water.

He let out a smile. After reaching the first layer of Qi Condensation, he could feel the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. He took a deep breath. Wang Lin suddenly found that his body was sticky and let out a laugh. It was mentioned in the Three Stages of Qi Condensation that after reaching the first layer of Qi Condensation, the filth in the body would be expelled. It was a necessary stage for the body’s transformation.

Wang Lin opened his door. It was now afternoon outside. His steps were quick as he left through the east gate and arrived at a downstream location. He took off his clothes and jumped into the river to wash his body. The dark filth was very greasy and took a long time to scrub off.

After he finished washing, he lied down on a rock. He remembered a technique in the Three Stages of Qi Condensation.

It introduced an immortal technique called Attractive Force Technique. This was considered one of the most basic immortal techniques and could be used as long as one had reached the first layer of Qi Condensation.

The Heng Yue Sect unified the country of Zhao 500 years ago. Although it had declined, it still contained many immortal techniques. Every disciple would be sent to the Scripture Library to choose one of many techniques, but most elders recommended sword cultivation technique.

Sword cultivation technique was to focus the entire cultivation on the sword. Although cultivation would be difficult in the future, it was very powerful early on, and easy to control. The Attractive Force Technique was the basis for controlling flying swords.

Besides the Attractive Force Technique, there were two more techniques recorded in the Three Stage of Qi Condensation. They were Fireball and Earth Splitting Technique.

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