Renegade Immortal

Chapter 21 – Qi Gathering Pill

Chapter 21 – Qi Gathering Pill

The last man was a youth about 20 years old. He had a long, horse-like face. He raised his chin and said, with a look of disdain, “ Apprentice-brother Wang, you have been in closed door training for three months, so you don’t know. This Wang Lin is the biggest joke in the sect right now. Just as Apprentice-sister Xu said, he used those methods to become an inner disciple.”

After Wang Zhuo heard that, he laughed out loud. “You really scared me for a second there. So that’s how you entered the sect. Even if you enter here, you’ll probably never reach the first layer of Qi Condensation. Why even come here and tarnish the Wang Family’s name?”

“Apprentice-brother Wang, what you said is wrong. While talent is important, what’s more important is perseverance. Cultivation is already going against the heavens. If one doesn’t have perseverance, it doesn’t matter, no matter how talented they are.” The girl named Zhou said, with a voice that shook the heart.

As she took a few steps closer to Wang Zhuo, the girl named Xu said, “What Apprentice-brother Wang said isn’t wrong though. This Wang Lin looks so dumb. He doesn’t look like a cultivator at all.”

Wang Lin chuckled. He understood that the situation between them was complex. Wang Zhuo liked this girl named Zhou, but the girl named Xu liked Wang Zhuo, so she was trying to destroy their relationship earlier

Hearing Wang Lin’s laughter caused Wang Zhuo to be very dissatisfied. He snorted and said, “Wang Lin, I advise you to leave the Heng Yue Sect for your own good. If you don’t, if you don’t die, you’ll definitely be crippled at the disciple competition in the end of the year.”

Wang Lin heard from Sun Dazhu that there was a disciple competition at the end of the year where the winner could get a magical treasure. The competition was divided into two levels. In one of them, all the disciples in the sect fight for the top spot, and in the other, all of the new disciples fight to be the king of the newcomers.

Wang Lin casually retorted, “You don’t need to worry. Why are you worrying about the life and death of trash like me?”

Wang Zhuo coldly laughed. “I worry because we are relatives. Since you won’t accept my good intentions, don’t blame me for not going easy on you in the competition.” His eyes flashed cold after he finished talking.

Wang Zhuo had looked down upon Wang Lin’s family ever since he was little. Although he had never met Wang Lin, he had always heard from his dad that Wang Lin’s father always sucked up to grandfather in order to steal a large portion of the family inheritance, and even disgraced his father. It was only because all the other family members weren’t blind that they were able take his father’s inheritance back. In Wang Zhuo’s eyes, Wang Lin’s family was a disgrace to the Wang Family. Like father, like son.

Although, after growing up, he had realized that things weren’t exactly as his father had described, but he had been very arrogant since he was little. He sometimes even looked down on his own dad, not to mention everyone else.

The girl named Xu pondered a bit, then asked Wang Zhuo, “You are relatives?”

The other two were also surprised. This was the first time that they heard about this. It seems these two were relatives.

The girl named Xu saw that Wang Zhuo’s face was unfriendly, so she quickly said, “Brother Wang Zhuo, don’t be angry. He simply doesn’t understand your good intentions. You are a good person, and smarter than him. Don’t expect him to understand your good intentions. Once he’s suffered a bit, he’ll know how good you were to him. My family has relatives like him too. In fact, every family is like this. Not everyone can be as excellent as you. In fact, I understand how you feel. You really wish for him to be better.”

Wang Zhuo blushed from what the girl named Xu said. He stared at her, not sure if she was complimenting or ridiculing him.

After Wang Lin heard what the girl said, he burst out laughing. “Wang Zhuo, looks like I misunderstood you. You are good to me. I, Wang Lin, will remember this. Thank you.”

As he was talking, the pill house’s door opened. A youth with a bright face walked out. It was Wang Hao.

After he walked out, he coughed to get everyone’s attention, and said, with a smiling face, “Today’s Qi Gathering Pills are still in the furnace. Once they are done, I’ll call you guys in one by one.”

Wang Zhuo stared at Wang Hao, gritting his teeth, but he really couldn’t offend him right now. Wang Hao was still the third Senior Apprentice-brother’s helper, in charge daily matters in the pill house. If Wang Hao complained to this master, then his own monthly supply would be reduced a lot.

After Wang Hao finished speaking, he scanned the area and was surprised to see Wang Lin. He pulled Wang Lin to the side and said, “Elder Brother Tie Zhu, congratulations on becoming an inner disciple. I heard all about your matter. I originally wanted to come and talk with you, but this place is too strict. I don’t like what the others say about you. Once you cultivate some techniques, you can get revenge on all those who looked down upon you.”

Wang Lin’s heart felt warm and he smiled. “Wang Hao, thank you.”

Wang Hao sighed. “Back then, I wanted to stay a few days with you, but my dad gave me a look to stop me. It looked like he didn’t want me to get mixed in. Elder Brother Tie Zhu, please forgive me.”

Wang Lin shook his head. He said, “There is no point in talking about the past. Right now, I just want to quickly cultivate to the first layer of Qi Condensation.

Wang Hao’s eyes spun. While no one was watching, he stuffed something into Wang Lin’s hand and winked at him. Then, a cold voice came from the room.

“Pill helper, still not coming back?”

Wang Hao replied and quickly rushed back into the pill house.

Wang Lin tightly held on to the thing in his hand. He looked at what was in his hand and saw three transparent pills. He secretly placed them in his bag of holding. Not afraid of getting dirty, he sat down cross legged and started to cultivate.

One of the four others that were there saw Wang Lin sit down, then also sat down and started to cultivate, while the other three stood to the side.

Wang Zhuo was trying to get on the girl named Zhou’s good side, but the girl name Xu was disrupting him the entire time.

Time slowly passed, and the sky became dark. As the moon rose, the door to the pill house opened. Wang Hao looked worn out as he walked out with a tray in his hand.

5 low quality spirit stones and 5 transparent pills were on the tray.

People went out one by one after getting their portion. Wang Lin went last. He smiled and cusped his hands at Wang Hao, then left.

He remembered Wang Hao’s kindness in his heart. The three pills Wang Hao gave him were Qi Gathering Pills.

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