Chapter 492 - Return

Chapter 492: Return

Translator: Ares

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‘It’s been a year. Already.’

Looking up at the sky, Kiriel shrugged.

‘Will it take another thousand years again.’

She will not expect anything from the start.

That way, she wouldn’t be disappointed.



Kiriel screamed from the sudden appearance of a person outside.

“… Hey! Minsoo, I told you not to come through the garden!”

She had told him repeatedly to come up from below.

Kiriel, who rose violently from her seat, headed for the door before momentarily pausing.

In front of Kiriel…

“I kept my word.”

A man who was carrying ten thousand flowers on his back in full bloom smiled quietly at Kiriel in the garden.


According to the fairy tale passed down orally, there was a man who was born as a human being and had killed God.

The man, who hated the world created by God, became the Devil himself.

Amazing, the world where the Devil stood tall… it is said that the world was much more peaceful than what God had created.

Author’s Remark:

The novel is complete:

Truthfully, since this chapter is extremely short, it wouldn’t matter if I had combined this with the previous chapter, but since I feel like it is best separated due to the flow of the chapter, this is why I had decided to make an extra chapter.

I do have a few supplementary biographies that I am contemplating for my next novel, but I will carefully and steadily take my time to think about it!

I would like to express my condolences and gratitude to all of my readers that have taken the time to read my long book. I am truly grateful to those that have endeared my book and read what I’ve wrote in this long journey.

Also, I cannot hide my deepest regrets to my readers that have been disappointed by what I have wrote. T-T

All of this is due to my shortcomings as a writer. T-T

I am reading all of the comments and replies that are posted below this, so I will read all of this with care, and truly work hard to ensure that my next book will be even more exciting and pleasing to the eye.

I hope to see all of you in my next book on Munpia.

I hope that all of you have a pleasant day, and thank you once again!

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