Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 49 - A New Light

Chapter 49 - A New Light

Seeing Zhou Yuhu unmoving on the ground, it was clear he had lost consciousness. The teacher then reported that Zhou Yuhu had no major injuries, and he would wake up in a moment. However, his injuries still needed to be tended to; also, he had to rest for more than a month.

As for the city’s fighting competition that would be held in three weeks, Zhou Yuhu could forget about joining.

Everyone’s sights shifted toward Shi Feng. They looked at his thin and weak body, sucking in a cold breath when they recalled the explosive and terrifying strength it was capable of displaying. When they thought about the words they said to Shi Feng before, cold sweat started pouring out from their backs without stop.

Currently, the expression in the male students’ eyes as they looked at Shi Feng had completely changed. There was no longer any ridicule or contempt contained within them. Instead, there was a deep fear. The third-ranking student in the school was actually defeated in a single exchange. Who else could become Shi Feng’s opponent?

If Shi Feng wished to take care of them, the consequences they would face would be unimaginable. On the other hand, they had actually dared to gift Shi Feng’s recommendation to Ling Feilong.

Thinking up to this point, the hearts of the hot-blooded warriors from before started to beat madly.

Under the Central Brain’s witness, Shi Feng received the membership card for the Big Dipper Training Center and ten thousand Credits. Following which, he circled a glance at the people below the ring. When a few of the less courageous male students were met with Shi Feng’s deep and profound eyes, their legs suddenly turned weak as they lost consciousness, foam appearing at their mouths.

“Teacher, not good. Little Liu has fainted.”

Before this sentence could finish being said, another male student lay flat on the ground…

Meanwhile, the male students that remained standing started becoming scared in their hearts. Shi Feng was just too terrifying. He actually shocked two male students into unconsciousness just by looking them in the eye. However, they were also envious of the two that lost consciousness. If they had fainted over, they wouldn’t have to bear such a pressure right now. Currently, the air surrounding them was still, as if frozen. Breathing was starting to become a difficulty for them, and even their limbs felt heavy as if they were filled with lead.

As for the female students in the class, they were all dumbfounded. Their heads quickly lowered when they saw Shi Feng looking over. They felt uncomfortable throughout their bodies as if they were frightened rabbits that were being stared at by a big gray wolf.

Qin Shuyu’s delicate mouth widened. She rubbed her eyes, verifying what she saw over and over. Only then did she understand that Zhou Yuhu was struck unconscious by Shi Feng. Shi Feng was just too powerful. Why had she never discovered so before?

If she could be with a man such as this, her sense of security would be off the charts. Just thinking about it had made her happy. As for money, that would not be a problem. Just based on his strength alone, Shi Feng could definitely get into the city’s fighting tournament. Entering into the top ten would also not be a problem. When that time came, there would definitely be many requests for him to become a celebrity spokesperson.

When Qin Shuyu saw that Shi Feng was looking over, she slightly tidied up her clothes and hair, appearing neat and moving. She also revealed deep cleavage, feebly saying, “Brother Feng, it’s noon already. I know a good restaurant that has a great environment and good tasting food. I’ll treat you; so, let’s go there and have a try.”

However, Shi Feng did not pay Qin Shuyu any attention. Instead, he was looking for Zhao Ruoxi. When he found Zhao Ruoxi, he immediately walked over, completely ignoring Qin Shuyu.

Seeing Shi Feng’s cold and indifferent eyes, Qin Shuyu suddenly felt she had lost something very important. It was as if a knife stabbing at her heart. She regretted being blind and foolish when she was in high school.

“Class monitor, here’s your ten thousand Credits. I’ll repay the remaining ten thousand Credits as fast as I can.” Shi Feng handed the money over, speaking with a calm smile.

However, Zhao Ruoxi would not receive it. She blinked her attractive eyes as she looked at Shi Feng as if she was looking at an exotic animal. There was both shock and joy contained within them.

“Are you really Shi Feng?” Zhao Ruoxi asked in a quiet and uncertain tone.

Throughout Zhao Ruoxi’s four years in university, her impression of Shi Feng was one of an introvert. He was often bullied by others. He also appeared very prideful, never receiving help from others. He was like an injured little wolf, licking his own wounds, alone.

She had never imagined Shi Feng’s actions today would have such a great difference from before. She now viewed Shi Feng in a completely new light. Shi Feng had turned from being a little wolf into a slumbering dragon; he was unassuming when slumbering, but amazing when he took action. Even Zhao Yuhu, the third-ranking student in the entire university, was no match for him. If he had entered the school’s fighting tournament, he might have already become the champion by now.

“Of course I am Shi Feng. Class monitor, why would you ask such a question? Could it be that I am just too handsome and different from my previous appearance?” Shi Feng joked. He naturally understood Zhao Ruoxi’s thoughts. He had attracted too much attention today. However, even Shi Feng himself did not wish for such a situation to occur. The developments up to this point were all unintentional.

“Tch, don’t get cocky. You are just barely able to enter my eyes.” Zhao Ruoxi immediately snatched the money from Shi Feng, her fair and delicate face revealing a calm smile. As if she had thought of something, she quietly said, “The Fellowship Party hosted by the university is in ten days. There will also be the upper echelons of well-known corporations in Jin Hai City attending the party. Aren’t you trying to find a profitable career? This is a good chance, so you should consider attending.”

The moment Zhao Ruoxi finished speaking, she thought of Shi Feng’s financial situation. He definitely did not have the money to attend the party. Hence, she quietly said, “As for the fee required to participate in the Fellowship Party, I can pay it for you.”

Shi Feng gave Zhao Ruoxi’s words some thought. The Fellowship Party hosted by Jin Hai University annually was a big event, and that person might even participate in this party. Hence, Shi Feng nodded his head in agreement, saying, “Thank you, class monitor. I’ll go. As for the participation fee, I’ll pay that myself.”

Zhao Ruoxi was slightly glad when she heard Shi Feng agreeing to go. However, there was an indescribable sense of disappointment when she heard Shi Feng saying that he would pay the participation fee on his own.

The conversation between the two was also heard by everyone else. However, everyone doubted their hearing when they heard their class monitor, Zhao Ruoxi, actively invite Shi Feng to the Fellowship Party. She was even willing to pay for his participation fee.

Zhao Ruoxi was a truly beautiful woman; only, she normally made no efforts to enhance her looks with makeup. Her clothing was also very common. However, it was still unable to mask her elegant and refined face and exquisite body. As long as she dressed herself up somewhat, even the school’s top beauty might not be her match.

Hence, there were quite a few rich and influential men who tried pursuing Zhao Ruoxi. However, every one of them was rejected. Ling Feilong was the only one who had managed to shorten the distance between them after much difficulty. However, it was only to the degree of getting Zhao Ruoxi to treat him somewhat better. Zhao Ruoxi’s pridefulness was clear to behold. Now, however, Zhao Ruoxi had actively invited Shi Feng. It was an absolutely jaw-dropping scene.

With such a beauty inviting them, who could refuse?

However, Shi Feng had tactfully rejected Zhao Ruoxi’s kind intentions.

By the side, the wrathful flame in Ling Feilong’s heart burned madly as he listened in on the two’s conversation.

“Shi Feng, one must properly know one’s own worth. There will be many great figures of Jin Hai City attending the Fellowship Party. Just based on the clothes you are wearing, the security might even chase you away. At that time, you’ll embarrass everyone in our class,” Ling Feilong mockingly said.

“You don’t have to worry about this point, fellow student Ling Feilong.” Shi Feng turned to look at Ling Feilong. He pointed towards the ring, a cold glint flashing past his eyes as he coldly said, “On the contrary, didn’t you say you wanted to teach me how to become a proper person before? This place is the fighting arena; so why don’t we exchange some pointers. Teach me how to become a proper person.”

“Shi Feng…… you…… don’t get ahead of yourself. I am only following the suggestion of the entire class,” Ling Feilong stuttered as he looked at Shi Feng with hesitant eyes. He suddenly felt chills throughout his body, inadvertently retreating a step back.

Having him exchange pointers with Shi Feng was just digging his own grave. For those who have never participated in a fighting competition, they would not be able to know the true meaning and horror of the exchange between Shi Feng and Zhou Yuhu. Zhou Yuhu was very powerful, and even Ling Feilong himself knew he was definitely not a match to Zhou Yuhu. However, Zhou Yuhu was still dispatched by Shi Feng within a moment. This fight could not even be considered a proper fight. It was just a one-sided play.

“The suggestion of the entire class?” Shi Feng swept a glance towards his classmates standing to the side, coldly saying, “What were your suggestions?”

Naturally, everyone would not stand on Ling Feilong’s side. Even an idiot could tell how afraid Ling Feilong was of Shi Feng.

“Fine, I admit defeat. It was I who was blind. You tell me what’s to be done.” Ling Feilong looked above the ring at the unconscious Zhou Yuhu, gritting his teeth while saying. If he were to come into conflict with Shi Feng right now, he would not have any chance of resisting. He also did not believe that Shi Feng would show mercy. If he had continued offending Shi Feng, he would definitely be laying on a hospital bed for at least a month. When that time came, he would not be able to even participate in the city’s fighting tournament, and such a loss was not something he was willing to bear.

“The five thousand Credits voucher for the Big Dipper Training Center awarded by the school,” Shi Feng demanded. The Big Dipper had the best nutritionist in Jin Hai City. With this voucher, Shi Feng could replenish the nutrients required by his body and quickly improve his physique.

Ling Feilong was extremely unwilling to give away the Big Dipper voucher. This was an item that could not be bought outside, even with ten thousand Credits…

After receiving the voucher, Shi Feng left the fighting arena.

Shi Feng started training his body immediately after returning to his rented apartment. After tiring himself out, he looked for information related to God’s Domain and Jin Hai City on the internet. He was making ample preparations for his future development plan.

It was especially true for the Fellowship Party this time around. He had to prepare sufficient information before the Fellowship started. Otherwise, it would be too hard to carry out his plan.

When noon came, Shi Feng ate his lunch and lay on the bed. He wore his Virtual Gaming Helmet, starting his second day in God’s Domain.

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