Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 45 - The Inferior Student of the Class

Chapter 45 - The Inferior Student of the Class

Cutting off the call, Shi Feng immediately ate his instant noodles and hurried to school.

When he was on the road, Shi Feng finally recalled this incident. It was one of the reasons that caused his parents to fall gravely ill.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, he and Blackie joined Shadow Workshop. When Zhao Ruoxi called him to go to the school, he chose to continue playing God’s Domain instead of going. He joined Shadow Workshop after much trouble. If he wanted to rise in position within Shadow, he needed to have a good performance. How could he have the time to care about small matters that happened in the classroom?

As a result, his university recommendation became nonexistent. Although it was just a recommendation, it could allow students to find better jobs. The stress levels of the current society were extremely powerful, and jobs were not easy to find. Such a recommendation would be a stepping stone towards the higher levels of a company.

Shi Feng’s parents were deeply worried after they found out about this incident.

It was also because of such worries that caused the mental stress on his parents to increase substantially. Only, Shi Feng’s parents never revealed it to him. Instead, they encouraged him. They didn’t want him to worry about their household debts. As a result, they became both physically and mentally exhausted, falling gravely ill a year later.

In this life, Shi Feng did not wish to repeat such a disaster, even if the recommendation was absolutely useless to him. However, he also wished to know the reason that caused him to lose the recommendation.

Shi Feng was considered average regarding results amongst his class. There were absolutely no problems with him obtaining the recommendation. He did not have a share in it. The only reason he could think of, for such a situation, was the incident that would happen today.

After walking into the university, Shi Feng discovered a very interesting situation.

The school was crowded; there was an abnormal number of students in the university today. Usually, there would not be that many people within the university grounds. The students would usually study in the library or gather outside to have some fun. Worst case scenario, they would just stay in their dormitories and play games. Unlike the current situation, they wouldn’t normally come out for a stroll.

When Shi Feng walked towards Teaching Block 3, he discovered that the normally empty classrooms were packed with people. All of them were fully occupied.

“What is happening today?” Shi Feng was puzzled.

The moment Shi Feng entered Classroom 401, he could feel the air in the room was slightly odd. His classmates all shifted their gaze towards him, their expressions filled with astonishment. Shi Feng was like something that should not be there, yet had actually appeared.

The male students only glanced at Shi Feng. They did not pay him any attention as they continued with their conversations.

Meanwhile, some of the gorgeously dressed females in the class sent Shi Feng expressions of disgust. However, Shi Feng had long since gotten used to such reactions. When he was about to turn around and look at them, the females immediately turned their heads away.

“Fellow student Shi Feng, you’re here. Find a place to sit. When fellow student Ling Feilong arrives, everyone in the class will be present.” The female monitor, Zhao Ruoxi, had a calm expression on her face when she spoke to Shi Feng as if it was all just for formality’s sake.

However, Shi Feng could faintly feel a hint of expectation in Zhao Ruoxi’s eyes when she turned around to look at him. However, that expectation was not targeted towards him, but most probably towards the Ling Feilong she spoke of.

“Alright.” Shi Feng nodded his head, simply choosing a corner to sit down in. As for sitting and starting a conversation with the other male classmates, Shi Feng could tell it would be impossible just by looking at their expressions.

In regards to such a situation, Shi Feng could only let loose a bitter smile. In his previous life, he truly has failed at being a functioning human being...

However, there was nothing he could do. To save money, he never participated in any of the student gatherings or class events. He had long since become an invisible existence within the class. In the eyes of his classmates, Shi Feng might be a very reclusive person.

“Why is this person here?”

“The class monitor should be the one who notified him. I never thought he would actually show up.”

“He’s just an inferior student in the class. Just looking at him makes me mad. Look at how cunning his eyes are. Don’t tell me he took a fancy to this young lady? Disgusting.”

The students in the class started a quiet discussion about Shi Feng. They were very shocked at Shi Feng’s arrival. Usually, Shi Feng would never participate in any events, but now, this person, himself, actually showed up. Their disgust towards Shi Feng was clear in their speech. Their tones when speaking also showed how much they looked down on him. The reason for such treatment was because Shi Feng was weak. He was also often bullied by students from other classes. Moreover, he was the inferior student who was always too poor to join the class outings. It was just an embarrassment to be in the same class as him.

Although their voices were soft, Shi Feng could still hear them clearly. It was better to say they let Shi Feng hear their conversation.

Learning was only secondary in everyone’s eyes. The truly important thing to have was a strong body. After all, the current age was one where body training was strongly emphasized upon. However, Shi Feng’s weak body clearly did not fit the current age. So, naturally, he had become an outcast within the class.

However, Shi Feng simply laughed away at his situation. He was no longer a child, so why would he be angry over the actions of these children? Currently, his heart was only concerned about the matters regarding the recommendation.

Not long after, a robust youth entered the classroom. The youth’s height was an entire 1.9 meters.

This person was Ling Feilong.

According to Shi Feng’s memories, Ling Feilong was a person with many tricks up his sleeve. After he graduated from university, he managed to woo the princess of a large corporation. Three years later, he became the corporation’s CEO. However, due to the virtual world’s influence towards the real world growing ever larger, Ling Feilong invested in God’s Domain as well. At that time, he looked for Shi Feng, his classmate, wanting to collaborate in God’s Domain.

At that time, Shi Feng was the Captain of Shadow Workshop. He was also the Guild Leader of the Guild, Shadow. Shadow was barely considered a second-rate Guild during those times. However, it still had control over a large city with a population of five hundred thousand people.

Considering they were once classmates, Shi Feng agreed to Ling Feilong’s proposal. Afterward, although Shadow earned quite a lot of money from the collaboration, Ling Feilong earned even more. At the same time, Ling Feilong groomed several powerful subordinates. Then, he somehow managed to gain the favor of a first-rate Guild, abandoning Shadow.

Everyone watched as Ling Feilong entered the classroom. The male students all stood up, displaying their respect towards him. On the other hand, the gorgeous female students from before sent meaningful gazes towards Ling Feilong. Even Zhao Ruoxi had some changes to her calm expression. Shi Feng had plenty of experience with women in his previous life, so he could tell Zhao Ruoxi was somewhat interested in Ling Feilong.

“What kind of situation was this?” Shi Feng could not make heads of the current situation. It would be fine if it were just the other students, but Zhao Ruoxi was the class flower. She had a calm personality, an oval face, a graceful body, and even her family background were good. Normally, male students from other classes could be seen chasing after her. However, none of them ever entered her eyes. So, why did she take a fancy upon Ling Feilong?

Was Ling Feilong fated to become a protagonist in life, a person who was loved and welcomed by all?

“Everyone, sit down.” Like a leader, Ling Feilong naturally walked up to the lectern. He gratefully said, “Thank you for coming to congratulate me. I would not be here today were it not for all of your support.”

“Brother Feilong, you are too humble. More than five thousand people entered the school’s fighting competition, yet you’ve managed to enter the top ten. You are the pride of our class. You now have the rights to enter Jin Hai City’s fighting competition without going through the preselections. This feat is not achievable by the average person. You mustn't forget about us once you’ve become a martial arts master in the future.”

“That’s right, Brother Feilong. We’re looking forward to you becoming the champion.”

The students in the class gave their congratulations one after the other. Some of the female students even thought of throwing themselves at Ling Feilong.

However, Shi Feng was an exception.

He was truly dumbfounded. Originally, he thought a huge incident occurred, but it was just the school’s fighting competition having just ended. They were only here to congratulate Ling Feilong for being able to enter the city’s fighting competition.

If it was before, Shi Feng might have envied Ling Feilong. After all, there were just too many people who liked fighting competitions. Those who were able to participate in the city’s fighting competition were much more appreciated than some big celebrity. This was due to the difficulty of entering the fighting competition. There was a strict selection system, and it was considered good to have three to four people selected out of ten thousand. If these selected participants performed well, they might even get a contract to become the spokesperson for a large enterprise. With all the celebrity advertisements that would be offered, it wouldn’t be difficult to amass wealth. Their futures would have boundless prospects.

However, along with the rise in popularity of God’s Domain, people became even more addicted to fighting battles and wars in the game. After all, being able to personally experience the fight was still the best experience. The lack of danger of fighting in the game only made it even more exciting. As a result, many experts became idols of the players in God’s Domain.

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