Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3601 - Chapter 675 - Shock

Chapter 3601 - Chapter 675 - Shock

Chapter 675 – Shock

There was a silver crescent blade marked by gold holy patterns quietly floating amidst the dark void. Although nobody wielded the blade, it still radiated a Divine Might that could cause the average Tier 6 player to suffocate. In the case of Tier 5 players, they wouldn’t even be able to move within 100 yards of the weapon. The weapon was much superior to the average Divine Artifact.

To think even the Sunlight Blade dropped… When Shi Feng saw the Sunlight Blade floating in the void, he couldn’t help but start to pity Chalk Splendor.

Originally, Shi Feng thought he’d be fortunate if he could even kill Chalk Splendor. As for the Sunlight Blade, he never hoped for it to drop.

While it was true that players could drop their Divine Artifacts on death, the chances of that happening were incredibly low. More often than not, players wouldn’t lose their Divine Artifact even after losing all the items in their bag.

Not to mention, Shi Feng could feel that Chalk Splendor did not suffer Soul Annihilation when he killed the other party. Had Chalk Splendor only dropped a couple of pieces of Legendary Equipment, he could have continued his life as one of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Child once he was resurrected. After all, such a loss was inconsequential to someone of his status.

But now that Chalk Splendor had dropped the Sunlight Blade, he was doomed.

As one of the Sun Dynasty’s Seven Arcanas, the Sunlight Blade was infinitely more valuable than any Holy Child. Chalk Splendor would pay the price for losing it. At the very least, he could say goodbye to his position as a Holy Child.

It’s a pity this is a weapon exclusive to the Holy Race… Shi Feng thought after inspecting the Sunlight Blade.

[Sunlight Blade] (Saber, Divine Artifact)

Equipment Requirement: Tier 5, Strength 40,000

Cannot be equipped or inspected by players outside of the Holy Race.

Significant differences existed between the weapons and equipment of Greater God’s Domains. For example, most of the weapons and equipment used by human players were developed around Mana, so Holy Race players could not use them. Conversely, the Holy Race’s weapons and equipment were developed around Holy Power, so human players could not use them.

While there existed some weapons and equipment that weren’t limited to a specific type of energy and could be used by players of any race, such universal items were very rare in God’s Domain.

Unfortunately, the Sunlight Blade was a weapon crafted by a Holy Ancestor from the Holy Race, and it was developed specifically to maximize the Holy Race’s strengths. Hence, even if players of other races acquired it, they would not find any use in it.

However, Shi Feng didn’t feel particularly disappointed.

Although he couldn’t equip the Sunlight Blade, it did not change the fact that it was an incredibly valuable treasure. He could simply find an opportunity to sell it back to the Holy Race, trading it for a Divine Artifact of the human race or a universal Divine Artifact.

If I remember correctly, the royal powers that have invaded us have quite a few universal Divine Artifacts. Maybe I can get one or two from them, Shi Feng smiled as he put away the Sunlight Blade. At the same time, he also started to set his sights on some of the Holy Race’s universal Divine Artifacts.

The Sunlight Blade was a top-tier Divine Weapon. Its value far exceeded the average Divine Artifact. Meanwhile, although the Holy Race had invaded the human race’s Greater God’s Domain in his previous life, many trades still occurred between the two races. Some powers from both races even specialized in such post-war trades.

Meanwhile, although the various powers of the two races knew of these trades, they simply turned a blind eye to them, never bothering to hinder them. This was because the war had increased the expenditure of weapons and equipment far beyond the natural supply. The war had created a situation where even if one had the money, one couldn’t buy any weapons and equipment. Both races would also always end up with a bunch of top-tier weapons and equipment that they couldn’t use.

In such a situation, rather than hold onto these unusable weapons and equipment, it would be much better if they traded them for usable weapons, equipment, and resources. Hence, the various powers of both races implicitly supported these post-war trades.

After putting the Sunlight Blade away, Shi Feng turned his attention to the other item Chalk Splendor dropped. It was a purple-gold colored helmet, and although the Divine Might it radiated was much weaker than the Sunlight Blade, it could still suppress the average Tier 5 expert.

Is this a piece of universal equipment? When Shi Feng held the helmet in his hands, he couldn’t feel any holy power or mana fluctuations coming from it. He also failed to inspect it normally, so he used a Master Identification Skill on it out of curiosity.

In God’s Domain, universal weapons and equipment typically wouldn’t give off energy fluctuations. Or, more specifically, they didn’t favor any particular type of energy. So, when unequipped, they wouldn’t give off any fluctuations. But after they were equipped by players and powered by the wearer’s energy, they would start to give off powerful energy fluctuations.

In addition, universal weapons and equipment were generally of very high quality. This was because precious materials were needed to produce items that could accommodate all forms of energy. As a result, all successfully produced universal weapons and equipment were of astonishing quality. At the very least, they would be at the Fragmented Legendary rank.

So, seeing as the purple-gold helmet did not give off any energy fluctuations, Shi Feng couldn’t help but suspect it to be a piece of universal equipment. Not to mention, when subjected to his Taboo-level attack, all items at the Fragmented Legendary rank or below should have been disintegrated. The fact that the purple-gold helmet remained unscathed proved that it was of extraordinary quality.

In no time, the Master Identification Skill began analyzing the purple-gold helmet’s information, and a loading bar appeared in the corner of Shi Feng’s vision.

10%… 30%… 80%…

After nearly a minute, the purple-gold helmet’s information finally appeared before Shi Feng. Upon reading the information, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised.

[Eternity Crown(Replica)] (Damaged Item, Fragmented Divine Artifact)

Equipment requirement unknown.

Attributes unknown.

Non-bag space item.

(Collect 100 Eternal Stones to transform the Eternity Crown into a Divine Artifact. The Eternity Set will become unique when all six set pieces are collected. Currently, 83 Eternal Stones have been collected already.)

The Eternity Set?! Shi Feng nearly dropped the helmet when he saw its information.

When Shi Feng previously saw the Dragon Tongue Conglomerate’s Eternity Gauntlets, he did have thoughts of collecting the Eternity Set. However, he quickly gave up on the idea after the Holy World evolved into the Eternal Realm. After all, setting aside whether he could get his hands on any replicas of the Eternity Set, simply finding Eternal Stones in the vast Eternal Realm would be a nigh-impossible task for individual players or small powers.

Yet, surprisingly, Chalk Splendor not only possessed a replica of the Eternity Set, but he had even collected 83 Eternal Stones for it already. So long as Shi Feng put in some effort, he could turn this replica into the real Eternity Crown.

Meanwhile, with the Eternity Set being one of the Six Great Divine Sets of the human race’s Greater God’s Domain, even a loose piece of the set could let players achieve a qualitative leap.

Immediately, Shi Feng put the Eternity Crown away safely into his bag. Then, he rejoined the battlefield and started killing the escaping Holy Race experts, collecting as much contribution as possible before the battle concluded.

Eternal Realm, Western Continent, Black Sea City:

Black Sea City was a super-large NPC City that hovered thousands of meters above the ocean. Over 100 million players were active in it daily, and even Tier 6 players could be seen walking the city streets. Hundreds of Flying Ships also flew in and out of the city at all times.

However, because the Sun Dynasty had made Black Sea City its main headquarters in the Eternal Realm, it controlled the city with an iron grip and forbade any other powers from establishing a foothold.

At this time, an uproar was occurring in the top-floor conference room of the Sun Dynasty’s Guild Residence.

“What did you say?”

“You lost the Sunlight Blade?

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