Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3491 - Chapter 565 - Guild Ranking

Chapter 3491 - Chapter 565 - Guild Ranking

Chapter 565 – Guild Ranking

“Zero Wing doesn’t have that many Star Coins at present,” Shi Feng said with a hint of embarrassment. However, he wasn’t surprised by the expected cost of recruiting 10,000 people. “Can I pay with Eternal Coins?”

He had already invested most of his funds into acquiring a large training center in Star Lake City, and he only had a few dozen million Star Coins left. He would be virtually broke once he bought the needed Life Potions for the Guild’s internal members.

“Eternal Coins?” Nodding, Xia Qingying said, “That’s fine. But if you wish to get a good price in the current market, you will need to provide a substantial amount. Roughly how many can you come up with?”

She was aware that Zero Wing had made a lot of Eternal Coins through the sale of the Earthen Magic Flowers previously. While Zero Wing must have spent most of its earnings already by now, considering the Eternal Realm’s high cost of living, if Zero Wing still had two or three hundred Eternal Coins remaining, they could begin their recruitment plans officially.


“I can take out 1,000 Gold for the time being,” Shi Feng stated.

After deducting the expenses for purchasing the Guild Residence and hiring high-tier NPCs, he had a little over 1,200 Eternal Gold left in his pockets. But he felt he should save 200 Eternal Gold as a precaution after considering the Guild’s daily operations.

“You can take out 1,000 Gold right now?” Xia Qingying was dumbfounded by Shi Feng’s answer.

As far as she knew, the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers operating in the current Eternal Realm had, at most, 600 Eternal Gold available on hand. Moreover, these were the wealthier upper-ranking hegemonic powers. The average upper-ranking hegemonic power would only have around 300 Eternal Gold to spare. After all, players would frequently enter combat out in the current Eternal Realm. Moreover, the various powers needed to purchase Secret Treasures for their core experts. As a result, they could only afford to retain a limited amount of liquid assets.

On the current market, so long as players could sell Eternal Gold in batches of 200 or 300 coins, they could sell each Eternal Gold for one million Star Coins.

In other words, 1,000 Eternal Gold would amount to one billion Star Coins!

In terms of liquid assets, Zero Wing was even wealthier than the Green God Corporation!

“If it’s not enough, I can gather another 3,000 Gold if you give me a few more days,” Shi Feng said.

He had already doubled the pricing for the second batch of the Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s membership slots. He was also making about four to five hundred Eternal Gold from commissions every day. So, he would have no difficulties gathering 3,000 Eternal Gold in three days.

“You can gather another 3,000?” Xia Qingying started to feel a little overwhelmed.

Four thousand Eternal Gold!

That was four billion Star Coins they were talking about!

Not to mention, even with four billion Star Coins, one wouldn’t necessarily be able to purchase 4,000 Eternal Gold. After all, Secret Treasures had already appeared on the market, and the various players and powers were frantically raising funds to purchase them. So, very few players and powers were willing to sell their Eternal Coins.

In the current Eternal Realm, only apex powers could probably take out so many Eternal Coins at a time.

“Is it still not enough?” Shi Feng was a little astonished when he saw Xia Qingying’s expression. Although he didn’t know the current market value of Eternal Coins, he felt that 4,000 Eternal Gold should be worth 500 million Star Coins at the very least.

“Enough! It’s definitely enough!” Xia Qingying said excitedly after snapping out of her daze. “If Zero Wing can take out 4,000 Eternal Gold, I have a huge deal that can not only let Zero Wing earn a large sum of Star Coins but also ten drops of Stardew!”

“Ten drops of Stardew?” Shi Feng’s heart stirred when he heard these words.

Stardew was an exceedingly precious resource in the Greater World, and it was one of the few treasures that could assist the growth of mental strength grandmasters. Although the various third-tier cities allowed the members of their respective city legions to exchange Stardew at the price of one million contribution points per drop, members were only limited to one drop every three to five years.

This was also why many experts would migrate to higher-ranked mobile cities when given the opportunity.

In second-tier cities, legion members were allowed to exchange one drop of Stardew per year. That was a vastly better privilege than what third-tier cities provided.

If he could get his hands on ten drops of Stardew, he could progress to the two-star grandmaster standard within a short time, and Zero Wing could also produce several additional mental strength grandmasters. This would greatly help Zero Wing’s future development in the Greater World.

Guilds in the Greater World couldn’t expand simply because they wanted to. It was especially so if they sought to establish branches in the various mobile cities. Before a Guild could expand, it would have to get its rank evaluated by the God’s Domain Association.

Going by the God’s Domain Association’s standards, Guilds with fewer than ten mental strength grandmasters or no three-star grandmasters or above would be deemed as Class 3, and they would only be allowed to develop in third-tier cities. Moreover, they could only set up bases in a maximum of three cities.

If a Guild wished to expand its territory beyond this limit, it must be recognized as a Class 2 Guild first. To reach Class 2, a Guild would need at least ten mental strength grandmasters and one two-star grandmaster or above. And once a Guild reached Class 2, it could set up bases in a limited number of second-tier cities and an unlimited number of third-tier cities.

As for reaching Class 1, a Guild would need to have five three-star grandmasters under its command. It would also need to have at least 500 mental strength grandmasters. Only then would it be qualified to expand into first-tier cities.

Currently, Shi Feng was the only mental strength grandmaster in Zero Wing, while Gentle Snow and the others were still three-star masters. So, even if there was an opportunity to expand into a second-tier city right before their eyes, there would be nothing they could do.

While there was the option of defying the God’s Domain Association’s arrangement, that was something Shi Feng dared not do. In fact, even the various apex powers wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

This was because nobody would dare to doubt the strength of an organization that spanned across every town and city in the Greater World.

Anyway, if he could get his hands on ten drops of Stardew, with the growth potential of Zero Wing’s members, Zero Wing could become a Class 2 Guild within a short period. At that time, Zero Wing could expand into a second-tier city and recruit even more talents. It could also purchase training sources from the God’s Domain Association that weren’t normally available to Class 3 Guilds.

“Three days! I will get 4,000 Gold for you in three days!” Shi Feng confidently said as he looked at Xia Qingying.

“Three days shouldn’t be a problem,” Xia Qingying said, nodding. “I can use this time to prepare for the personnel recruitment. I will give you an address within the Eternal Realm three days later. At that time, you just need to head over there to transfer the coins to me.”

“I will have to trouble you with that, then, Miss Xia,” Shi Feng said, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief.

If he missed this opportunity to obtain the ten drops of Stardew, he would probably have to wait until the first batch of Divine Engravers appeared before he would get another opportunity to obtain so much Stardew. Moreover, he would put himself at great risk of exposure.

Following this, Shi Feng began discussing the details of recruiting personnel from the various cities with Xia Qingying, ensuring they handled everything with absolute secrecy. Before Zero Wing became fully developed, he absolutely couldn’t afford to let others know that Zero Wing could cultivate Divine Engravers. Otherwise, it would be the end of the road for Zero Wing.

Two hours after Shi Feng and Xia Qingying concluded their discussions, several advanced levitating cars parked outside of the Green God Corporation’s branch headquarters in Silver Frost City. Then, bodyguards in suits stepped out of the cars one after another, each wearing the emblem specially assigned to the bodyguards working at the Green God Corporation’s main headquarters. Every one of these bodyguards also radiated the aura of a two-star grandmaster.

Once all of these bodyguards stepped out of the levitating cars, a white-robed old man stepped out of the car parked in the middle. When the various powers’ mental strength grandmasters secretly observing this group from afar felt this old man’s presence, they couldn’t help but gasp.

“A three-star grandmaster!”

“The big shot from the Green God Corporation’s black ops came in person?”

“Xia Qingying is doomed this time. A corporation will never deploy its black ops unless it’s for a critical situation.”

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