Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2897 - Terrifying Scholar

Chapter 2897 – Terrifying Scholar

Shi Feng tensed when he saw the mysterious youth’s Tier 5 Curse activate. He immediately unsheathed the Light of Two Worlds and counterattacked.

World Breaker!

Suddenly, a blinding beam struck at the endless darkness. The two powers entangled for a moment, neither side gaining an advantage over the other until a second later.


Accompanied by an explosion, an intense shockwave sent Shi Feng stumbling two steps back. His HP also instantly fell by over nine million.

Besides reducing Shi Feng’s HP by more than 20%, the shockwave also left his entire body trembling. The hand he used to wield the Light of Two Worlds was numb.

In contrast, the mysterious youth came out unscathed from the clash. He still stood quietly in his original position. He also maintained the incomparably complex fourfold magic array he was using to manipulate the several golden tablets with his other hand throughout the attack.

As expected of an existence daring enough to cause a scene in Blackwing City. He not only cast a Tier 5 Curse without chanting but even maintained such a complex magic array while doing so. Shi Feng frowned when he looked at his trembling right arm.

This was undoubtedly the most dangerous situation he had ever come across since entering God’s Domain.

Shi Feng had long since known that the mysterious youth was incredibly powerful and that the youth could cast Tier 5 Curses without chanting. However, only after facing the youth’s Tier 5 Curse did he understand just how frightening the mysterious youth


If Shi Feng hadn’t upgraded the Light of Two Worlds, the Tier 5 Curse would’ve killed him just now.

Meanwhile, the powerful shockwave from their clash also shattered the space some distance behind the youth, revealing a woman with eight black wings. Numerous chains bound this woman’s body, and her HP was below 10%.

However, despite being practically at death’s door, she radiated an aura that sent shivers down Shi Feng’s spine. How is this possible?! Shi Feng was dumbfounded when he saw the eight-winged woman.

A Fallen Angel!

Moreover, a Fallen Archangel! A Fallen Angel of the highest order!

Fallen Angels possessed Life Ratings close to those of Dragons. Meanwhile, Fallen Archangels’ Life Rating surpassed even that of ordinary Dragons. They almost rivaled Divine Dragons.

Yet, the mysterious youth had incapacitated a Level 180, Tier 5 Fallen Archangel with one hand. The Fallen Archangel was even losing HP and gradually approaching death’s door.

While Shi Feng was in a daze, the mysterious youth also looked with surprise at the Light of Two Worlds Shi Feng wielded.

“It seems you are incredibly lucky. You actually got your hands on a weapon lost during the ancient era.” Looking at the Light of Two Worlds, the youth evaluated calmly, “It’s a pity that this Light of Two Worlds is damaged. Otherwise, you might’ve been able to injure me with its power.”

Although the mysterious youth’s words sounded arrogant, Shi Feng did not think so at all. On the contrary, his mood grew even heavier after hearing the mysterious youth’s statement. The mysterious youth could strangle even a Tier 5 Fallen Archangel to death. Even if the Light of Two Worlds were at its peak, Shi Feng doubted he could injure the mysterious youth. After all, a weapon’s performance depended heavily on its user.

Shi Feng had only recently reached Tier 5. He didn’t even know how to go about getting promoted to Tier 6. Even if he wielded the undamaged Light of Two Worlds, he could, at most, exchange one move against a Tier 6 God-ranked player who didn’t possess any Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

Moreover, just like the mysterious youth had said, Shi Feng was indeed very lucky. If the mysterious youth weren’t focusing a significant portion of his strength on dealing with the Fallen Archangel guarding the temple’s entrance, Shi Feng would’ve long since died already.

“However, our little game ends here. I’m busy. I don’t have much time to waste on you, so can you please die?”

The mysterious youth waved his hand in annoyance once more. This time, though, he also chanted an incantation.

Shi Feng sensed the Mana around the temple vanishing. Moreover, it wasn’t limited to just the Mana in this plane of existence. Even the Mana in the void was disappearing, making Shi Feng feel stifled.

In the meantime, silver magic arrays appeared, one after another, before the mysterious youth’s hand, layering to create a fourfold magic array.

The Tier 5 Curse Space-time Disintegrator?

Shi Feng’s complexion darkened like never before when he saw the gradually forming fourfold magic array.

There were significant differences even among Tier 5 Curses. Dark Wonderland was a Tier 5 Intermediate Curse, but the Space-time Disintegrator was a Tier 5 Peak Curse. This attack could heavily injure even a Tier 6 God if it landed.


The mysterious youth gently pushed the fourfold magic array with his free hand.

Suddenly, the space in front of Shi Feng began distorting and disintegrating. With the Tier 5 Curse’s speed and AOE, Shi Feng had no way to dodge or escape it in time. Moreover, even a Tier 5 Defensive Curse wouldn’t have the power to stop this attack.

Don’t even think of killing me so easily! Looking at the oncoming attack, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and took out the greatest trump card in his bag—the Dragon Summoning Flute. He then injected the 3,000 Advanced Magic Cores he had prepared into the flute.

Immediately, space around Shi Feng began distorting as well. Five gigantic figures flew out of the warp and instantly occupied a significant portion of the space around the ancient temple.


Accompanied by the sound of an explosion, the sight of five Level 180, Tier 5 Dragons entered Shi Feng’s eyes. The brief invulnerability Shi Feng received from using the Dragon Summoning Flute had helped him resist the Space-time Disintegration, allowing him to survive the ordeal.

However, Shi Feng’s situation did not change for the better even after the five Dragons appeared.

When the mysterious youth looked at the five Tier 5 Dragons, his expression remained completely unfazed, as if only five harmless lizards had appeared in front of him. He placed no importance whatsoever on their existence.

“The Scholar?”

“This summoner has found a troublesome opponent for us.”


“If I knew this would happen, I would never have agreed to the Dragon Summoning Flute’s contract! This is a massive loss!”

The five Dragons with bodies measuring several hundred meters in length revealed traces of frustration and helplessness in their eyes when they saw the mysterious youth. Their voices also carried hints of dissatisfaction directed at Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, after briefly scanning the five Dragons, the mysterious youth asked calmly, “Are you five going to become my enemies?”

“Scholar, how about we talk this out? If you help us fulfill our contract by letting this heaven-blessed individual go, then we won’t have to clash,” the leading Bronze Dragon said.

The Bronze Dragon’s suggestion completely ignored Shi Feng’s will. However, Shi Feng didn’t have any opinions on it, either. He simply observed the mysterious youth and awaited the latter’s decision.

Is he one of the three existences Phoenix Rain warned me to avoid? As Shi Feng scrutinized the mysterious youth, he faintly understood why Phoenix Rain had given him such a warning

The mysterious youth’s strength was simply unbelievable. Shi Feng couldn’t even inspect his level.

Moreover, even Tier 6 Gods would have a headache when facing five Tier 5 Dragons. Nevertheless, the mysterious youth showed no reaction whatsoever.

When the Bronze Dragon made its suggestion, the mysterious youth remained unchanged. In a calm tone, he asked, “Do you think that’s possible? You are merely a bunch of ghosts from the past, yet you dare speak conditions with me?”

After saying so, the mysterious youth took action. A golden staff appeared in his hands, and Shi Feng’s pupils shrank at the sight of this weapon.

This was because Shi Feng was incredibly familiar with the golden staff.

The World Staff!

One of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Legendary Weapons!

“It seems a battle is inevitable,” the Bronze Dragon sighed helplessly. It then looked at Shi Feng and said, “Once the fight begins, find an opportunity to escape. The five of us can’t stop him for long. Outside this secret land, he cannot act without restraint. So long as you get out, he’ll have a much more difficult time dealing with you.”

After the Bronze Dragon finished speaking, the four other Dragons unleashed their auras. All five Dragons were prepared to duke it out with the mysterious youth.

Act without restraint?

The Bronze Dragon’s words clued Shi Feng in on the mysterious youth’s weakness.

The mysterious youth most likely couldn’t act freely in the outside world due to certain restrictions. This would also explain why he had fled Blackwing City previously instead of clashing with Sharlyn.

Logically, with the mysterious youth’s strength, he shouldn’t fear Sharlyn. After all, the mysterious youth remained fearless and still insisted on killing Shi Feng despite facing off against five Tier 5 Dragons. Yet, he had fled Blackwing City back then.

However, before Shi Feng could properly process the information, the five Dragons began clashing with the mysterious youth. The Dragons did not hold anything back, utilizing their breath attacks right off the bat. Meanwhile, the mysterious youth waved his staff. A barrier appeared before him, stopping the breath attacks completely. As a result, the two sides entered a stalemate.

“You damnable things! If I wasn’t occupied with something important here, do you think you five little bastards can stand up against me?” The mysterious youth grew dissatisfied when he saw the stalemate.

Ignoring the mysterious youth’s words, the leading Bronze Dragon shouted at Shi Feng, “Run now!”

Although the five Dragons had pinned down the mysterious youth with their breath attacks, the mysterious youth’s barrier was also steadily advancing toward the Dragons. He held a clear advantage over the Dragons.

Do I leave?

Shi Feng hesitated as he looked at the mysterious youth and the golden tablets beside him. He had a hunch that if he let the mysterious youth achieve his goal, something very troublesome would happen in the near future. He might even get swept up in this big problem. Despite facing the all-out attacks of five Tier 5 Dragons, the mysterious youth still split a significant portion of his attention into manipulating the golden tablets to unravel the divine runes wrapped around the Fallen Archangel. Shi Feng was certain that the Fallen Archangel had a big secret hidden on her body. Screw it!

Gritting his teeth, Shi Feng chose to spend his Legacy Skill Points to learn the Tier 5 Legacy Skill Returning Blade—the sole Tier 5 Berserk Skill available to him.

Even after players reached Tier 5 in God’s Domain, the Legacy Skill Points they earned through leveling up wouldn’t be enough to learn even one Tier 5 Legacy Skill. Typically, they would still need to accumulate more points through quests. Fortunately, Shi Feng had acquired a lot of Legacy Skill Points from handing Beast Emperor over to the War God’s Temple. Those, combined with his leftover points, were just enough to learn one Tier 5 Legacy Skill.

Shi Feng had previously chosen not to learn a Tier 5 Legacy Skill first to have more options in future predicaments. However, he no longer had the luxury of waiting.

Immediately after learning Returning Blade, Shi Feng activated the Berserk Skill, causing the Light of Two Worlds he wielded to vibrate and let out a low hum. Simultaneously, incomparable power flowed into Shi Feng’s body, elevating his Basic Attributes and Life Rating to a whole other level.

The next moment, Shi Feng’s Strength Attribute broke through the 200,000 threshold. His HP also exceeded 100 million. Now, even if he didn’t rival Tier 6 God-ranked experts, he was very close already.

Thirty seconds! I need to foil his plans in 30 seconds! If I fail to do so, I must leave immediately! After taking a look at Returning Blade’s description, Shi Feng found that the Skill had a 45-second duration and a Cooldown of one natural day. He estimated that escaping the Evil God’s Secret Land within 15 seconds shouldn’t be difficult with his current Basic Attributes.

After thinking up to this point, Shi Feng charged straight toward the restricted Fallen Archangel. Shi Feng didn’t have the slightest thought of dealing with the mysterious youth. If even five Level 180, Tier 5 Dragons were helpless against the mysterious youth, then his chances were even less. The only thing he could do in this situation was kill the Fallen Archangel and foil the mysterious youth’s plans. After all, he had long since formed an irreconcilable grudge with the mysterious youth. If he didn’t kill the mysterious youth, or the mysterious youth did not take the initiative to dissolve the soul chains binding his soul, he would still perish sooner or later, despite being a Tier 5 player. In that case, he might as well use this opportunity to weaken the mysterious youth. For all he knew, he might even get to live longer.

“You bastard!”

The mysterious youth’s complexion sank when he saw what Shi Feng was trying to do. Immediately, he began chanting an incantation.

Tier 5 Curse, Dark Space!

Numerous pitch-black chains emerged from the space above the temple and shot toward Shi Feng, preventing him from approaching the Fallen Archangel. Upon seeing the several hundred chains raining down toward him, Shi Feng immediately activated Divine Steps.

Suddenly, 36 doppelgangers emerged from Shi Feng’s body and dashed toward the Fallen Archangel from different directions. As these doppelgangers were invulnerable to attacks and Shi Feng could swap positions with any of them at any time, the mysterious youth had a headache dealing with Shi Feng.

Catching Shi Feng alone using several hundred chains might be easy, but catching 37 individuals of Shi Feng’s caliber was not.

In less than two seconds, one of Shi Feng’s doppelgangers reached the Fallen Archangel and executed an attack. However, before the doppelganger’s attack could connect, several dozen chains immediately bound its body.

Afterward, six more doppelgangers arrived before the Fallen Archangel, and the several dozen chains in the vicinity were insufficient to stop all of them. In the end, one of the doppelgangers successfully evaded the chains and executed a ruthless attack on the Fallen Archangel.

The moment the doppelganger’s sword was about to connect, Shi Feng, who had been preparing for an attack in the distance, swapped positions with this doppelganger.

Second Sword, Holy Devour! Now that Shi Feng had a Life Rating and Basic Attributes close to rivaling Tier 6 God-ranked players, he could perfectly execute Holy Devour.

The next moment, scorching flames capable of devouring even space itself enveloped the defenseless Fallen Archangel.


A damage value exceeding 5.4 billion appeared above the Fallen Archangel’s head as she lost more than 2% of her HP. This development ignited some hope in Shi Feng.

“You little bastard! You’ve angered me now!”

A cold gleam flashed in the mysterious youth’s eyes as he shook his staff. The barrier he summoned shoved back the five Dragons’ Dragon Breath completely, and the golden staff he wielded released a blinding radiance. Then, the space around the Fallen Archangel shattered. Countless beams of light shot out of the shattered space and pierced every one of Shi Feng’s doppelgangers, leaving an irrecoverable wound on them.

If Shi Feng hadn’t swapped positions with his distant doppelganger immediately, he would’ve most likely lost his life to this attack.

However, Shi Feng did not stop despite this situation. Without hesitation, he used the Light of Two Worlds’s Spatial Slash.

Shi Feng swung his blade, his attack instantly cutting through the Fallen Archangel. The attack was so fast that the mysterious youth, whom the five Dragons pinned down, failed to stop it. Meanwhile, this attack had reaped nearly 3% of the Fallen Archangel’s HP.

“That’s enough from you!”

The mysterious youth began chanting another incantation for a Defensive Curse when he saw the Fallen Archangel’s dwindling HP.


Knowing that once the mysterious youth completed his incantation, all hope of success would be lost, Shi Feng immediately executed the strongest move his Mana Technique had to offer.

Third Sword, Holy Annihilation!

Holy Annihilation was an unostentatious technique. There was no giant blade of light or a scorching sea of flames. All that could be seen was Shi Feng executing a simple downward slash.

However, when this modest slash connected, it plundered all of the Fallen Archangel’s remaining HP.

Following the Fallen Archangel’s death, Shi Feng’s level skyrocketed, and several hundred items appeared around her corpse. The mysterious youth’s eyes turned bloodshot, and he went into a frenzy.

Shi Feng immediately grabbed a few of the strongest items he saw, swapped positions with his doppelganger again, entered the void, and dashed for the temple’s exit.

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