Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2792 - Astonishing Harvest!

Chapter 2792 – Astonishing Harvest!

The Infant Golden Dragon uttered a mournful cry as its titanic body crashed to the ground. Subsequently, an unprecedented silence descended on the cavern.

“We did it!”

“We succeeded!”

Everyone heaved a deep sigh of relief when they looked at the Infant Dragon’s corpse lying on the ground. Simultaneously, an indescribable sense of joy and excitement also appeared on their faces.

After all, they had just created a miracle

-a full dragon-slaying battle. Even if their opponent was merely a Tier 4 Infant Dragon, they had still slain a real Dragon.

The next moment, before the survivors of the team could recover from their joy, brilliant flashes suddenly enveloped their bodies as their experience bars filled up rapidly. The amount of EXP the Infant Golden Dragon awarded was leagues above the EXP from ordinary Mythic Bosses.

Even Shi Feng leveled up three times consecutively, reaching 32% of Level 140. As for everyone else, they gained even more levels from the raid, with Lionheart reaching Level 141 and Yu Luo reaching Level 139. Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine even went from Level 127 to Level 138.

The amount of EXP everyone received stupefied them. Nobody thought that killing a Level 140 Infant Dragon would grant so much EXP.

Of those present, only Shi Feng and Lionheart did not place much concern on their levels. After all, as veteran Tier 4 players, they knew very clearly how easy it was for Tier 4 players to gain levels. In fact, they could most likely attain Level 150 in ten days, reaching the minimum requirement to challenge their Tier 5 promotion.

However, players would not necessarily be able to get promoted to Tier 5 just by meeting the level requirement. After all, players would have to create a powerful Mana Body of their own.

Compared to the levels he gained, Shi Feng was much more concerned about the Infant Golden Dragon’s loot.

The Infant Golden Dragon they had killed was a Dragon in the truest sense, not one that the Main God System had weakened drastically. This point was clear just from the EXP the Infant Golden Dragon awarded. Compared to the Magic Dragon Kland that Shi Feng had killed some time back, the Infant Golden Dragon was like an entirely different creature.

Some time after the Infant Golden Dragon died, sacred light descended from the cavern ceiling, illuminating the entire cavern. Simultaneously, melodious hymns also echoed in everyone’s mind.

It seems Divine Providence did its job. Shi Feng sighed in relief when he saw the sacred light shining down from the ceiling Although Divine Providence increased his Luck Attribute significantly, the Hidden Attribute’s effects would be diminished when dealing with monsters at the Superior Mythic standard or above. And while the Infant Golden Dragon was considered only a Mythic monster, it was still part of the Dragon race; it was far stronger than ordinary Superior Mythic monsters of the same level. Hence, the fact that he managed to trigger a Divine Hymn was truly a stroke of luck.

Of course, part of the reason he managed to trigger a Divine Hymn was most likely this being the first kill of a real Dragon in the ancient God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, as the Divine Hymn descended, a system notification also entered everyone’s ears.

System: Congratulations! You have killed a Tier 4 Infant Golden Dragon. You have obtained the Dragon Slayer title, World Reputation +100, and one Gold Legacy Treasure Chest.

“Crap! There’s such a benefit as well?” Blood Blade was astonished when he saw the system notification. Initially, he thought that they would be working for Shi Feng for free. He never imagined that slaying the Infant Dragon would earn them such astonishing rewards too.

At this time, even Lionheart was surprised by this situation.

After all, the rewards were simply too lucrative. Firstly, the Dragon Slayer title would allow them to enjoy the status of a high noble in the various cities of God’s Domain. In fact, their authority would be even greater than the typical high noble’s, close to reaching that of a city lord. Not to mention, with the Dragon Slayer title equipped, their Basic Attributes and physique would increase by 20% when dealing with Dragon-type monsters in the future.

As for the awarded Gold Legacy Treasure Chest, it was something all Tier 4 players would dream of obtaining.

The Gold Legacy Treasure Chest had a considerable chance of awarding a Legacy Book, which would grant the user with a significant number of Legacy Skill Points when used. The treasure chest also had a high chance of containing rare Tier 4 Skill and Spell Books, as well as a small chance of containing a Legacy Guidance for the road beyond Tier 4. These rewards were far more valuable than weapons, equipment, and Magic Crystals.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Gold Legacy Treasure Chest’s value was equivalent to a Fragmented Legendary item’s. For some people, the treasure chest was even better than a Fragmented Legendary item. Meanwhile, aside from the reward notification, Shi Feng, Lifeless Thorn, Solitary Nine, and Yu Luo received a second system notification.

System: Warning! The world of God’s Domain has noticed your existence as an outsider. You will be expelled from the world in one natural day.

Sure enough, it was a success. Shi Feng revealed a faint smile upon seeing the system warning If killing the Infant Golden Dragon and altering a small portion of God’s Domain’s history could not get him out of the ancient God’s Domain, he would really have a headache. After all, he had already achieved his original goal in coming here, and he still had many matters he needed to deal with in the modern God’s Domain. He simply couldn’t afford to waste time here. As for the matter of earning various resources here, that was supposed to be a long-running project.

Moreover, the amount of resources he could obtain depended entirely on the Skyflare adventurer team’s strength and resources. Meanwhile, Skyflare’s development couldn’t be accomplished overnight. This is great! I can finally go home! As for Yu Luo, she, too, grew joyful when she saw the system warning. In fact, she felt even happier at seeing this system warning than when she received the Gold Legacy Treasure Chest.

While everyone rejoiced over the Gold Legacy Treasure Chest they received, over a hundred items appeared in midair and began descending to the ground.

The sight of the Infant Golden Dragon’s loot made everyone present momentarily forget about the Legacy Treasure Chest.


“The aura of items can actually reach such an intensity?” Crimson Billow was astonished as she studied the items that were gradually piling up on the ground. “Just what kind of items dropped?” Could there be a Legendary item? This question plagued everyone’s mind.

The reason for everyone’s reaction was the aura that the Infant Dragon’s loot radiated, which practically rivaled that of Superior Mythic monsters. Even ordinary Tier 3 players would have to expend a lot of effort just to approach the loot.

At this time, only Shi Feng managed to remain relatively calm. This was because he had heard of other people slaying Dragons before. Only, the Dragons that the God-ranked expert teams killed back then weren’t Tier 4 Infant Dragons but Adult Dragons at the peak of Tier 5.

According to what he had heard, the sight of those Dragons’ loot was truly a spectacle to behold. Just the visual phenomenon the loot created had covered a radius of over ten thousand yards. The combined aura the items radiated had also been so powerful that even Tier 4 players couldn’t approach the loot; only Tier 5 players and above could do so.

In comparison, the visual phenomenon created by the Infant Golden Dragon’s loot only covered a radius of several hundred yards. The aura the loot radiated was so weak that even Tier 3 peak experts could approach it if they gritted their teeth. Hence, Shi Feng didn’t find this outcome particularly surprising

However, the Infant Golden Dragon’s loot and Tier 5 Adult Dragons’ loot wouldn’t actually have a significant difference in quality. What difference in quality there was would only be akin to the difference between an Epic item and a Fragmented Legendary item. It wouldn’t be as significant as the difference between a Fragmented Legendary item and a Legendary item. After all, both kills were Dragons; one side was just slightly stronger. Moreover, as Tier 6 God-ranked experts were responsible for killing the Adult Dragons, the loot quality was reduced.

In comparison, their team had defeated a Tier 4 Infant Dragon without a single Tier 5 player on the team. If one were to talk about raid difficulty, their team faced a much greater difficulty than the Tier 6 God-ranked expert teams. I wonder if it dropped a complete Saint Guidance? If one did drop, I might be able to improve my Mana Body further. Shi Feng prayed inwardly as he looked at the items slowly piling up on the ground.

At this time, compared to materials, weapons, and equipment, what he hoped to obtain more was a Legacy Guidance. This was typical of Tier 4 experts. After all, even with multiple Fragmented Legendary items, a Tier 4 expert wouldn’t be able to go up against Tier 5 existences.

As for the possibility of the Infant Golden Dragon dropping a Legendary item, that was utterly impossible.

As far as Shi Feng knew, players couldn’t obtain Legendary items through killing monsters. It didn’t matter even if the monster in question was a Dragon. At best, monsters would only drop Fragmented Legendary items that could be repaired into Legendary items. Thus, every Legendary item was incredibly precious, and a Tier 5 expert would be fortunate to obtain even one.

After another dozen seconds or so passed, all of the items finally landed on the ground. Shi Feng immediately approached the mountain of loot and began sorting through it. The spectating Skyflare members couldn’t help drooling, wishing they could help Shi Feng with the loot. “Guild Leader Black Flame has really hit the jackpot this time. I wonder if a Legendary item dropped? If he gets a Legendary item, his combat power would most likely skyrocket and approach the Tier 5 standard,” Wind Chaser sighed as he enviously watched Shi Feng collect the loot.

He finally understood how big a gap divided Tier 4 and Tier 5 existences. It was even larger than the gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 existences. Ordinary weapons and equipment couldn’t make up for this gap. Only the rumored Legendary Weapons and Equipment might work.

If Shi Feng could get himself a Legendary Weapon now, he would truly become an invincible existence. After all, no Tier 4 player could go up against Tier 5 existences yet. Meanwhile, after working nonstop for ten minutes, Shi Feng finally finished sorting through the loot. Once he organized the loot, he had to press his hand against his chest to suppress the excitement in his heart. The loot dropped this time was simply too amazing!

It was definitely the most amazing loot he had ever seen. This included even the loot he had seen in his previous life.

Setting all else aside, just the golden longsword sitting in his bag had very nearly made him faint from happiness. This weapon was one of God’s Domain’s Ten Great Legendary Weapons as well as one of God’s Domain’s Thirty-Six Famed Swords. It was also the prototype of the weapon Void Breaker and could cut all existences.

Its name was the Light of Two Worlds, also known as the World Breaking Gold!

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