Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 23 - Tyrant Bear

Chapter 23 - Tyrant Bear

Tens of Level 1 players came running over. The area in front of Shi Feng’s party had also started becoming lively.

“This person is really something. He is so desperate to enter the Dungeon that he would even want Level 1 noobs. Did he not know that there has already been a Level 2 Elite party that had returned after dying?”

“Who cares about him. A noob is a noob after all. We won’t be able to understand their thoughts.”

The long queue of Level 2 players started laughing one after another at Shi Feng’s actions. They all wanted to watch Shi Feng become a joke.

“Those guys are really interesting. Even I don’t have much confidence in clearing the Deathly Forest, yet they actually want to clear it with a group of Level 1 players.” Zhao Yueru’s lips curled up slightly, revealing an exuberant smile as she looked in Shi Feng’s direction. Her voice carried a hint of ridicule and disdain.

Gentle Snow also sent a glance towards Shi Feng from a distance. Shi Feng’s temperament was both calm and confident. He did not become angry from being laughed at. Every one of his movements was very mature, not much different from the experts in God’s Domain she had seen before. However, she did not understand from where Shi Feng’s confidence came. Deathly Forest was Red Leaf Town’s first Dungeon, and it was also everyone’s first time being in touch with a Dungeon in God’s Domain; their difficulties were an unknown. Even the Elite parties of Guilds would carefully choose their members before entering the Dungeon. On the other hand, Shi Feng did not care in the slightest, as if just gathering 6 players was good enough.

“Maybe I’m just overthinking things. He’s just a Level 1 player, so how could he clear the Deathly Forest.” Gentle Snow caressed her elegant hair, her heart no longer thinking about Shi Feng’s odd actions. She looked at her hand, at the player information displayed on it, “Level 2 Summoner, Magic Attack 28, HP 150, Defense 8, Movement Speed 4. Fail. Next.”

Afterward, another Cursemancer stepped forward. The person tensely sent his own Attributes to the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow.

On the other side, Shi Feng as well was looking at player data.

Although he did not have a lower line, he did have a bottom line.

The equipment and levels of these Level 1 players were much worse than the Level 2 players that Gentle Snow’s party were recruiting. However, they were still players. As long as they did not simply add their 8 Free Attribute Points early on, the chance of clearing the Deathly Forest with a 6-man party was very high.

As for those Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights who solely added Strength or Weapons Job but did not add Agility, all of them were rejected.

“Big brother, please party me. Although I am just a Level 1 Guardian Knight, I have a piece of Level 0 Common Equipment. Also, all 8 of my Attribute Points are still available. I can completely add them based on your requirements. “ A youth named Cola pleaded, his eyes filled with expectations.

Shi Feng was slightly surprised. A Guardian Knight that did not add any Attribute Points could actually reach Level 1. It was a masterpiece. It had to be known that Guardian Knights had very low Attack, making the killing of monsters difficult. Normally, they would party up to kill monsters. To increase grinding efficiency, they would add a few points of Strength. Otherwise, leveling up would be too slow.

Guardian Knight Cola?

“Cola…… Cola.” When Shi Feng looked at Cola’s face, and also his tall and muscular body, he felt that it was somewhat familiar. Suddenly, he entered into deep thought. His memory seemed to have such a person in it.

That’s right! It’s Tyrant Bear!

Shi Feng managed to remember it; Tyrant Bear’s name was Cola. Tyrant Bear was the core MT of the first-rate Guild, [Brilliant Stars]. During the early periods of God’s Domain, Tyrant Bear was constantly unsuccessful. He was even kicked out by third-rate Guild, [Heaven’s Crown]. After entering Brilliant Stars, Cola suddenly started to shine. He turned from being a normal party’s MT into the core elite party’s MT in the Guild. He was ranked fifteenth on the Guardian Knight Leaderboard of Star-Moon Kingdom. Cola was known for both being able to attack and defend. Shi Feng had never thought that the Tyrant Bear would run up to him on his own. Cola was such a shy person, as well. It was totally different from the Tyrant Bear of ten years later.

Suddenly, Shi Feng had an idea.

Currently, the Tyrant Bear had yet to join Heaven’s Crown, not to mention Brilliant Stars. If Shi Feng could poach Cola over and turn Cola into his own MT, then wouldn’t Dungeon-diving in the future be a lot easier?

“Big brother, I guarantee that I will absolutely listen to your commands when inside the Dungeon. Please consider it over,” Cola’s tone carried hints of begging.

Shi Feng had nearly let loose a laugh. The great Tyrant Bear would actually speak in such whispered tones just for a position in the Dungeon. However, Shi Feng still held it in.

The Level 1 players that had come here all held hopes of getting lucky. The other parties that entered the Deathly Forest with Level 2 players were already no good, not to mention Level 1 players like them. If they could enter once into the Deathly Forest and fortunately obtain one or two pieces of equipment, then it would be of great help to their future development. At that time, entering into a large Guild would become much easier.

“Alright, I can add you in.” Shi Feng’s face turned grave as he said, “However, you should know that bringing a Level 1 noob like you into the Deathly Forest isn’t easy. I can’t just carry you through the Deathly Forest, and then after you get equipment, you join some other elite parties. Wouldn’t I just be striving for nothing?”

When Shi Feng finished his speech, quite a few Level 1 players had suddenly sent over looks of disdain. Weren’t you also a Level 1 noob?

However, Shi Feng did not care about what these people felt. He continued saying, “I wish to form a stable party. Even if we need members, it would be with stability as the priority. If you wish to enter the Dungeon, you need to be prepared for the long term. When I call you for Dungeon-diving, you must come. You cannot reject because you have some other matters. So, what will be your choice?”

When the other players heard Shi Feng saying so, they suddenly turned quiet.

Shi Feng’s intentions were very clear. If you wish to enter the party, then you won’t be able to join other parties in the future, not to mention joining a Guild.

Everybody knew that entering a Guild was the best method to increase your own strength quickly.

Currently, they did not have the qualifications to join any of those Guilds. So, they were here to try their luck, hoping to obtain one or two pieces of equipment. They might even be able to join those Guilds afterward. So, how would they be able to give up their chances of entering a good Guild just to enter a Dungeon.?

Cola had also never imagined that Shi Feng would give such a demand. However, it was still reasonable. You couldn’t just expect other people to bring you up, then leave when you become strong. However, Shi Feng lacked the persuasiveness when he said these words.

At this moment, Blackie stood out and furiously said, “Just looking at you noobs, there is nobody that would want you down in the Dungeon. And you still wish to join a Guild in the future and enjoy their benefits? Are you thinking yourselves as experts, or are you taking us for idiots?”

Cola thought what Blackie, the ‘expert,’ had said made sense. Even a Level 2 expert with three pieces of Bronze Equipment was in this party, whereas Cola himself was just a novice noob. So, what right did he have to complain?

“Many thanks for Big Brother Expert’s pointers. Little brother will definitely strive to fulfill his own role.” Cola continuously thanked Blackie.

Blackie felt somewhat uneasy from being thanked and referred to as an expert by Cola. Blackie was just a complete impostor of an expert. However, being called such by someone made Blackie want to become an expert in God’s Domain even more.

“Blackie, beautifully done!” Shi Feng stretched out a thumbs-up, quietly praising Blackie.

Shi Feng never imagined Blackie would tame the Tyrant Bear just like that. The Tyrant Bear had also called Blackie a Big Brother with a face full of respect.

Blackie suddenly became confused. He did not understand what he had done that was worth being praised by Shi Feng. However, he was still very happy. At least he had done something for Shi Feng; although he didn’t know what he had done exactly.

Over ten minutes later, Shi Feng finally gathered six players. They could start Dungeon-diving now.

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