Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 49 - Use WeChat to Send A Red Envelope

Chapter 49: Use WeChat to Send A Red Envelope

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A few hours later, Gu Ning’s grandmother received the key.

The second the old lady saw the key, she almost lost her breath. She didn’t expect Gu Man and Gu Ning would really do that.

Although the old lady was harsh, she wouldn’t kick them out if Gu Man along with Gu Ning apologized to Gu Xiaoxiao.

However, Gu Man and Gu Ning would move out rather than apologize.

“Well, very well. Let’s see how tough they can be.” the old lady clenched her teeth in anger.

She believed Gu Man and Gu Ning would move to Gu Qing’s place because they were close.

Thus, the old lady immediately called Gu Qing, and forbade her to help Gu Man and Gu Ning.

Gu Xiaoxiao was greatly pleased that Gu Ning and her mother moved out of the old house. She would never forget that Gu Ning had slapped her three times this morning.

Gu Qing didn’t know what had happened until her mother called her, but Gu Man hadn’t actually contacted her.

Besides, Gu Qing was irritated when her mother forbade her to help Gu Man.

Gu Qing seldom dared to argue with her mother, but this time she could stand it. “Mom, Gu Man is your biological daughter after all. How could you be so cruel?”

She thought her mother simply disliked Gu Man and Gu Ning, but didn’t expect her mother would be so cold-blooded.

Her mother always liked sons over daughters. She and her sister Gu Man never had much of their mother’s love. In addition to that, they had been bullied by their brothers, and had even done all the housework throughout their childhood.

If it hadn’t been for their father, they probably would not even have attended school.

Gu Qing hadn’t been good at studying, and had given up on receiving an education after high school. As for Gu Man, she had dropped out of her college because she had gotten pregnant.

The old lady didn’t expect Gu Qing would dare to argue with her. She shouted in anger, “I don’t need you to teach me! If you ever take me as your mother, follow my order! Gu Man and her daughter deserve this. Let’s see how tough they can be!”

Then, the old lady hung up with great force.

Gu Qing was hurt by her mother’s behavior. She decided not to listen to her mother. She was also worried Gu Man and Gu Qing would be homeless. She called Gu Man at once, providing help for them.

Although there were only two rooms in her house, she thought it was acceptable to let Gu Man and Gu Ning live in one.

Gu Man didn’t reject Gu Qing’s call. After Gu Man found out Gu Qing already knew they had moved out of the old house, Gu Man told Gu Qing she was in hospital.

Knowing Gu Man had had an accident, Gu Qing couldn’t wait to visit her. Though it was just an hour before Gu Qing was off-duty, she asked for leave and went straight to the hospital.

Gu Qing didn’t find out that Gu Man stayed in a VIP patient room until she arrived. She was extremely astonished.

Gu Ning had told her mother not to tell Gu Qing the truth for now, thus Gu Man only explained to Gu Qing that a doctor in this hospital was Gu Ning’s friend. Gu Ning had done the doctor a big favor, and the doctor had arranged everything.

As for why they had moved out of the old house, Gu Man didn’t hide it and told Gu Qing the whole story because they were close sisters.

After that, Gu Qing was really mad at her mother as well as Lin Lijuan and Gu Xiaoxiao. She also believed Gu Ning shouldn’t apologize.

Gu Xiaoxiao had been so selfish and overbearing. She deserved the slaps.

Although Gu Ning would have bad blood with the Gu Family and had even moved out from the old house, Gu Qing was happy to see Gu Ning could fight back.

Gu Qing was actually concerned that Gu Ning would suffer more if she continuously behaved like a coward.

“Gu Man, you and Ningning can stay in my place. It takes time to find a new house. You don’t need to rush,” Gu Qing said.

“Don’t worry about us. I have to stay in the hospital for a few days. Ningning and I will temporarily stay here. We’re finding a new place now. I believe we’ll have a new home after a few days,” Gu Man explained.

“Fine.” Gu Qing didn’t insist.

“Oh, please don’t tell others I stay here. Please keep it to yourself,” Gu Man said.

“I understand. Don’t worry,” Gu Qing answered. She wouldn’t tell others.

After the afternoon classes were over Gu Ning, Yu Mixi, Mu Ke, Hao Ran and his bros along with Chu Peihan gathered together.

Other than Yu Mixi, the others were all surprised.

“Wow. Bros and sisters, come on, let’s have a WeChat group for communication!” Chu Peihan greeted the others the minute she saw them.

Chu Peihan was an outgoing girl. Although she wasn’t familiar with Mu Ke or Hao Ran and his bros, she didn’t feel strange at all since they were in a group now.

Hearing that, everyone knew Chu Peihan had taken Gu Ning as her boss too.

But they still looked to Gu Ning for confirmation.

Gu Ning gave them an affirmative nod. Those young teenagers became good friends soon.

Only Yu Mixi, who was introverted, stayed a little shy and quiet, but the others didn’t ignore her, so Yu Mixi didn’t feel lonely.

She tried not to stay quiet, and talked to the others gradually.

After a while, everyone added each other’s WeChat accounts. They even had a WeChat group called “Family of Fighters”.

Gu Ning was speechless. Didn’t it sound violent?

Everyone else liked that name very much so Gu Ning didn’t say anything.

“Come on, the group leader needs to send us a big red envelope,” Hao Ran encouraged.

“No problem, there you go!” Chu Peihan, the group leader, said.

She sent out a big red envelope of 888 yuan. There were seven people in the WeChat group, and everyone could get an uncertain amount of money depending on their luck.

Gu Ning was the luckiest one. She got 300 yuan.

Then was Yu Mixi who got more than 200 yuan.

Chu Peihan and others shared the rest of the money. Hao Ran only got three yuan, and he complained. “What? How could I be so unlucky! Three yuan? You must be kidding me.”

After that, the crowd went to have a meal first, and then went to train in the small forest.

Chu Peihan hadn’t witnessed how good Gu Ning’s kung fu was yet, so she was excited to have a try. The minute they had arrived at the woods, she challenged Gu Ning to fight with her.

Chu Peihan was skillful at fighting. She had also had professional training, and performed better than Hao Ran and his bros.

Therefore, Gu Ning didn’t defeat Chu Peihan immediately.

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