Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 418 - We’re A Family

Chapter 418 We’re A Family

“Come on in! It’s cold out here,” Tang Haifeng said. Gu Ning then walked over and supported Tang Haifeng walking inside.

“Grandpa, how’s your body recently?” Gu Ning asked with concern.

“Very good! Thanks to your help, I am already cured of heart disease, and I’m getting stronger, it’s as if I’m 20 years younger now!” Saying that, Tang Haifeng was more than happy. The elderly cared about their physical condition the most, and nobody wanted to be tormented by diseases.

When they entered the hall and had a seat, cups of tea, fruits, and desserts were already placed on the table.

“Girl Gu, have some fruits and desserts if you like. Just take this as your own home. We will probably have dinner a little late because I invited your uncles to join us tonight,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Sure, no problem,” Gu Ning replied. She was looking forward to meeting Tang Yunfan. Although she had seen his picture, she would love to meet him in person.

At this time, the housekeeper, Quan Bohang, came out with a plate of freshly-baked dessert. When his sight fell on Gu Ning, he was quite surprised. “This girl’s features indeed closely resemble Lord Tang’s when he was young!”

The housekeeper had served the Tang family for over 20 years, and he was in his fifties now, so he naturally knew what Tang Yunfan had looked like at a young age. Quan Bohang had a good impression of Gu Ning after he saw her in person and noticed that she greatly resembled Tang Yunfan.

Actually, he also hoped that Gu Ning could be Tang Yunfan’s daughter. In that case, Tang Yunfan wouldn’t be alone throughout this lifetime.

“Girl Gu, this is our housekeeper, you can just call him Uncle Quan.” Tang Haifeng introduced to Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Uncle Quan,” Gu Ning said politely, standing up to greet Quan Bohang.

“Nice to meet you too, Miss Gu! Please have a seat,” Quan Bohang replied.

After chatting with Tang Haifeng for a short while, Gu Ning left for the bathroom. A young man ran into the hall from outside shouting, “Grandpa, I’m home!”

Seeing Tang Jiakai being so naughty, Tang Haifeng scolded him. “Don’t run so fast! What if you knocked into someone?”

Tang Jiakai indeed almost knocked the housekeeper over when he was running inside. Tang Jiakai rubbed his head in embarrassment. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” Saying that, Tang Jiakai glanced around the room, but didn’t see Gu Ning. He was very disappointed. “Grandpa, didn’t you say that my younger sister is home? Where is she?”

He ran home the moment his grandpa told him that Gu Ning was in the Tang family’s house. However, when he came back in a hurry, he didn’t see any girl, so he thought that maybe his grandpa felt bored and trapped him into coming home.

Tang Jiakai had never met Gu Ning before, but Gu Ning already impressed him from Tang Haifeng’s description, and he would love to have her as his younger sister. Meanwhile, Tang Jiakai felt nervous, because he wasn’t sure whether Gu Ning would like him as her older brother. Tang Jiakai always wanted a young sister! Unfortunately, he only had an older female cousin. Besides, his older female cousin wasn’t adorable at all, because she grew up in the military base and always bullied him.

Although he had also been trained in the military base for a few years and knew how to defend himself, he was barely comparable to Cao Wenxin, who was his older female cousin.

Of course, that was just their way of getting along with each other. It didn’t mean that Cao Wenxin disliked Tang Jiakai, although she often bullied him.

Cao Wenxin had wanted to serve in the army or the police, but the Cao family wouldn’t allow her to do so. Those were dangerous jobs, and Cao Wenxin was too impulsive to be a soldier or a policewoman. Therefore, Cao Wenxin was still unemployed right now, and felt adrift.

Anyway, the Cao family and the Tang family were very rich, and she was able to live an affluent life without doing anything. Thus, her family didn’t care whether she had a job or not.

“She’s in the bathroom,” Tang Haifeng said.

Hearing that Gu Ning was here, Tang Jiakai was cheered up.

The second that Tang Jiakai sat down, Gu Ning walked out. When their eyes met, both of them were struck dumb.

Gu Ning recognized Tang Jiakai at first glance. Tang Jiakai, on the other hand, thought that Gu Ning looked quite familiar.

“Oh, its’ you!” Tang Jiakai rounded his eyes in shock and abruptly stood up in excitement.

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng was curious. “Jiakai, do you know Girl Gu?”

Gu Ning thought that he must have read some news about her on the Internet, because they had never met before. She was right.

Tang Jiakai didn’t have time to answer Tang Haifeng’s question, but directly asked Gu Ning, “Did you rescue an injured girl at the airport yesterday? And did you kick Zhao Kanglin meters away at the horse racing field today? And did you win all the bets and make ten million yuan within a day?”

Hearing what Tang Jiakai had said, Tang Haifeng was astonished too. He heard the news of the stampede at the airport, but he had heard nothing about the horse racing field. It was also shocking news that Gu Ning was able to make ten million by horse betting

Tang Jiakai didn’t read the news of horse racing field on the Internet; he heard it from his friend. The young heir of the horse racing field was Tang Jiakai’s good friend, and he told Tang Jiakai everything. Unexpectedly, the girl who became famous in the horse racing field in a day was Gu Ning, and she was in Tang Jiakai’s home now.

“Yes, it was me.” Gu Ning smiled. Gu Ning didn’t show any pride or arrogance, because it was no big deal for her.

“Jesus! You’re so awesome!” Tang Jiakai exclaimed. He now really admired Gu Ning; then he laughed. “Ha-ha! If Ouyang and my other friends find out that the girl who shocked them is my younger sister, they will be so jealous!”

Ouyang was the young heir of the horse racing field, Ouyang Siyuan.

Tang Jiakai didn’t feel awkward at all when he said “my younger sister”, but Gu Ning was surprised. Tang Jiakai indeed treated her like she was a member of his family. It also showed that Tang Jiakai was amiable. After that, Tang Jiakai stared at Gu Ning with anticipation. “My younger sister, call me your older brother!”

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