Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3243 - 3243 Don't Alert Them

3243 Don’t Alert Them

However, when it stood up, Li Mochen directly jumped in front of it and blocked its way. Without delay, he hit it once more, causing it to fall to the ground again and howl.

“Jesus, I can’t believe my eyes! Is this qinggong?” Mu Yiyang was shocked.

Qinggong in Wuxia shows was exaggerated, but ordinary people couldn’t do that.


Dai Ya and Lin Musi also wondered who they really were.

They didn’t know, but they could see that Li Mochen was extraordinary.

This time, the wolf monster was seriously injured and could barely struggle.

It was in trouble.

In fact, if it hadn’t attacked them, Li Mochen wouldn’t bother to attack it even though it was a monster.

They didn’t have a bias against monsters. Whether it was people or monsters, there were good and bad ones.

Therefore, before they made sure that the monster was bad, they wouldn’t do anything. However, if they found out that it was bad, they wouldn’t let it go.

After the wolf monster was seriously injured, Li Mochen didn’t continue. Even if it didn’t die right now, it wouldn’t live for long because its energy core was broken and it was badly injured.

“I heard wolves are social animals. Is there a group of wolves?” Lin Musi said worriedly. They weren’t afraid of one or two wolves, but what if there were a dozen? No matter how strong they were, they wouldn’t be a match for a group of wolves!

“We can only face it if there really is a group of wolves. If we hadn’t killed the wolf, we would have been in danger,” Dai Ya said.

After the wolf monster howled, Leng Xiaoyao and the others were prepared to face a group of wolves. If the other wolves were at the same level as this wolf monster, Leng Xiaoyao wouldn’t be afraid. She was only afraid that there were stronger wolves.

After all, since there was a wolf monster, there might be other beings that were stronger than it.

Fortunately, they didn’t see another wolf and smoothly reached the place with the strongest evil power.

It was a huge pit that was about ten meters wide as well as deep. There were piles of skeletons in it. Above it were over ten thousand poisonous snakes. It was clearly a poisonous cave.

Seeing that, Dai Ya and Lin Musi vomited and didn’t dare to give it another glance.

It was not only them, Leng Xiaoyao and the others were also scared.

“It’s so scary!” Mu Yiyang exclaimed.

“This is the first time that I’ve ever seen such a disgusting and frightening scene,” Mu Yuan said.

“I feel like vomiting, but there is nothing in my stomach,” Meng Fan said in fear.

“No way! You can see that too? Are they animals’ bones? There are too many poisonous snakes. Whatever falls in there will be eaten up,” Mu Yiyang said. He didn’t dare to observe the huge pit, so he thought that there were bones of animals.

“It’s not animals, it’s humans,” Li Mochen said. He also felt disgusted by the scene, but he still observed it carefully.


Hearing that, everyone was astonished.

“It’s said that many people have come here, but none of them left this place after coming inside. Is it possible that they died in the pit?” Dai Ya guessed.

“But why did they die here? This is a huge pit, so people can easily see it. They shouldn’t have jumped down by themselves,” asked Meng Fan

Dai Ya agreed and said, “Perhaps they fell in by accident.”

“It’s possible,” Mu Yuan said.

However, at this moment, Leng Xiaoyao heard noises from a distance, so she immediately used her magical senses to figure them out.

When she didn’t use her magical senses, she could only hear sounds within dozens of meters. It consumed her energy to use her magical senses, so she didn’t use it until it was necessary.

Once she used her magical senses, she noticed several people walking and talking about fifty meters away. They spoke in Language Yin.

“There are no more people right now. When can we get the next batch? The leader said that he needs more next month.”

“We already caught some, but they can’t be moved over because something went wrong. We need to wait for about four days.”

“I hope it can be done as fast as possible.”

No more people? A batch?

Hearing those keywords, Leng Xiaoyao had a premonition.

“Everyone, hide.” Leng Xiaoyao immediately said to the others.

Everyone was surprised. Did Leng Xiaoyao hear someone was coming?

Most importantly, was there anyone on this island?

They were surprised, but didn’t doubt Leng Xiaoyao’s words, so they hid in an unobtrusive place.

Hearing Leng Xiaoyao’s words, Li Mochen focused at once and also heard the people talking. However, he couldn’t hear their conversation clearly. After all, he was unable to make full use of the power in his body.

Because of Mu Yiyang and the others’ presence, Leng Xiaoyao couldn’t say much about it to Li Mochen. They quietly waited and watched the woods.

A few minutes later, four men in white coats appeared. They were carrying stretchers. Two carried one with a man lying on it.

Seeing that, Leng Xiaoyao and the others wondered whether they were going to throw the two men on the stretchers into the pit.

In that case, the fresh skeletons Leng Xiaoyao just mentioned must have something to do with them.

Leng Xiaoyao and Li Mochen were very sure of that.

However, these people had obviously stayed on this island for a long time. There were wolf monsters. How did they survive?

Were those wolf monsters their helpers?

“The two men are dead. I think it’s complicated. We shouldn’t alert them right now,” Leng Xiaoyao said in a low voice. She didn’t want them to make any sounds when those people threw the two men into the pit. Before knowing who those men were, they should rather stay quiet.

In fact, they were anxious when they thought that those people were going to throw the two men into the pit. They couldn’t just watch the two men being thrown in and do nothing! If the two men were thrown into the pit, they were doomed to death.

After hearing that they were already dead, they were relieved. However, they were still angry and sad because the two men’s bodies would be eaten.

Like Leng Xiaoyao said, it was very complicated, so they had to stay quiet for the time being. As a result, they could only watch the two men being thrown into the pit.

The next moment, thousands of snakes bit and ate the two men’s bodies. The four people left at once. From the beginning to the end, they didn’t notice that some people were watching them from not far away.

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