Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2961 - 2961 Warn the Driver

2961 Warn the Driver

Therefore, she needed to collect information about the market and make some money.

The fastest way Leng Xiaoyao could think of to make money was to gamble.

After that, Leng Xiaoyao looked up casinos in City Chang on the Internet.

After getting the information, Leng Xiaoyao didn’t want to waste time, so she directly put on a mature look, then jumped out of the window and secretly left the Leng family’s house.

The Leng family was very rich. Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng spoiled Leng Xiaoyao, so she received a lot of allowance. Now her savings were about ten thousand yuan.

She was not as skilled as Gu Ning when it came to gambling, but she was much better than most gamblers.

She relied on her magical senses to do that.

Leng Xiaoyao walked to the road, then took a taxi to a casino.

Casinos weren’t illegal, but they couldn’t operate publicly, so they were usually located in unobtrusive places.

When the taxi driver saw a beautiful girl going to a remote place alone, he had the thought of sexually assaulting her.

As he frequently turned around and looked back, Leng Xiaoyao noticed his strange behavior. Without delay, she took out her phone and pretended to be calling. “How couldn’t you defeat three stupid middling men? Why do I need you if I have to deal with it on my own every time? You’re useless!”

When Leng Xiaoyao said that, she put a lot of pressure on the taxi driver. The taxi driver was scared and quickly returned his focus to driving.

Jesus, what did this girl do? How could she be strong enough to defeat three middling men by herself? She must be good at kung fu!

If three men were no match for her, he would not be able to hurt her.

Therefore, if he really dared to sexually assault her, he might not be able to bear the consequences.

“Once it’s over, cone train for a month with me.” As soon as Leng Xiaoyao finished, she hung up, looking mad.

The taxi driver didn’t dare to look back again, and continued to drive quietly.

Since the taxi driver stopped leering at her, Leng Xiaoyao did nothing further. She didn’t want to bother, so she decided to scare the taxi driver before he took action.

Half an hour later, she arrived at her destination. After Leng Xiaoyao paid the money, the taxi driver immediately drove away, as if he would be caught in a second.

Leng Xiaoyao didn’t care about that, so she walked straight into the casino.

Although it was far from the city center, it wasn’t isolated. There were people living in the area.

The casino was in an underground room of a large building. It looked normal from the outside, but was completely different on the inside.

Leng Xiaoyao walked into the building. Because she appeared mature no one stopped her.

After she walked in, she directly went to the counter and exchanged her money for chips.

Because Leng Xiaoyao knew she was going to win, she didn’t exchange all of her money for chips. She only got chips for a thousand yuan. Each chip was worth a hundred yuan.

It was little, so the waiter gave her a glance of disdain, but Leng Xiaoyao wasn’t affected. She would prove her abilities a while later.

With the chips, Leng Xiaoyao walked inside.

The casino was very luxurious, and looked completely different from its outside which was understandable, since casinos shouldn’t attract too much attention.

Leng Xiaoyao glanced around, then walked to a Sic Bo gambling table. It was easier to play the game of big and small, and the odds were long.

Because Leng Xiaoyao was clearly aware of the rules, she didn’t watch, but directly bet after listening to the dice.

Leng Xiaoyao bet big, and it was big after the result was out. The odds were 1-1, so Leng Xiaoyao won a hundred yuan.

Leng Xiaoyao played a few times. Although she won every time, the odds were short, so she didn’t make a lot of money. Nobody paid special attention to her either.

She wanted to bet at long odds, but she couldn’t guess the numbers on the dice correctly right now, so she still played Sic Bo.

However, before long, she had a chance and bet on “Alls”.

“Alls” meant any of the triples would appear. Leng Xiaoyao was the only one who bet on “Alls”.

Because the probability of “Alls” was low, other people gave Leng Xiaoyao a glance of disdain. Some even talked about her in a low voice.

“Why did she bet on ‘Alls’? Doesn’t she know how difficult it is?”

“Right, she’s really eager to win.”

It was such double standards. They also came to gamble for money, so they were no different from Leng Xiaoyao.

“If you don’t want to win money, why did you come? For fun? I don’t think anyone will believe that.” Leng Xiaoyao argued.

They were struck dumb for a second, not knowing what to say, because they indeed came to win money. And they wanted to win as much money as possible.

At the same time, the other people also made their choices, and the banker opened the dice cup.

When three number 3 showed, everyone was surprised and turned to look at Leng Xiaoyao in shock and jealousy. Leng Xiaoyao, however, felt nothing, because it wasn’t beyond her expectation.

The odds of “Alls” were 24-1, so since Leng Xiaoyao bet three hundred yuan on it, she won seven thousand two hundred yuan.

“Jesus, she won seven thousand two hundred yuan in one go. If I had followed her, I could have won so much money too.”

“But no one believed her earlier.”

“Right, if I were her, I would have bet ten thousand yuan on it, so that I could win 240 thousand yuan!”

“But how could you be sure that you are going to win? It depends on your luck.”


Leng Xiaoyao won a lot of money this time, but nobody thought she had any skill. Everyone believed that she was simply lucky.

Afterwards, Leng Xiaoyao continued to bet on big and small, and she won almost every time, but she noticed that some people were paying special attention to her and followed her several times, so she deliberately made a mistake and lost some money.

After a few rounds, Leng Xiaoyao bet at long odds again.

Leng Xiaoyao bet on the total score, 4, and the odds were 50-1. It had a high risk of losing, but she bet a thousand yuan on it.

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