Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2737 - It’s up to Connections

Chapter 2737: It’s up to Connections

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Zhou Kequan was asked to come here, but he recognized Gu Ning. As he had just said, he heard about Gu Ning from Xiao Changchun.

Upon hearing that she knew Governor Xiao, other than Gu Ning’s people, everyone was surprised.

This young girl had a relationship with Governor Xiao?

As the boss of Shenghua Real Estate, it was very normal that she had a relationship with many important figures, vut Governor Xiao had a very high status, so it was unusual.

In addition, Zhou Kequan said that he had heard a lot about Gu Ning from Governor Xiao, which meant they were familiar.

“Nice to see you, Director Zhou.” Gu Ning wasn’t surprised when Zhou Kequan mentioned Xiao Changchun. They all belonged to high society, so it wasn’t strange that they knew each other.

Moreover, Zhou Kequan said that Xiao Changchun often talked about her, which meant they were close too.

Facing Zhou Kequan’s friendliness, Gu Ning was very polite and shook hands with him.

“Miss Gu, you’re such a young yet successful businesswoman. You’re the pride of Province D!” Zhou Kequan complimented. He really admired this nineteen year old girl. She was so young, but she was already the chairman of a large business group. Many people couldn’t achieve that throughout their lives, but Gu Ning built her business group within only two years.

Although Gu Ning was born in City F, City F belonged to Province D so the whole province was proud of her.

“I’m flattered,” said Gu Ning politely.

Hearing their conversation, the crowd was astonished. Was this girl so impressive? Why did Director Zhou say she was the pride of Province D?

Even though it was impressive that Gu Ning had become the owner of Shenghua Real Estate at such a young age, she bought it instead of building it on her own. Therefore, people didn’t think it was a great achievement. She was simply rich.

However, Director Zhou had a deep impression of her.

“I said that sincerely. Miss Gu, you’re being too modest. Oh, I just received a call and was told that you want to see me. May I know what happened?” asked Zhou Kequan.

Leng Shaoting called a senior official for help, but didn’t give many details, so Zhou Kequan wasn’t aware of the accident.

“Oh, the thing is that these people are workers who were injured at one of Shenghua Real Estate’s construction sites. I have a special medicine which can cure them, but they can’t just remove their casts, so can you help us with that?” said Gu Ning.

“No problem! But we need their agreement,” said Zhou Kequan. He was more than willing to help Gu Ning, but he couldn’t force the patients.

“Three of them agreed, but the fourth patient doesn’t believe me, so he hasn’t accepted,” said Gu Ning.

“Since he doesn’t believe it, let him be. Miss Gu, I’m aware of your abilities, and I know your medicine is extremely effective. If I could afford it, I would have asked Governor Xiao to buy some for me…” said Zhou Kequan. He knew that Gu Ning had a magical medicine. After all, she had advertised it before, so some people heard about it.

Hearing Zhou Kequan’s words, the other people were surprised and confused.

Zhou Kequan wanted to buy Gu Ning’s medicine? He was the director of this hospital. He should be very rich. How come he couldn’t afford it? Was it very expensive?

Why did Zhou Kequan say Gu Ning’s medicine was unbelievably effective?

The three injured workers who had tried it agreed with Zhou Kequan, because they had gotten much better after taking the pill. They were full of energy again! It was indeed unbelievably effective.

Therefore, they were more convinced by Gu Ning’s words and believed that they could make a full recovery within five days.

The family who turned Gu Ning down now changed their mind.

Most importantly, even if they didn’t accept Gu Ning’s treatment, Gu Ning wouldn’t pay them more. They could only receive a couple thousand yuan.

In that case, they couldn’t get much money.

If Gu Ning was only the boss of Shenghua Real Estate, they might have insisted, but they were scared after knowing about her relationship with Governor Xiao.

They didn’t dare to doubt Gu Ning’s words right now, because she had a close relationship with Governor Xiao.

Anyway, dozens of thousands of yuan was more than his salary, Shenghua Real Estate was a generous company and they were paid a lot more than workers in other companies.

If he offended Gu Ning this time, Gu Ning might fire him. He wouldn’t be able to find another job with a high salary.

Thinking of that, he and his family members started regretting arguing with Gu Ning.

“Well, the price is up to your connections. I sell it to rich people at a high price, but a low price to ordinary people. Friends and people I want to save can get it for free. Director Zhou, since you’re Uncle Xiao’s friend and you did me a favor today, I will give you a few to thank you for your help,” said Gu Ning. Then she took out a small porcelain bottle from her backpack (telepathic eye space). There were three power crystals inside and Gu Ning gave it to Zhou Kequan.

“Well, that’s too expensive.” Zhou Kequan was surprised by Gu Ning’s generosity. He wanted it, but felt he shouldn’t take it.

“Please take it. There are only a few in there. It’s not a big loss for me,” said Gu Ning as she squeezed it into Zhou Kequan’s hand.

Holding the porcelain bottle, Zhou Kequan somehow didn’t want to return it.

After hesitating for a while, Zhou Kequan accepted it. “Um, thank you so much, Miss Gu. But I can’t take it for free. If you don’t mind, can we share a meal this afternoon? If Governor Xiao is free, we can have the meal together.”

“If so, I’m afraid I can’t say no.” Gu Ning smiled. Anyway, they were going to have dinner later, and she had to visit Xiao Changchun since she was in City D now. It wasn’t bad since Zhou Kequan would also invite Xiao Changchun out to have a meal together.

If Xiao Changchun wasn’t free, she would just give him a call. She wasn’t staying in City D for long and needed to leave in a day or two.

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