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Chapter 2650 - Chased out of the Jing Family     

Chapter 2650: Chased out of the Jing Family

The eldest elder, the second elder, and other members of the Jing family didn’t think it was a bad idea for Jing Jining to be the new patriarch.

Although Jing Jining wasn’t at a very high level, he had Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoting, and Shangguan Yang’s support.

Even if the other families disagreed, they couldn’t do anything.

“Why? I’m supposed to take over the Jing family!” Jing Yunfei’s son, Jing Dianyuan, retorted at once. Although he was scared of Jing Yunyao, he didn’t want her to let someone else take over his family’s wealth.

As the son of the Jing family’s eldest son, Jing Dianyuan always believed that he would be the sole heir of the Jing family. He had no idea that Jing Yunyan was actually Jing Yaorong’s choice.

Even if he knew, he wouldn’t accept it, because his father was the eldest son and he was the eldest grandson. Therefore, he believed that he should be the heir.

“Shut up!” Jing Yunfei snapped. It was humiliating! He knew that Jing Yaorong had chosen Jing Yunyan to be the Jing family’s heir. Although he was reluctant to accept it, he couldn’t change it.

Jing Dianyuan was his son, but he was at too low a level to take over the Jing family.

“Am I wrong?” Jing Dianyuan argued.

“I told you to shut up!” Jing Yunfei became even angrier. He snapped at Jing Dianyuan, not because Jing Dianyuan was wrong, but because they were at a disadvantage right now. He didn’t want Jing Dianyuan to annoy Jing Yunyao and get injured.

“Do you want to be the new patriarch?” Jing Yunyao looked at Jing Dianyuan meaningfully.

“I…” Jing Dianyuan opened his mouth and wanted to say yes, but he couldn’t continue once he noticed the meaningful look on Jing Yunyao’s face.

Jing Yunyao didn’t deliberately put pressure on him, but Jing Dianyuan was scared of her, so he couldn’t finish his sentence.

“Why don’t you finish?” asked Jing Yunyao.

Jing Dianyuan still couldn’t say anything.

“If so, I’ll take it as an agreement. Since you agree, then that’s it. Jing Jining is the Jing family’s new patriarch. You might not accept it, but you have to listen to him. Don’t do anything that hurts the Jing family’s benefits. As for Jing Yaorong, Zhao, the youngest elder and the housekeeper, they’ll be chased out of the Jing family without carrying anything. They can only take their own belongings. Jing Yaorong’s children and grandchildren can stay, but they can’t live in the Jing family’s house any longer. They have to move to other houses, and are forbidden to step in the Jing family’s house again. They can’t get any money from the Jing family either. They must learn to live on their own. Don’t ever try to cause the Jing family trouble, or you’ll be punished seriously,” said Jing Yunyao.


Upon hearing that, Jing Dianyuan and Jing Bingjie opposed it at once. Jing Yunyao wouldn’t chase them out of the Jing family, but they had to move out and couldn’t receive any money from the Jing family. There was no difference between that and being chased out! As soon as they left, they would have nothing.

Jing Yaorong was even more reluctant to accept the result, because he felt he owned the Jing family. It was impossible for him to let someone else take over. However, he had no strength to stop it. He couldn’t even stay in the cultivation world after this.

“No? I don’t think it’s up to you.” Jing Yunyao sneered. “However, if you commit suicide right now, I’ll allow you to stay in the Jing family’s ancestral shrine.”


Hearing that, they were so mad that they almost lost control of themselves.

“Jing Yunyao, how could you be so evil!” Liu criticized when Jing Yunyao said that to her kids.

“Do you want to try it?” Jing Yunyao asked, making fun of Liu. Since Liu said she was evil, she wouldn’t mind being evil to Liu.

“You…” Liu was scared. Although she was reluctant to face it and was full of hatred, she didn’t dare to say another word. If Jing Yunyao was determined to be cruel to her, she couldn’t bear the result.

“Head Bai, do you agree with Jing Yunyao?” the youngest elder asked reluctantly. He hoped that Bai Lingtian would stop Jing Yunyao.

“If so, I think I need to know the whole story. Let’s get to know it starting from Jing Yunyao’s grudge with Jing Yaorong,” said Bai Lingtian. Although he agreed with Jing Yunyao’s decision, he couldn’t do that without knowing the details. In that case, they might think he abused his power.

Therefore, for the sake of justice, he needed to know the whole story. “Jing Yunyao, can you tell us about your grudge against Jing Yaorong in detail?”

“Of course.” Jing Yunyao nodded. It was unnecessary to hide it anyway. “About twenty-seven years ago, I broke the rule of the cultivation world and raised a family with a mortal. My secret was exposed seventeen years ago. Because it was exposed, I was ready to receive punishment from Tiandaozong. I was prepared to be deprived of all my abilities and become an ordinary person. However, after I returned to the cultivation world, Jing Yaorong decided to kill me. I was seriously injured back then and was dying. My husband, unfortunately, was killed. I know it’s my fault, but there is no rule saying that I should be killed. I could just be deprived of my abilities and chased out of the cultivation world. However, Jing Yaorong disobeyed the rules. He tried to kill me and even killed a mortal. I survived, but spent many years recovering. I also lost my memories. During the past couple of years, I didn’t know that I had a son. How painful it was for a child to lose its parents at ten years old? I was determined to take revenge for my husband. My son was also determined to take revenge for his father. However, I don’t want to kill my own father, so it’s already very kind of me that I didn’t kill Jing Yaorong.”

“What? Jing Yaorong also killed a mortal that year?” Hearing that, Bai Lingtian was surprised. He guessed that Jing Yunyao’s disappearance had something to do with Jing Yaorong, but didn’t expect to find out that Jing Yaorong had also killed Jing Yunyao’s husband.

In that case, Jing Yaorong seriously broke the rules of the cultivation world, and he should be punished.

However, he had already lost all of his abilities, which was enough punishment. Tiandaozong wouldn’t punish him again, otherwise he would die.

Anyway, since Jing Yaorong was no longer a cultivator, he couldn’t stay in the cultivation world.

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