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Chapter 2646 - Watch Her Killed?  

Chapter 2646: Watch Her Killed?

Some of them also guessed that Senior Mrs. Jing might have cheated on Jing Yaorong.

“Father, what…” Jing Yunfei was scared by the expression on Jing Yaorong’s face, so he subconsciously protected Senior Mrs. Jing behind him.

Without a word, Jing Yaorong directly used violence.

At first, he knocked Jing Yunfei away from Senior Mrs. Jing. Due to the gap between their levels, Jing Yunfei couldn’t fight back and was immediately knocked away.

Jing Yaorong didn’t use much force, so Jing Yunfei was only lightly injured, but when Jing Yaorong attacked Senior Mrs. Jing, he used all of his strength.

Witnessing that, everyone was shocked.

“No!” Jing Yunfei shouted, wanting to protect his mother. Unfortunately, it was too late. Jing Yaorong hit Senior Mrs. Jing with a strong magical energy. Senior Mrs. Jing was instantly knocked a few meters away.

Because Jing Yaorong was extremely violent, Senior Mrs. Jing was seriously injured and was almost killed.

She hoped that Jing Yaorong would allow her to live, but she was wrong. He was too selfish to care about her. He would never cherish what she had done for him. He only cared about his own benefits.

“Mother!” Jing Yunfei ran to Senior Mrs. Jing at once. When he got to his mother, he saw that she was dying. He couldn’t accept it, then angrily questioned his father. “Father, I don’t know what mother has done wrong and why you’re so angry that you want to kill her. But you can’t injure her like this no matter what she has done.”

Perhaps Senior Mrs. Jing did something bad to Jing Yaorong, but she had done nothing wrong to Jing Yunfei, so Jing Yunfei didn’t hate her. He didn’t want his mother to be injured, especially so badly.

In addition, Senior Mrs. Jing was his biological mother so he wouldn’t stand there and watch her be hurt. He even began to hate his father.

“She deserves it!” Jing Yaorong roared. His anger didn’t go away even though Senior Mrs. Jing was already seriously injured. Instead, because Jing Yunfei stood out and questioned him, he became even angrier. “Your mother is a bi*ch! She and another man…”

Jing Yaorong didn’t finish, because it was too humiliating.

There was no need for him to finish, because everyone could understand him. Although many people had already guessed that, they were still shocked after it was verified.

Senior Mrs. Jing indeed cheated on the patriarch!

It was so shocking that they could hardly believe it.

Hearing that, Jing Yunfei was struck dumb. It was beyond his imagination that his mother would do something like that. He immediately changed his mind and started to disdain her, but he still couldn’t watch her die.

“Well, even though my mother has betrayed you and it’s understandable that you hate her, you can’t injure her so seriously. You can divorce her! After all, that’s our mother. I think my younger brother and sister don’t want to lose our mother either. If she dies, how should we face you?” said Jing Yunfei. He understood Jing Yaorong’s anger, and knew that he might also lose control of himself if he was betrayed.

Therefore, he fell into a dilemma. He had to make a choice between his father and his mother, but he didn’t want either of them to be hurt.

If his mother was killed by his father, he might not try to kill his father for her. After all, it was his mother who betrayed his father first. However, it would become hard for him to face his father in the future. He might not accept Jing Yaorong as his father any longer.

It was not only Jing Yunfei; other people there also thought it was too much for Jing Yaorong to want to kill Senior Mrs. Jing just because she had cheated on him. However, it was none of their business, so they did not get involved.

“Shut up!” Jing Yaorong snapped at him. “How could you say that to me for this bi*ch!”

Jing Yaorong was too self-centered to accept other people’s blame. He believed that he was always right.

“She’s my mother, who gave birth to me and raised me,” said Jing Yunfei. Afterwards, he said nothing further. He supported Senior Mrs. Jing up and helped her sit cross-legged. Then he sat behind her to treat her.

No one helped him. The eldest elder and the second elder had said that they were unwilling to get involved, so they did nothing.

The youngest elder was loyal to Jing Yaorong, but he didn’t care much about his wife and children, so he wouldn’t interfere either. The other cultivators in the room were at low levels and didn’t have the ability to stop Jing Yaorong. Even if they were able to stop him, they didn’t dare to.

Gu Ning and the others also had no sympathy for her, so they wouldn’t do anything. They just watched from the side.

If Gu Ning had helped Senior Mrs. Jing, Senior Mrs. Jing might survive.

Jing Yaorong didn’t stop Jing Yunfei, because he knew it was useless no matter how much magical power Jing Yunfei tried to put into Senior Mrs. Jing’s body.

What Jing Yunfei was doing was meaningless.

Senior Mrs. Jing said with difficulty, “Alright, stop now. Don’t waste your energy. I-It’s useless.”

Senior Mrs. Jing understood that she would die without magical pills or a master’s help.

In fact, she suddenly had no desire to live further. She felt it might not be a bad thing to die.

“No, mother, you must live…” Jing Yunfei choked. He was also mad at his mother for what she had done behind his father’s back, but she was his biological mother after all. He couldn’t watch her die.

All of a sudden, Jing Yunfei thought of Shangguan Yang. He stood up and went to Shangguan Yang. He was about to kneel down, but Shangguan Yang stopped him with a foot.

Shangguan Yang understood that Jing Yunfei wanted to beg him to save Senior Mrs. Jing, but he wouldn’t. Because there was a long-standing grudge between Senior Mrs. Jing and Jing Yunyao, he couldn’t interfere unless Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting asked him to.

“I know what you want to do, but I can’t interfere, so you should stop,” said Shangguan Yang.

“Senior Shangguan, are you sure you won’t do anything?” Jing Yunfei felt helpless. Although he knew it was useless, he still wanted to try. After all, his mother was dying.

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