Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich

Chapter 439  

Chapter 439: Chapter 439

“I didn’t want to appear either. I also thought that your husband’s mistake was only an internal matter of your sun family. “However, Auntie, I’m very sorry. Your husband, Xing Xiao, isn’t working for our people this time. Instead, he’s working for the Japanese. Auntie, do you think that your husband is colluding with the enemy and betraying the country? Do you think that the matter that your husband has committed is an internal matter of the Sun family?” Chen Meng’er smiled, it made people feel like she was a little angel. However, what Chen Meng’er said was so cruel that Sun Ying felt dizzy and almost lost her balance.

“You, you are spouting nonsense. Why would my husband betray the country with the enemy? Let me tell you, don’t think I won’t dare sue you. If you anger me, I will go to the court and sue you for slander. When that time comes, even if your grandfather is protecting you, you’ll have to pay a corresponding price for what you said today,” Sun Ying said to Chen Meng’er with a ferocious expression.

If it were any other normal child, they would probably be scared pale by Sun Ying’s words. They might even be scared to tears. But who was Chen Meng’er? With her level, how could Sun Ying be her opponent?

“Oh? You want to sue me for slander? Yeah, you do that. I’d love that. And when the court asks you what I said about your husband, what will you say. That I said your husband was a traitor? Then the court goes to investigate. I’d like to see who will end up in prison.” In terms of an imposing manner, she did not lose to Sun Ying, who was much taller than her. Sun Ying was defeated by Chen Meng’er’s words.

“Elder Liu.” Elder Sun saw that his daughter did not even have the ability to fight back after being spoken to by a little girl. He did not know what to say. However, when he saw his daughter’s helpless look, his heart ached. He could only help to change the topic helplessly. Moreover, he was also anxious in his heart. He wanted to know what exactly was going on. “Elder Liu, why would xing Xiao be involved in colluding with the enemy and betraying his country?”

“Elder Sun, I can’t tell you about this in detail right now. However, I’m afraid that your son-in-law won’t be able to escape this calamity. I’ll bring him away and take care of him later. Elder Sun, listen to me and advise your daughter. After all, a man can still be found if he’s gone. However, if the Sun family falls because of a man, you’ll know the consequences even if I don’t tell you. Moreover, I don’t think I’ll tell you about your son-in-law Xing Xiao’s character. You should know it in your heart.” Elder Liu kindly advised his old friend, he still couldn’t bear to see his old friend lose his composure just like that.

“Sigh.” Elder Sun, who was lying on the bed, looked at his old friend and couldn’t help but sigh. He never thought that he would choose such a son-in-law for his daughter back then. “Elder Liu, do what you want to do.”

“Then, Uncle Fatty, get someone to bring Xing Xiao back and keep an eye on him.” Chen Meng’er waved her small hand in a very imposing manner. Fatty brought his people into the ward and took Xing Xiao who was sitting in the corner. He had been watching coldly as his wife pleaded for mercy for him. Xing Xiao had been pretending to be pitiful and silent previously. When Fatty brought the members of the Green Gang to arrest him, he could no longer sit still.

Xing Xiao knew that if he was taken away by the members of the Green Gang, then he would really be finished this time. “You can’t arrest me. What right do you have to arrest me? This is against the law,” Xing Xiao struggled and shouted.

“Against the law? Humph,” Chen Meng’er crossed her arms over her chest and said to Xing Xiao with a sneer.

“Dad, even if Xing Xiao really committed a crime, it will be handled by the police. What right do the Green Gang have to arrest people at will?” Sun Ying was anxious when she saw her husband was about to be taken away. She opened her mouth and said to her father.

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