Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich

Chapter 373 - Women (2)  

Chapter 373: Women (2)

When everyone saw Chen Meng’er’s face clearly, they could not help but say in their hearts, “No wonder the young master cares so much about her. She’s an angel.”

Chen Meng’er did not know what everyone was thinking. Her mind was completely focused on the fragrant food on the dining table.

When Yuwen Jing heard the commotion, he turned his head and saw Chen Meng’er’s adorable appearance. “Meng’er, the food is ready. Come and taste it. If you don’t like it, I’ll get them to prepare something else for you.”

“Okay.” Chen Meng’er did not stand on ceremony. She directly walked over and sat down on the chair that Yuwen Jing helped her pull out.

Chen Meng’er’s series of actions were not pretentious at all. On the contrary, it was very heroic. However, this heroic manner did not have the appearance of a socialite from the upper class. Instead, it unexpectedly made everyone feel that it was very kind and pleasing to the eye.

Chen Meng’er was really famished. She picked up the spoon and drank some thick soup first. When a person was hungry, the food would appear especially delicious. This was the case for Chen Meng’er now.

When Yuwen Jing asked her how the food tasted, Chen Meng’er nodded her head without hesitation and praised him. This made Mr. Butler, who had been told that he must make the food that Chen Meng’er was satisfied with, heave a sigh of relief.

After Chen Meng’er drank the thick soup, her empty stomach finally had food. Only then did she have the strength to pay attention to her surroundings. Only then did Chen Meng’er realize that no matter what the people in the room were busy with, their gazes would fall on her from time to time. Chen Meng’er did not care about being watched by others, but her gaze towards everyone’s inquisitive gaze… made her heart feel strange.

She moved closer to Yuwen Jing and whispered in Chinese, “Yuwen, why are all the servants in your house looking at me with that kind of gaze? Could it be that I’m wearing something wrong today?”

After Yuwen Jing heard Chen Meng’er’s words, he looked around with a warning look. After receiving the warning look from their young master, everyone in the hall retracted their eyes and hurried to do their own things.

“They probably don’t see many Asians,” Yuwen Jing casually gave a reason.

Fortunately, Chen Meng’er only asked this question and didn’t pursue the matter. Therefore, Chen Meng’er accepted Yuwen Jing’s answer and continued to fight with her delicacies.

After eating, Chen Meng’er filled her stomach and had the strength to think of other things. Of course, this other thing did not include Peter, who had two silver needles in his body. What Chen Meng’er was concerned about was the movements of her grandfather, Elder Liu. “Yuwen, do you know where my grandfather is now?” Chen Meng’er wiped her mouth elegantly and asked Yuwen Jing carefully.

Yuwen Jing looked at Chen Meng’er’s rabbit-like appearance. He couldn’t help but reach out to pinch Chen Meng’er. Before Chen Meng’er expressed her protest, he put down his hand. Yuwen Jing was very perceptive. He knew that if he really angered Chen Meng’er, his future benefits would be gone. “Grandpa Liu is probably on a flight to England right now. According to my grandfather, Grandpa Liu and uncle Zhuge were furious when they heard that you were kidnapped. They came with the determination to destroy Kronbo.”

“Oh, it’s a good thing that my grandfather and the others want to destroy Kronbo. I fully support it. It just so happens that the Green Gang’s power needs to be developed. But…” Chen Meng’er thought of her grandfather, Uncle Zhuge and the others’ anger, she could not help but shrink back.

“Don’t worry, Meng’er, I’m here. If Grandpa Liu wants to spank you, I’ll stand out and help you block it.” Yuwen Jing smiled and comforted Chen Meng’er.

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