Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 1051: I Am Looking For My Prince [Part 2]

Chapter 1051: I Am Looking For My Prince [Part 2]

"I am looking for my Prince.

"In fact, I am looking at him right now."

Princess Aila who was seated beside Shannon, glanced at the young lady beside her in surprise. Although the angelic Princess had interacted with the fox girl while they were together, Shannon had never said anything about the fact that she liked William too.

It was at this moment when she felt an ache in her chest. Her purpose for coming to the Demon Continent was to look for William and convey to him the dreams that she was having. Although those memories had happened in her past life, those memories were very precious to her.

If possible, she wanted to apologize to him for being weak back then, and unable to stand up for the feelings she had for him. She also wanted to use this lifetime to compensate for the time they had lost in the past, but Shannon's words made her heart feel like someone was squeezing it.

While Princess Aila was enduring in silence, William looked at Shannon as if he had heard something incredulous.

Shannon was like a walking death incarnate. Now that his quest in lifting the curse on Est's, Ashe's, and Isaac's bodies was finished, he no longer had any reason to form a close connection with her.

Form a connection with someone that could potentially kill you with a stare?

Sorry, no thank you.

"I hope you find your Prince," William replied with a smile and pretended that he didn't hear the second part of Shannon's statement. He then looked at Princess Aila whose face was flushed, and who seemed to be having a hard time breathing.

"Aila, are you alright?" William asked with a trace of concern in his voice. "Are you perhaps not feeling well? You don't look so good right now."

Princess Aila lowered her head because she didn't want William to see her expression right now.

"I-I'm fine. I just didn't get enough sleep last night," Princess Aila answered.

"I see. Do take good care of yourself. Owen may not be my Master, but he has taught me many things. I can also be considered your senior brother, you know?"

"I'm older than you by a year, shouldn't you call me senior sister?"

"Age has no connection with Seniority. I was taught by old Owen first, so I'm like his pseudo-disciple. Feel free to call me Senior Brother from now on."

Princess Aila slowly raised her head as she looked at William with a face that was as red as a tomato.

"S-Senior Bwadah," Princess Aila stuttered which made her misspeak the words she wanted to say.

William chuckled after seeing the flustered Princess try to recover her bearings. Although he hadn't interacted with the angelic Princess much, he already considered her to be one of his people from Lont.

Shannon, who had been ignored by William, glanced at the two with a curious gaze. She knew that the Princess wanted to go to the Demon Continent to meet the Half-Elf, and she used this as an opportunity to ask for their help to escape, and accompany them on their journey.

The Fox Lady already knew that Princess Aila still didn't understand her feelings for William. This was why she decided to test her reaction, and see how she would respond to her confession to the person she liked.

Seeing her expression, Shannon understood that she might have inadvertently hurt Princess Aila's feelings. This was something that she didn't expect to happen because she knew that William could have up to nine wives (not including Belle).

Because of this, she wanted to give Princess Aila a push, and also give herself a push to get a piece of the Half-Elf's heart, which was slowly, but surely, being filled up by the women around him.

Unfortunately, Shannon didn't know about Est's, or Cathy's existence. Because of this, she had miscalculated the number of wives and fiances that William currently had.

"Sir William, please don't ignore me," Shannon stated. "I like you very much, and Princess Aila feels the same way. We want to become your wives as well, is this possible?"

William and Princess Aila who had resumed drinking their tea in order to regain their composure choked at the same time after hearing Shannon's straightforward request.

Chloee, who was sitting on William's shoulder, frowned after hearing Shannon's words. For the past few days, she had been thinking about how to handle the complicated feelings inside her heart. After having a talk with Elliot, Chloee felt that her wish was an impossible one.

She was born a Familiar, not a Human. William's circumstances and her circumstances were like heaven and earth, so she had resolved herself to give up and lock these feelings inside her heart, but after seeing Shannon's casual way of declaring her love, and asking William to make her and Princess Aila his wives, something snapped inside the violent Familiar, which resulted in the chocolate bar in her hands to snap in half.

"Will, are you going to make these two your wives?" Chloee asked in a teasing manner.

William, who had just recovered from a coughing fit, patted his chest before drinking a mouthful of tea.

"Shannon, please stop with the jokes," William stated after regaining his composure. "It's not funny."

"Who says I'm joking?" Shannon replied. "I am being serious here."

Shannon had lived a life of seclusion all her life. Because of this, a feeling of rebelliousness had sprouted in her heart long ago. Now that she was free from the prison that she had called home, she wanted to face life boldly, without caring whether she succeeded or not.

She had already lost her childhood.

She would be damned if she allowed herself to continue living a life while suppressing the things she really wanted to do in her heart. Shannon had no experience when it came to love. All her life, she had lived inside her shrine. Her understanding of love was only to the extent of the love that she had seen through the eyes of other people.

In a way, Shannon fell in love of William's love for his wives and lovers. The way he was willing to do anything for them, fight anyone for them, and make love with them until her entire face had turned red like a tomato.

Shannon wanted to be like them. She wanted to be cared for, she wanted to be embraced, she wanted to be loved.

Although her approach when it came to love was straightforward, the beautiful lady hiding behind her fox mask was very serious about it. Hearing William call her effort a joke made her heart ache.

William was unable to see Shannon's expression because she was wearing a mask. If he only knew that the young lady was already teary-eyed at the moment then he would have chosen his words more carefully.

The Half-Elf glanced at Shannon then at Princess Aila whose face had turned a deeper shade of red. It was at this moment when he realized that she was indeed serious about it, which gave him a headache.

"Hey Disciple, are you ignoring me?" Chloee started to poke William using the chocolate bar in her hand. "Are you going to marry these two girls? How about you marry me instead?"

William ignored Chloee's words because he thought that she was just teasing him as always. Right now, he was thinking of a way to deal with the two ladies in front of him, and make sure that Shannon wouldn't start a genocide after getting rejected by him.

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