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1449 Bathe The World With Your Divine Will! Enuma Elish! [Part 1]

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m The sound of weapons clashing against each other could be heard through the entire battlefield as the two sides fought without holding back.

The Alliance received a massive boost with the appearance of James and his Asgardian Army, rekindling everyone’s fighting spirit.

“For Asgard!”

William’s silver spear and Surtr’s flaming blade clashed against each other.

The outcome was the Half-Elf being blown hundreds of meters away due to the disparity in strength, but William didn’t lose heart.

“Celeste, let’s do it,” William said.

“Understood,” Celeste replied as her silhouette appeared behind William.

The Virtuous Lady of Chastity had been able to keep the power of her Divinity, despite the fact that she had lost her purity to William on their first night as a married couple.

Her Patron Goddess, Lady Artemis had told her that the previous Maidens of Chastity also had lovers in the past, and were even able to give birth to children in secret, away from the eyes of the public.

Because of this, she received the Goddess’ blessing and permission to marry William, allowing the Half-Elf to receive a piece of her Divinity.

As to what that power was, William didn’t know. All he knew was that something had changed inside him the night he made love with Celeste.

The beautiful Elf clasped her hands together, making the silver radiance surrounding the Half-Elf intensify.

William clashed with Surtr a second time and, this time, he wasn’t blown away completely, but only pushed back dozens of meters.

The seven tablets of creation hovered around him and shot magical projectiles at the Fire Giant.

Stormcaller and Soleil weren’t being idle either as they shot lightning bolts, and fireballs at their Master’s opponent.

Surtr didn’t even bother to dodge the attacks, and simply took them head on as he once again slashed his sword towards William, making the temperature in the surroundings rise rapidly due to the heat of the Flames of Destruction.

William didn’t bother to clash with the blade and simply evaded it, turning into a lightning bolt as he closed the gap between them.

With one powerful thrust, the Half-Elf turned into a white comet, which flew towards the Fire Giant’s chest. However, before he could even reach his target, Surtr’s left palm swatted him away, making him crash towards the ground, skidding for hundreds of meters before coming to a complete stop.

‘I thought I had him for sure,’ the Half-Elf thought as he wiped the blood that flowed from the corner of his lips with the back of his left hand.

“For someone so big, his movements are quite fast,” Celeste stated as he looked at the God of Destruction with a grim expression on her face. “He could even react even though you were as fast as a lightning bolt.”

“Yes, he is a cheat,” William replied. “However, the biggest cheat of all is that as soon as he started to use his flaming sword in battle, his strength doubled. Out of the Gods of Destruction here, he is the most formidable of all.”

The corner of Surtr’s lips rose as he made a gesture with his hand, taunting the Half-Elf to come closer to him.

As someone who had fought against Gods and won, Surtr’s confidence was justified.

William understood this as well, so he didn’t respond to his taunt and simply observed his opponent, and the battle that was happening around him with a critical eye.

Originally, he thought that the Giants that were protecting Surtr would attack him when he clashed with their leader.

On the contrary, the moment he clashed with the Fire Giant, all the other giants distanced themselves because they didn’t want to get involved in a battle, where they could potentially die due to Surtr’s powerful blows that would annihilate friend and foe alike.

William took a deep breath as the seven tablets of creation returned to his side.please visit panda(-)

After repeated magical bombardments, the Half-Elf understood that Surtr’s armor could withstand most attacks. The only one that could pierce through his defenses were attacks that were empowered by Divinity.

“”When the heavens above did not exist,

And earth beneath had not come into being—

There was Apsu, the first in order, their begetter,

And demiurge Tiamat, who gave birth to them all.”

The Half-Elf chanted as the tablets surrounding him glowed brightly. With his strength alone, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the Fire Giant, so he decided to call upon the Divine Wills within the Tablets of Creation to aid him in battle.

“Mother of Creation, ruler of every creature in the world, I call upon your mercy,” William said softly. “Come to my aid, so my enemies will get a taste of your overwhelming might. Support me with your Heavenly Blessing, and grant me your sacred favor.”

The tablets flew towards the sky to create a seven-pointed star that encompassed the red mists, turning the entire battlefield crimson colors.

“Let the world tremble at your greatness!” William roared. “Bathe the world with your Divine Will!”

“Enuma Elish!”

A draconic roar thundered from the seven pointed star at the sky as William called forth one of the most ancient Goddesses in creation, who no longer existed in the current world.

A seven-headed dragon made her appearance, making everyone look at the spectacle in the sky.

Without a second thought, the seven-headed dragon unleashed seven Dragon Breaths, with different colors, which all headed towards the Flame Giant who had taken a defensive stance.

The flames hit the Fire Giant’s body directly, pushing him thousands of meters away before an earth-shaking explosion ensued.

The blast was so bright, that everyone was forced to momentarily cover their eyes due to how blinding it was.

Half a minute later, the Half-Elf stared at the burning mushroom cloud in the distance, as he gripped the silver spear in his hand.

Tiamat, who was hovering above the heavens, gave another thunderous roar before flying in the direction of the giant blaze.

Seeing the turn of events, the Half-Elf turned into a lightning bolt and flew alongside the seven-headed dragon.

William knew that Tiamat’s attack wouldn’t be enough to kill the Fire Giant.

At the very least, he hoped that the attack injured him, allowing him to gain a bit of advantage in their battle.

As they neared the place where the raging inferno raged, a mocking laughter reached the Half-Elf’s ears.

“Tiamat… it has been thousands of years since I last saw you,” Surtr’s voice was firm and steady, making the Half-Elf’s expression turn solemn. “Back then, I didn’t have the opportunity to kill you personally, so this is good as well.”

From within the flames, Surtr emerged, his entire body blazing, making him look like a human torch, who was holding a flaming sword in his hand.

“Even if you’re just a piece of Divinity, let me add your name to the list of Gods that have fallen into my hands!” Surtr roared as he ran towards the seven-headed dragon who didn’t back down and charged at him as well.

William continued his charge alongside Tiamat as he activated his Godslaying power to the fullest. All he needed was one opportunity, and as long as an opening appeared, he would unleash an all out attack, containing all the Divinity he could muster.

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