Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 857 857: Close Victory!

Back to a few moments ago…

Just when the burly purple merman finally managed to get close to Tang Li Xue, Tang Li Xue’s charming topaz blue eyes were shining with mysterious light.

[Eyes of Illusion]~!

Tang Li Xue hastily got away from the burly purple merman’s way to the left side with [Wind Burst Step]!

But the burly purple merman did not seem to see Tang Li Xue who had run to the left side.

In the burly purple merman’s sight, Tang Li Xue was actually still right in front of it, so it sprinted forward fearlessly toward her and thrust the golden trident in its grasp toward Tang Li Xue!

However, Tang Li Xue, who was right in front of it, suddenly broke apart and disappeared like a smoke, when its golden trident pierced her.

Then Tang Li Xue in front of it was replaced with the crimson carapace merman instead!

The burly purple merman: “???!!!”

Yes, both Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy were secretly using their [Eyes of Illusion] in unison on their opponents just now.

The perfect copy also used [Eyes of Illusion] to make the crimson carapace merman fail to notice the approaching Tang Li Xue and the burly purple merman.

By the time the burly purple merman and the crimson carapace merman realized, it was already far too late!


The burly purple merman’s golden trident actually managed to pierce the crimson carapace merman’s impenetrable silver armor and stabbed into its back!

“Damn it~! That stab is not deep enough!” Tang Li Xue immediately concluded with a solemn expression.

The burly purple merman should have woken up from the effect of her [Eyes of Illusion] in time, so it stopped its golden trident right after it stabbed into the crimson carapace merman’s back!

At that critical moment, Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy glanced at each other with a serious expression.

There was no need for them to give any signs or say anything to each other since their mind was connected with each other.

Tang Li Xue: “Stop moving~!”

Perfect Copy: “Stop moving~!”

Both Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy simultaneously used [Mystic Whisper] to stop the movement of the burly purple merman and the crimson carapace merman!

The movement of the burly purple merman and the crimson carapace merman was halted in that instant!

Then Tang Li Xue took this chance to quickly rush toward the burly purple merman, while her perfect copy was sprinting toward the crimson carapace merman!

[Moon Shattering Strike] x2~!

The perfect copy in her fox form used her head to crash the crimson carapace merman’s chest with all of her strength!


The perfect copy bounced back violently more than ten meters after she crashed heavily against the crimson carapace merman in its silver armor.

She felt extremely dizzy and painful as if her skull was hit by a heavy metal hammer, and she could not recover for a while.

At the same time, the real Tang Li Xue in her human form and [Divine Possession Mode] with Yaya jumped and kicked the golden trident’s butt end from behind with all of her strength too!


The crimson carapace merman’s body tilted backward because of Perfect Copy’s headbutt attack while the burly purple merman’s golden trident moved forward under Tang Li Xue’s kick!


The golden trident finally stabbed deeper until it pierced through the crimson carapace merman’s silver armor and body!


The crimson carapace merman roared out loud full of unwillingness, but its body still dissipated into nothingness.

The crimson carapace merman’s silver armor turned back into metal liquid before it finally solidified back to the football-sized silver pearl.

The perfect copy sighed in relief while shaking her furry head to clear her dizziness, but the real Tang Li Xue moved quickly to pick up the football-sized silver pearl and threw it into her space pouch.

It would be really bad for them if the burly purple merman became the one who picked up the silver pearl instead and it equipped the silver armor on itself.

Impenetrable armor and unstoppable golden trident equipped by a single merman would definitely be a nightmare for them!

Tang Li Xue did not even dare to imagine how powerful and troublesome it would become if that really happened, so she snatched the silver pearl as quickly as possible using her current unmatched speed before the burly purple merman could react.

In fact, Tang Li Xue’s hunch was truly right.

The burly purple merman really planned to pick the silver pearl and wear the silver armor on itself, but unfortunately, Tang Li Xue moved one step faster than it.

The burly purple merman was enraged when it saw Tang Li Xue manage to pick up the silver pearl first.


The burly purple merman roared in great anger as it brandished its golden trident at Tang Li Xue!

But Tang Li Xue had been anticipating that, so she hastily activated her [Wind Burst Step] to get away further from the burly purple merman, so she could get out of the golden trident’s attacking range.


The golden trident almost pierced the hard floor, but it suddenly changed its direction, followed Tang Li Xue’s movement, and stabbed at her!

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue had already gotten out of its attacking range, so the tip of the golden trident could only stop right in front of Tang LiXue’s face and blow her long silky silver hairs until they fluttered violently.

Right at this time, Little Loki in its Battle Form and its nine [Phantom Splitter] clones along with Lucia rushed toward the burly purple merman to help Tang Li Xue!

“Lucia, its golden spear is very dangerous, so don’t get close to it~! Just attack it from afar using your long-range attack skills instead!” Tang Li Xue quickly warned Lucia.

The previous crimson carapace merman in silver armor might be also very powerful in melee combat, but its lethality level was pretty low compared to the burly purple merman with its golden trident.


The burly purple merman swung its golden trident heavily, and several of Little Loki’s [Phantom Splitter] clones that suddenly appeared around it using [Instant Teleportation] were blown away violently and broken to pieces!

But it only took those broken [Phantom Splitter] clones a while to completely recover and return back to normal.

When the burly purple merman realized it, it was already completely surrounded by Tang Li Xue, her perfect copy, Little Loki in its Battle Form plus its nine [Phantom Splitter] clones, and Lucia.

“All right, let’s finish this quickly! We still have to explore the pill and elixir room after this!” Tang Li Xue relaxedly said to all of them while swinging her pitch-black [Sword of Disaster] around.

Then both Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy unleashed their [Water Mirage], and their figures split into many water clones!

Tang Li Xue also used Yaya’s [Multiple Wind Clones] to create dozens of wind clones!

The army of Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy charged toward the burly purple merman from all directions at once!

Little Loki in its Battle Form plus its nine [Phantom Splitter] clones also followed closely right behind them!

Meanwhile, Lucia launched her [Blade Feather Projectiles] to attack the burly purple merman from afar!

The burly purple merman was spinning the golden trident in its grasp while rotating its body!


The spinning golden trident managed to block Lucia’s [Blade Feather Projectiles], and even all of the approaching clones were destroyed mercilessly by it like a giant meat grinder!

[Water Mirage] clones were broken into water puddles while [Multiple Wind Clones] were scattered back to wind after the burly purple merman’s pinning golden trident destroyed them.

Then Lucia suddenly unleashed the skill she had never used until now!

[Blinding Light]~!

Her entire body was shining with a dazzling golden light that illuminated the entire dark armory!

The burly purple merman’s eyes were temporarily blinded by Lucia’s [Blinding Light]!

“Good job, Lucia~!” Tang Li Xue happily praised Lucia.

But who knew that the burly purple merman could actually still accurately destroy all of the approaching clones by relying on auto-target locking of its golden trident?!

[Vacuum Slash]~!


The burly purple merman still managed to block Tang Li Xue’s [Vacuum Slash] by spinning its golden trident!


The rumbling sound of thunder echoed inside the armory as Tang Li Xue’s perfect copy condensed a majestic figure with the deep purple lightning!

[World-Destroying Lightning Dragon]~!

Purple lightning and thunder intertwined with each other, and it solidified to form a dark purple lightning dragon!

The majestic deep purple lightning dragon flashed toward the burly purple merman!

When the burly purple merman wanted to turn around and block the [World-Destroying Lightning Dragon] with its golden trident, Tang Li Xue used her [Mystic Whisper] once again to stop its movement!

Tang Li Xue: “Stop moving~!”

The burly purple merman suddenly halted its movement, and the [World-Destroying Lightning Dragon] crashed onto its back!

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The burly purple merman was thrown off forward violently until it crashed so hard into the armory’s wall!

Its back was charred by the [World-Destroying Lightning Dragon] until it was completely black, and there was still purple lightning sparked around its body from time to time.

Tang Li Xue rushed toward the burly purple merman swiftly with her unmatched speed.

The burly purple merman saw that and planned to attack the approaching Tang Li Xue using its golden trident, but its body was still paralyzed and numb by the previous [World-

Destroying Lightning Dragon]’s attack!

“It is already over, big guy! Your time is up. You can go back to your eternal sleep now. From dust to dust, from ashes to ashes…” Tang Li Xue said to the burly purple merman as she swung her pitch-black [Sword of Disaster] to behead the paralyzed burly purple merman.


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