Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Victory in the Second Battle

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“How can this be…” A cultivator sitting on the main seat stood up. He looked at Lin Xuan’s platform, his eyes filled with disbelief.

This person was from the Shangheng family. Although his age was not obvious, he was already hundreds of years old. In this world, few cultivators could defeat this person.

At this moment, his expression changed drastically as if he had seen something completely impossible.

In the past hundred years, he had never been as shocked as he was now. It could be seen how much stimulation Lin Xuan gave him today!

Under everyone’s surprised gazes, Lin Xuan’s spiritual qi ball blasted towards the cultivator opposite him.


That person completely did not expect that after Lin Xuan’s spiritual qi consumption, he actually still had such surging spiritual qi. This simply did not match the cultivation standards of a cultivator.

He had always known his strengths and weaknesses. He definitely could not deal with such surging power!

However, before he could think of a solution, the surging spiritual qi was already in front of him. He did not have the time to react at all.

The golden bell on the platform rang, and Lin Xuan won again.

The white-robed cultivator hurriedly went up to the platform and fed the cultivator a spiritual medicine before carrying him down!

The surrounding heated discussions suddenly rose as they discussed Lin Xuan. The person himself did not care about this at all and still stood calmly on the testing platform, waiting for the next cultivator to go up and fight him.

At this moment, the dense dark clouds in the sky slowly dispersed and returned to their calm appearance.

It was as if the storm just now did not exist!

The next person quickly came up. That person stepped on a spiritual sword and jumped down from the sky, as if he had rushed over from another place.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I was almost late!”

After saying that, he stretched out his hand and waved it. A golden sword instantly appeared in his hand. The sword was narrow and thin, giving the illusion that it could be broken with his bare hands.

Spiritual qi flowed on the sword, and killing intent instantly assaulted Lin Xuan.

When Lin Xuan saw this, he felt that it was a little interesting.

“It looks like a good sword.”

The long-robed cultivator opposite him nodded. “It’s a good sword when used.”

Lin Xuan smiled and stretched out his hand. A very simple longsword appeared in his hand. This sword was called Nameless, but the power of the sword was not unknown.

He held the longsword in his hand and casually waved it. The aura on his entire body changed as he said to that person, “Come!”

The two figures moved at the same time. They were like two lights that rushed towards each other. The aura between the lights and shadows instantly became very cold.

The two swords collided with a crisp sound. Neither side gave in. Spiritual qi resisted each other, and even sparks appeared on the sword.

“This Frost Spirit Sword was passed down from ancient times. It’s said to be a treasure left behind by a divine being. This is the Yue family’s trump card. Why did you let this kid take it out?”

“This sword is more important to the Yue family than their lives. How can they bear to let a junior take it out? Usually, they don’t even take out their swords!”

An old man beside him hugged his sleeves and said calmly, “What else can it be? It’s all because of the sense of danger. Look at this person!”

That person pointed at Lin Xuan on the testing platform and said, “Being stepped on by a brat from a remote small continent, how embarrassed do you think these families will be?”

“Such embarrassment has never been seen in a thousand years!”

When the first cultivator who spoke just now heard this, he nodded in agreement, “That’s true. Isn’t the Golden Banquet always organized by those few families? Who else can cross these families?”

In just a few words, a weak point had already been determined on the platform.

The Frost Spirit Sword was known as an ancient divine artifact, but compared to Nameless, it was immediately superior.

The Frost Spirit Sword was no match for Nameless. After a few exchanges, it was defeated.

The originally calm expression of the Yue family’s kid had already become very heavy. He looked at Lin Xuan, and his hand trembled slightly. The Frost Spirit Sword slowly lowered in his hand.

His eyes looked at Lin Xuan with an unfathomable expression.

“Looks like this year’s Golden Banquet is definitely yours to take!”

Lin Xuan smiled, “Thank you for letting me win!”

The Yue family’s kid cupped his hands at Lin Xuan and waved his sword. He put away the Frost Spirit Sword and walked down the platform.

The Yue family’s kid’s strength was not bad. He lasted on the testing platform for a while and did not lose to Lin Xuan in one move like the first day.

The second round of testing took even more time than yesterday.

Yesterday, before the sun set, Lin Xuan won. However, today, the sun was already setting in the west, and the afterglow was slowly dyed red. Lin Xuan was still standing on the testing platform.

Lin Xuan moved his neck and wrist. The people who came up today could be considered to have some strength. Even if there were fewer people today, the mental strength consumed was even greater.

When the sun set and the moon had completely appeared, Lin Xuan could walk down the test platform.

Lin Xuan’s movements were still considered fast. On the surrounding testing platform, there were still people fighting.

“Saint Child, Saint Child, quickly drink some spiritual dew.” When Lin Xuan walked down the test platform, Lin Yanyi rushed up and raised a crystal-like cup in front of him.

Lin Xuan took a look and took it.

“This was sent over by someone from the Treasure Pavilion. I’ve tasted it on behalf of the Saint Child. This is spiritual dew to recover your energy. After drinking it, you will definitely be able to fight another 300 battles!”

Lin Xuan drank it in one gulp and placed the crystal cup back.

“Help me thank Fellow Daoist Fang!”

The group walked in the direction of the bamboo hut, not caring about the burning gazes around them.

When they arrived at the small bamboo building and Lin Bao confirmed that he had closed the courtyard door, he carefully said to Lin Xuan worriedly, “Xuan’er, I see that the chances of you winning these few days are very high.”

“However, I saw a cultivator today. His strength is very extraordinary. If you fight him, your chances of winning will be lower.”

When the Lin family cultivators saw that their Saint Child was so good at fighting, they paid a lot of attention to the surrounding cultivators. They originally thought that their Saint Child had a high chance of winning the Golden Banquet.

However, after watching it today, with an enemy in front of him, the chances of winning were really lower. If they encountered an accident, they would probably lose this victory.

At this moment, the cultivators of the Lin family looked at Lin Xuan worriedly. They saw Lin Xuan wave his hand indifferently and say, “I’m confident in me. When have I lost? Just wait quietly. I’ll take the victory of this Golden Banquet and let all the cultivators in the world know about my Northern Azure Continent’s Lin Xuan.”

Lin Xuan’s heroism indeed made the fighting spirit of the few of them burn again.

“The Saint Child is extremely heroic. He will definitely win tomorrow.”

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