Reign of the Hunters

Chapter 457

Chapter 457 He’s Mine

Ye Ci was no longer able to contain her laughter. Despite the loud noise in their surroundings, the two were still able to hear her voice due to her close proximity with them. Fleeting Time turned around to look at the source of the sound and his heart sank when he noticed Ye Ci grinning at them, “Ye Ci…”

He did not expect her to shake her head, an indication that he should remain silent. He hesitated for the briefest of moments but relented. Relief washed over him as the smile on Ye Ci’s face widened.

Mo Leng was startled by Ye Ci’s sudden appearance too. She glanced at the same direction, and saw a young woman leaning against the doorframe. The young woman was in her early twenties. Her looks were not remarkable, but she had a pair of sharp eyes. The woman’s smile did nothing to mask the intense aura emanating from her entire being. She was very skinny, and her skin was very pale. It was a sharp contrast to her black hair that was tied into a ponytail.

“Ye Ci.” was what Yi Qingchen called her. Who’s Ye Ci? Mo Leng was confused. But realization came very soon.

Ye Ci spoke up before Mo Leng could. Her tone was casual, but it still exerted an unknown pressure on Mo Leng, “Hello, White Fairytale.”

“You’re Gongzi You?” Mo Leng raised an eyebrow at Ye Ci, not satisfied by the fact that the young woman had seized the initiative.

Ye Ci could tell that Mo Leng was trying to provoke her. She chuckled at the woman’s attempt. But Fleeting Time was not happy with it, “Watch your tone wi-” but he was cut off by one look from Ye Ci.

Mo Leng was already angered by the appearance of Ye Ci, and Fleeting Time’s tone served only to fuel the flames, “Yi Qingchen! Did you just yell at me? You were yelling at me for a woman like her?”

“You shouldn’t have done that, Fleeting Time.” Ye Ci grinned at Yi Qingchen, “Be Polite.”

Fleeting Time’s sour mood immediately improved upon hearing her words. “Very well.” He nodded, and looked at Mo Leng, “Sorry, my bad.”

The gentleness in his tone was something Mo Leng had never witnessed before. But it was being directed at someone else other than her, “Gongzi You!” she shouted, “Why must you do this to me?”

“Oh?” the smile on Ye Ci’s face widened, “What have I done?”

Mo Leng’s blood was boiling. She hated Gongzi You. it was a hatred that she had not felt for a person before. She found herself hating Gongzi You down to the very core.

This person was the one who stole Yi Qingchen from her. She was the one who stole the love that should have belonged to her. Mo Leng took a deep breath to calm herself down, “Gongzi You, I’ve talked to you about this before.”

“And I gave you an answer. There’s nothing I have to say to you about my boyfriend.” Ye Ci was still leaning against the door frame, “Was I not clear enough? Are you trying to ignore completely and go straight for my boyfriend?”

Mo Leng’s face was now a bright shade of red. Fleeting Time was enjoying the moment. He could tell that the woman was trying to hold herself back. It took her great effort to stop her body from trembling, but Ye Ci was at the end of her patience, “It seems that I’ve made a mistake. Some things should have been said. Very well. If it’s a chance you want, I’ll give you that chance.” she pointed at Fleeting Time, “He’s right here. Say it. If you don’t do it now, I don’t know what I might do if you try it again in the future.”

Her words served only to further anger Mo Leng. The rage that she worked hard to suppress erupted once again. And this time, she could no longer hold back herself, “How could you!” she roared at Ye Ci, “How could you say that to me? Do you know how much I’ve sacrificed for him?! Do you know that I’ve loved him for seventeen years? How dare you stand by his side! How dare you say that to me!” Mo Leng chuckled, “What have you done for him? What right do you have to be by his side?”

“What you’ve given matters not if he doesn’t need it. An unnecessary love is wasted love. So what if you spent seventeen years loving him? He had never once reciprocated your love. You’ve only proven that you are a self-centered person. I have to admit. I have nothing to offer him. But I’m Gongzi You. And this itself is enough. As for my rights…” Ye Ci’s smile widened even further, “That’s simple. Because he’s my boyfriend.”

Mo Leng was shaking with anger. Even her voice was shaky as she spoke, “I love him! What’s that have to do with you? Do i not have the right to love him?”

“You do!” Ye Ci snapped her fingers, “Nobody is denying you that right. In fact, you’re free to love whoever you want! But please… Keep it to yourself. Nobody has to know about your love!” Ye Ci stood up straight and walked towards Mo Leng, “But I have to say I’m very impressed. Seventeen years. You’re quite a shameless one aren’t you?”

“You…” Mo Leng was at her limits. She balled her hand into a fist and swung it at Ye Ci. But she heard a sharp “crack!” followed by an intense pain on her face before her hit could connect. It was Yi Qingchen.

Mo Leng stared incredulously at Fleeting Time. She could hear ringing in her ears. “Y-you hit me!” she shouted, “Yi QIngchen! Do you call yourself a man? I can’t believe you hit me!”

“There have always been two types of people in my eyes: one of my own, and outsiders. I’ve never cared about genders.” Fleeting Time chuckled, “Besides, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, but I just couldn’t find the chance.”

“Yi Qingchen! I hate you!” Mo Leng screamed before stumbling off. Even Ye Ci could feel goosebumps rising when she heard the woman’s shriek and high-pitched sobs.

A sudden wave of sorrow washed over Ye Ci. It was not wrong to love a person, but when that love turned into obsession, it would always end badly. She could only hope that Mo Leng could finally let go of Fleeting Time for her own sake.

Ye Ci was snapped out of her thoughts as a strong grip pulled her into a tight embrace. A pair of warm lips planted a wet kiss on her neck the next moment.

She reacted by pushing the person behind her away. Yi Qingchen, who was caught off guard, could barely recover when Ye Ci shoved him against the wall and lifted his chin, “Yi Qingchen, I’m disappointed in you.”

“Huh?” Yi QIngchen was confused for the slightest of moments before he picked up the meaning behind her words.

“Seventeen years. You allowed the problem to fester for so long before taking care of it. That’s very inefficient.” Ye Ci tightened her grip on Fleeting Time’s chin.

“I apologize. I’m willing to take any punishments you have for me.”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Fleeting Time, “How does it feel like to receive the love of a beautiful lady for seventeen years? I bet you’re very happy about it”

“Well, if you’ve stepped on shit and were not able to get rid of it for seventeen years, will you be happy?”

“I’ll just throw away my shoes.” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow.

“Damn, I should've thought about that.” Fleeting Time chuckled.

Ye Ci noticed the mirror behind Fleeting Time and narrowed her eyes. She pushed the man against the wall again, before crashing her lips onto his.

Her movements were quick and it caught the man off guard. Fleeting Time could taste the faint aroma of wine as they shared the kiss. He was able to recover from the moment of surprise fairly quickly. He pulled Ye Ci closer to himself and went on the offensive. He snaked an arm behind Ye Ci and held her up effortlessly. His tongue was busy at work as well as he assaulted Ye Ci’s lips relentlessly.

Ye Ci spared a glance at the person she had seen in the reflection earlier. A satisfied grin appeared on her lips as the certain someone retreated back into a corridor.

Yes. He’s mine. And nobody can lay a hand on him.

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