Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 844 – Debuting One After Another

Chapter 844 – Debuting One After Another

At the end of the long hall in the vast palace, Yun Die and Feng Qing had nervous and tense looks. Their lips were pressed together and their faces were pale.

As for Dorelis, she was as calm as she was in the beginning. She was like a curious little baby, constantly looking over at the stone door in front of her.

It seemed that if Liu Yun wasn’t standing by her side, she would have reached out to touch it.

Suddenly, the peace outside the stone door was broken. Liu Yun turned and looked at Dorelis, a gentle smile on his face. “In truth, I’ve had a question lingering in my mind this entire way. I hope that Miss Dorelis can help me?”

Dorelis turned her head.

Liu Yun smiled. “Miss Dorelis, may I ask what sort of feeling the God boundary is? I am quite curious.”

Hu –

The scene fell deathly silent.

As for Yun Die and Feng Qing, they sucked in a deep breath. A hand seemed to clench at their hearts and a tide of fear swept over them. It was like the dark night of winter, wanting to swallow them both.

At this moment, Liu Yun was still smiling. And even his warm and gentle expression didn’t change. But, the feeling he gave off was completely different.

It was difficult to describe the specific feelings there, but his smile made one feel an instinctive sense of fear and despair, as if they were facing the bottomless abyss!

Dorelis blinked her eyes. “The God boundary? If you cultivate diligently and achieve this boundary, you’ll naturally know what it feels like.”

Liu Yun shook his head. “Due to certain reasons, the Great Dao of my cultivation has been severed. So if I want to cultivate to the God realm with my own strength, it will be impossible for the rest of my life.” He paused for a moment and his smile widened, “So, I hope that I may borrow Miss Dorelis’ boundary.”

Dorelis pondered for a moment. “What are you paying?”

Liu Yun looked at her with a stunned expression. If he didn’t personally confirm the God rules circulating within her body, he would have doubted Dorelis’ identity.

These were not the words that a god should say!

As a result of this brief silence, a look of disdain crossed Dorelis’ face. “You don’t want to pay? Did you not sleep at all last night? Because you must still be dreaming!”

Liu Yun looked at her deeply. “Miss seems to possess a great deal of confidence. Of course, as a genuine god, you have the qualifications to do so. Then, allow me to experience the strength of a true god!”

He lifted a hand and grasped forward.

Dorelis flicked her sleeves, wrapping Yun Die and Feng Qing in an invisible strength and sending them storming backwards.

A moment later, the space outside the stone door twisted. Like a great mouth, it swallowed up Liu Yun and Dorelis.

“I’m not saving you out of the kindness of my heart, I’m just afraid that Qin Yu will come out and argue with me! Now run away as far as you can; don’t stay behind and drag me down!”

Yun Die and Feng Qing glanced at each other. Without any hesitation, they turned and ran. But then, Feng Qing suddenly screamed out loud.

Hum –

A rich blue light emerged from her body. As this light erupted, she lost control of her body.

She flew back involuntarily, passing through the distorted space where Liu Yun and Dorelis disappeared; it seemed that the both of them no longer existed in this world.

Shua –

With a flash of light, Feng Qing struck the stone door and sank inside.

Yun Die bit her lips and quickly ran away, soon vanishing from sight.

Dark Parliament Headquarters. This was an unknowable place that even the Senators themselves hadn’t personally approached.

At this time, somewhere deep in the earth, in a vast hall filled with endless darkness, besides Qin Yu, the other seven Senators had gathered here.

Oriole’s young voice rang out, “Is there no signal yet? Just what is Senator Morning Star doing!?”

Jasmine lightly said, “Since there’s been no signal, it must mean that Senator Morning Star believes this isn’t the best time.”

“Humph! According to the news the parliament has received from all other influences, it is almost certain that powerhouses have suddenly vanished from all of them. Do you not think this is related to what is happening deep below the First Moon Mountain Range?” Oriole sneered, “I am just worried that someone decided to come up with a plan to take advantage of us so they can have sole possession of all the benefits. If that happens, we will become the joke!”

Lone Mountain furrowed his eyebrows. There was a dark look in his eyes. Out of all those present, he needed the Myriad Dragon Body the most.

Because his lifespan was about to run out, this caused him to take certain risks. Even if he knew that Oriole was only saying this because she had a grudge against Qin Yu, he still started to feel nervous.

“Sage, let’s begin!”

Sage faintly responded, “If everyone is willing to begin ahead of time, then I have no other opinion. But, I want to warn all of you that there is only one chance to seize the Myriad Dragon Body. If we fail, not only will we have achieved nothing, but the Dark Parliament will gain a life or death enemy!”

At this moment, a fluctuation appeared in the hearts of the Senators, “It’s time!”

Lone Mountain was impatient. He was the first one to step into the dark hall. His voice shook with excitement as he said, “After today, Sky Declaring Pavilion will no longer exist in this world!”

Oriole glanced at Jasmine and jeered in a low voice, “Even if he is Morning Star, he isn’t the same one you knew before. You go through so much trouble protecting him; could it be because you’re a nympho who has gone mad with lust?”

Jasmine was without expression. “Your judgment has been affected by the negative emotions in your heart. After this matter is finished, I will propose a resolution to the parliament to withdraw Senator Oriole’s rights for the time being.”

“Enough. The enemy is before us. We must join together to face them!” Sage looked deeply at the two before he stepped into the hall.

“Humph!” Oriole coldly snorted. She was the third to step into the darkness.

When all seven Senators entered, a deep hum came from within. Waves rose in the darkness, following a gentle rhythm.

Shua –

A pair of blood red eyes appeared!

Western Tomb.

The Divine Palace spanned across the land, shrouded in white holy light. A dignified aura, solemn and sacred, emanated from it, making those who saw it feel awe.

In the central temple, beneath the vague statue of the Dao Monarch, Ji Xiangtian sat on the high throne of the Divine Seat. The various Saints, Cardinals, and other great priests stood below, a grim expression on their faces.

With their long and glorious inheritance and as a top class force in the world, the Western Tomb had a wide range of intelligence channels in the darkness, to the point that it surpassed anyone’s imagination.

The other influences might not be able to obtain exact information on the strange events occurring inside Sky Declaring Pavilion, but the Western Tomb was able to see through the veil and cast their eyes deep below the First Moon Mountain Range.

In addition to information that came from other sources recently, it seemed that the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master who had never been able to leave the underground had finally decided to do something.

This had nothing to do with the Western Tomb, but the origin of the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master was a major problem. If it restored itself, no one knew for sure if it would begin to retaliate against its enemies…and the Western Tomb would have to bear the brunt of it!

“Divine Seat, there are records of what happened in the past. The Myriad Dragon Body betrayed the Ancient and fled, causing him to be beheaded by the Dao Monarch…even if it regains its soul power, there is no conflict between it and my Western Tomb.” A Cardinal slowly said.

Those that stood here today all had the qualifications to know of events that occurred in ancient times. These were secrets that not many others knew about.

Another Cardinal said, “That may be so, but in the end the Myriad Dragon Body was refined by the Ancient. Whether or not it has some backup spell placed within it, none of us know. The safest means is to have it disappear forever. Only then will the Divine Church be without worries.”

For a time, the high level figures of the Western Tomb were separated based on these two different opinions. They started to argue amongst each other.

On the high throne, Ji Xiangtian lightly coughed. His eyes swept over the hall and all the noise slowly faded away.

As someone who had held power in the Western Tomb for thousands of years, he possessed great dignity and majesty. In particular, after the Qin Yu incident, he now paid more attention to his own authority. After using heavy-handed methods to dispose of several unruly powerhouses in the Divine Church, no one dared to provoke him anymore.

“The Myriad Dragon Body was refined by the evil Ancient. It isn’t something that should exist in this world to begin with. It was ignored because it remained quiet, but now that it has awakened and started to cause trouble, it will no longer be tolerated.

“Send out orders. Mobilize the Western Tomb’s Judgment, Divine Guard, and Cold Night Divisions. Everyone will follow me to the First Moon Mountain Range!”

As his voice fell, Ji Xiangtian suddenly frowned. There was a pained expression in his eyes before he suppressed it. He shouted, “Everyone may leave.”

“Yes, Divine Seat.” Everyone in the hall bowed and left. They hurried to pass out the orders of the Divine Seat.

Rumble rumble –

As the doors of the central temple closed and the windows were sealed, Ji Xiangtian shouted out, “I will be praying to the Dao Monarch. No one is to disturb me!”

The next moment, the central temple was completely sealed away, all contact with the outside isolated.

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