Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 831 - No Longer the Same Qin Yu

Chapter 831 - No Longer the Same Qin Yu

Bang –

Within the jade pendant’s vortex, the white light loudly shattered. The eye looked deeply at Qin Yu, as if remembering his appearance and aura. Then, it quietly faded from sight.

Hou –

With a roar, a blue light that belonged to the power of the Ancient race appeared. It appeared as the phantom of a giant, one that stood as tall as the heavens, its eyes like the stars.

An ancient and boundless aura gushed out from the giant. It was like a divine mountain that supported the skies, one that would never bend or falter.

The giant looked down at Qin Yu. “Descendant of the future, know that my Ancient race was born to support the skies and earth. Even if we die, we shall never compromise!”

Qin Yu had a calm expression. “The Ancient race suffered a bitter catastrophe and now I may be the only one remaining in the world. I have bet everything today. If I succeed, then I, Qin Yu, vow to rebuild the Ancient race and restore them to their previous glory!”

The giant was silent for a long time. Then, it slowly closed its eyes and said, “If you fail to keep your world, the bloodline of the Ancient race will surely be broken. It will shatter to dust, refusing to live ignobly in this world!”

Qin Yu solemnly said, “Good!”

The giant turned around and walked away, vanishing from sight. The blue light broke apart.

Qin Yu took a deep breath. He looked at the black light in the vortex. According to their connection, he could determine it represented the path of time. It was pure black, representing the mysteries of the unknown. Perhaps the essence of time was this.

“It is only through a coincidence of lucky chances that I was able to touch upon the highest path of time with my current boundary. In truth, I have only touched the smallest corner and am far away from reaching the threshold. So I do not understand the characteristics of time and I have no means to persuade you.

“If you exist with your own consciousness, then there is one thing you must be aware of. You and I are of one body. If I can live an interesting and splendid life, you can also spread out your glory. If I vanish, you are also doomed to be unable to display your greatness. Then, are you willing to help me?”

The black light remained silent. It seemed that Qin Yu’s words weren’t enough to move it.

The little blue lamp’s lips moved and he sent a thought fluctuation directly into Qin Yu’s mind. Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows for a moment and slowly said, “If there is a day when I am an emperor, I shall do my best to liberate you. I will never break my promise!”

The black light directly dispersed. Like the cold waters of a pool, it wrapped round the white strength of the world and the blue strength of the Ancient race.

Bang –

A raging red blaze burned and combusted. It was filled with majesty and overwhelming momentum. The Dao Monarch’s phantom appeared. His face was stiff and his eyes were blank, as if he were a puppet.

“The one who seized my Great Dao, you have become my eternal enemy. Once I wake up from my deep slumber, I will make sure you suffer a cruel death even if I must travel through the blue skies or yellow springs!”

Perhaps this was a mark that the Dao Monarch had left behind in his Great Dao before he fell into a slumber. Once it was captured it would be triggered.

Let alone a Dao Monarch who had been asleep for endless years and might not wake up again, even if he was here at the height of his power, Qin Yu wouldn’t hesitate at all.

“Dao Monarch, the one who seizes your Great Dao is named Qin Yu!”

Pa –

The Dao Monarch’s phantom dissipated.

Out of the five strengths, four had broken apart. The only one that remained within the vortex was the yellow light. When Qin Yu’s eyes fell upon it, his gaze was cold yet complex. This strength represented the power of his bloodline that had been stripped from him but had just recovered. It represented his family background.

Everything indicated that from the moment he was born he shouldn’t have been an ordinary person. Still, something had happened that had left him suffering a pitiful fate. If it weren’t for the little blue lamp then Qin Yu might have already died. He would have turned into the soil of the earth, never knowing of this.

Perhaps feeling Qin Yu’s gaze, an old man with his hands behind his back appeared within the yellow light. Even though he was only a bloodline projection, just by standing there he was like a divine needle in the sea, suppressing all around it.

This was what potential was!

“My clan was born in accordance with the will of the heavens and earth and our bloodline is incomparably honored. Looking at the entirety of the myriad heavens, it still represents the highest echelon. If you dare to discard it then that is the same as abandoning your clan. You will be abandoned by your clan. Thunder tribulation will be lowered down upon you and your bloodline will be stripped so that you will live out your remaining days as a mortal!”

Qin Yu fiercely looked up. Stripping his bloodline? Reducing him to a mortal…?

He would be abandoned by his clan, rejected by them, and suffer a severe punishment…but according to his memories, when he was tortured in the past and had his bloodline stripped away, he was nothing but a child that was several years old.

What sort of unforgivable mistake could such a young child make that he would need to endure inhumane pain and be thrown away by his family to fend for himself!?

In his mind, the image he had suppressed appeared once again. On the summit of that low mountain there was an ancestral shrine. Blood rained down from the skies like a rainstorm. In his ears, amidst the roaring thunder, he thought he could hear the frightened sobs of a young child as well as his pained screams.

Qin Yu’s complexion paled and the scene changed. He no longer just saw the low mountain, the ancestral shrine, and the skies. Now he could also see a child’s little body. Several cold and powerful hands held him tightly to the ground. Bright red bloody water continuously flowed away with the rain water. Like ink, it stained the water red.

Fear, hatred, despair, violence!

At this moment, all these emotions flooded Qin Yu’s heart, turning his eyes red. He fiercely pointed at the old man, the projection of his bloodline. “So what if I abandon my clan? So what if my bloodline is stripped? I’ll wait for you to come!”

The old man angrily shouted, “Unfilial descendant…” He lifted his hand and a terrifying momentum gathered, causing the entire vortex to shake.

Hum –

The jade pendant shivered and an invisible will arrived, interrupting him.

“How is this possible!?”

With a loud shout, the old man broke apart.

Rumble rumble –

The vortex wildly spun around, rolling the five shattered strengths together and fusing them at an astonishing pace.

White, black, blue, red, and yellow.

The five colors gradually turned into one. It was a vast pale blue and white color, like fogs and clouds rolling through the horizon.

The serene and indifferent voice sounded out one final time. “From this day on, you are no longer the same Qin Yu!”

Bang –

White Ape’s giant body fiercely crashed down. The array formation barrier that covered the island surface broke apart like a frail air bubble. In the shocking explosion, wind and dust blew everything apart and the entire island was smashed into several pieces. Sea water spread out in a ring-like shape and then swept back in the next moment, submerging the island in the blink of an eye.

The churning waters were torn apart. White Ape leapt into the skies. Many of his radiant white hairs were now scorched and withered. There were even vast stretches of his body that were bare of all hair, and one could see the red burnt body beneath. He seemed to be in a distressed state.

It was clear that after the Sea God used its big move, White Ape found it difficult to deal with. In fact, since the battle began in the deep sea, the battlefield kept moving closer and closer to Starfall Archipelago.

Now, they had arrived at the edges of the islands. The island that had been shattered by White Ape’s fall just now had been densely populated not too long ago. But thanks to the alliance seeing that the situation was rapidly deteriorating, it had been urgently evacuated.

Hou –

With a loud roar, the black clouds up in the skies erupted and the three-horned cow-shaped Sea God appeared in its full glory. Its body towered like a mountain and its blood red eyes were like the sun and the moon. It seethed with killing intent as it lifted a hoof and pressed down at White Ape.

“Come at me!”

White Ape cursed inwardly, his face almost turning blue. In his current state, he didn’t dare to face the Sea God who was burning its source to attack.

He rolled away to evade. Endless sea water sank down as a giant hoof inserted itself into the depths of the sea. The remnants of the island were directly submerged and vanished without a trace.

This damned Beast Trainer Alliance, just what did these bastards do? Had they stolen the Sea God’s lover or killed its child?

What had turned this fellow so crazy!?

Throughout the long years, both sides had fought several times and they had a good understanding of each other’s strength. The Sea God had been cautious all this time, thus White Ape had managed to occupy the winning side.

But today, the Sea God was in a berserk state from the very beginning, simply not caring about the losses it endured. This left White Ape in a precarious position.

If things continued like this, then unless he ignored suppressing his injuries and released his full firepower against the Sea God, he would be ruined sooner or later. But if he released the suppression of his injuries, then even if the Sea God was defeated, White Ape still wouldn’t be able to withstand it. He might not die, but it wouldn’t be much different.

Looking at the hoofprint that sank deep into the bottomless sea, White Ape gulped. He glanced back at Starfall Archipelago behind him, an uncertain look in his eyes.

But soon, he bitterly smiled. This really had become a habit of his. He always thought about opportunities to obtain even more chips so that he could open his mouth wider and reap more benefits later.

But in truth, from the very start the Beast Trainer Alliance wasn’t the key issue here…if he could, then he would have run away a long time ago. White Ape had already lived for many years, but it was far from enough. The crux of the problem was that he couldn’t flee!

Since he had already been involved in that thing’s karma of cause and effect and benefited from it in order to preserve himself, if he were to leave here then misfortune would surely fall upon his body and he would suffer an even more miserable fate than this.

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