Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Breaking down waste pills

Luckily, it is not without benefit .

Pill poison is completely removed by little blue lamp, and enters the right-hand index finger . If it were to be released, even a Golden Core expert would be afraid of it!

Then again, he couldn’t help showing a bitter smile . Even with this powerful poison, to use it he still needs to get close to his target .

If he were to face off with a Golden Core expert, his opponent could simply attack from afar and leave him with no chance to use this weapon .

Even so, there might still be a chance to use it .

“Might as well say I got nothing out of this . Who knows when will I use it . ” Qin Yu comforted himself, while looking around .

Suddenly, he stops .

With quick steps he arrives at a patch of grass, from which he picks up a palm sized bag, soft to the touch as if it was weaved, but it looks to be made from animal leather . Qin Yu carefully opens the bag’s golden binds and immediately was shocked .

Storage bag!

With his heart beating like a drum in his chest, he sucked in a cold breath .

He carefully sends a thought inside, to find that the space is more than a zhang big .

In all of Sacred Mountain Sect there are only three bags!

Although not big, considered average, but for Qin Yu it is a true treasure . Usually only a Golden Core would be able to have a storage bag .

With ragged breath, Qin Yu inspected the bag and when he is certain it is intact, he started laughing .

This is fate, twisted, but still fate!

Finding the little blue lamp, Cang Mang’s remains, are all because of his fate .

But fate is always surrounded with danger, that’s what he found out from experience .

With the bag in his hand, he completely ignores this thinking, still filled with happiness from finding it . To extend his life, Cang Mang must have used almost all the items in the bag, leaving only two .

With a thought, in Qin Yu’s hand appeared a black robe, cold to the touch . Coming from such a powerful expert’s bag, it’s definitely not average .

After wearing it, the robe looks big and with a hood, hides all his features . Qin Yu also found that his thought can’t pass through the robe, which it is good for hiding his identity . If he has something to do and doesn’t want anyone to find out who he is, this robe is the best item to do it with .

The second item is a hand sized pill cauldron, with heavenly lightning and earthly fire carvings along with mysterious patterns, from an obvious it is a treasure for alchemy .

This must be the cauldron Cang Mang mentioned, although its effect on the refined pills is unknown .

Reigning in his eagerness to start refining pills, Qin Yu puts the two items back in the storage bag and takes one last careful look inside the hut but once again comes out empty handed .

“Just this storage bag is an unimaginable gain, how can I not be satisfied!” Qin Yu admonished himself, his eyes having a complicated look when they landed on Cang Mang’s grave .

This expert if he wouldn’t have had any accident, he would have broken through and reached Nascent Soul, with an increase in his life span of eight hundred years, and would allow him to escape from this prison . It’s a pity, his fate wasn’t enough .

But if it had, then the Sacred Mountain Sect wouldn’t be like this and Qin Yu wouldn’t have had the fate to find this place .

Shaking his head of these thoughts, Qin Yu cup his hands, “Junior is taking his leave . ” Turned around and left the hut .

With a look, his keen eyes found a small thing sticking out . With a cold smile, “You didn’t run? You actually dared to return!”

Pheasant King hanged his head dispirited, if he could speak, ‘This rotten place! If I wasn’t afraid of poison why would I return?’

Qin Yu bent his finger and Pheasant King slowly whimpered over, its eyes filled with tears and tail wagging .

Qin Yu laughed at him . “Stop acting! I’ll let this one slide, after all, I was also using you . ”

Walking where he left the spiritual plants, Qin Yu is even more pleased, and put them in his storage bag leaving one fruit in his hand .

“Here, eat . ”

Pheasant King woke up in an instant, with a flap of his wings, took and ate it with proficient moves, closing his eyes in satisfaction .

Qin Yu feinted a kick, “Don’t enjoy it and come with me . Or stay here with the poison . ”

As he was talking, he suddenly remembered what Cang Mang mentioned . Sacred Mountain Sect’s Pill Disposing Facility’s formation lets the pill poison enter but not come out . Moreover, anyone who enters it could also come out .

With a jump, he reached the stairs to the Facility and hurried to the entrance to see if he can open it by using his energy .

His clothes started moving and Qin Yu felt a needle stabbing his head after focusing his energy on the door . The formation sucked him dry, yet showed no sign of opening .

Qin Yu leaned on the stone wall and sat down, his pale face full of fear and despair . In the end a youngster can show calm, but when met with desperate times, his mind is still overwhelmed .

With Cang Mang’s Golden Core cultivation, it still didn’t open, and Qin Yu with his meager Qi Refining, will have no choice but to spend his life here .

No wonder there are so many bloodstains at the entrance, even signs of digging . They must have been caused by the desperate cultivators that came before and were in the same situation as him .

Stay calm!

Qin Yu breathed in an out, his look hardened, unconvinced that he will die in this place . Closing his eyes to rest, he started to regret taking all the pills, but at least this place isn’t dangerous and has a lot of time .

After four hours he opened his eyes and took out the jade slip that contains Cang Mang’s insights in alchemy . Finding the part that had the technique to break down pills, he started to study it in detail .

Even though he understood it and memorized all steps, he still can’t use a Golden Core stage technique fully .

Qin Yu clenched his teeth, rose up with jade slip in hand, and starts descending the stairs . Now, there is only one choice left, if even this doesn’t work…

Shaking hi head of sweat, Qin Yu is determined . So what if he fails? Cang Mang was able to stay hundreds of years hidden, waiting for an opportunity to escape . He could do the same!

Opening the thick stone door, Qin Yu eyes lands on the furnace in the middle of the stone room . The furnace was put in this place when the Sacred Mountain Sect was at its peak . It gathers the earth’s energy to destroy the waste pills thrown inside .

The upper section is where the waste pills are thrown, and below is the furnace . Cang Mang didn’t dare to destroy the furnace, and neither does Qin Yu . He went closer to open it and could hear the huge rumbling noise made by the furnace doors .

A surging heat wave struck him, making him soak his robe with sweat . But even more frightening than the heat is the ash cloud that envelop his body, and penetrating his skin .

This is pill poison . And mixed with the earthen fire results in a terrible combination! Luckily it is night and the blue light sends the poison to his index finger .

What scared Qin Yu is the first time when this furnace started . As he searched at the side, found a long-abandoned iron shovel and returned with it at the furnace .

Putting the shovel in and taking it out of the furnace resulted in becoming red hot at the edges, proof of the incredible heat inside . Not standing the heat, Qin Yu duck his head and saw that on the shovel, in a deep layer of black dust there are almost a hundred waste pills in half melted state .

This many?

Qin Yu was startled by the fact that this small Sacred Mountain Sect has this many waste pills . For each of these pills, the resources to make them are quite precious, yet soon he put this idea aside .

After using the shovel a few times, he ended up with six-seven hundreds of waste pills . The poison pill coming out of these pills is spreading everywhere and making his vision fuzzy .

Closing the furnace, Qin Yu slowly recovered his breathing from being nervous of what he did . The pill poison gradually thinned, allowing him to see more clearly . As he was in the center of the fog, most of it entered his body .

When the last traces of the fog disappeared, he opens his eyes, and squatted while taking out the little blue lamp . The quiet light that comes from the lamp enveloped the ten waste pills .

If it works, he’ll know soon enough!

Time goes slowly with each breath, and suddenly Qin Yu’s eyes brighten . He finds that the pills’ temperature is dropping .

Very soon the surface of the pills have a layer of frost, that as time passes gradually turns blue, a fainter blue than the light given by little blue lamp!


With cracking noises, the waste pills shatter from the low temperature . A part of the fragments evaporates and only two thirds of the pills turn into fine ice crystals .

It works!

Exited, Qin Yu moves the little blue lamp to another pile of pills, turning them also into ice crystals .

After removing the blue light, the pill fragments’ temperature begins to rise, and in a few short breaths, turned into black pieces . Qin Yu took a few, and after licking, he is ecstatic .


Even though, he doesn’t know all of them, but from the taste he is sure they are pill ingredients . And a sweet-sour taste among them, that matches Spirit Gathering Pill, is the ingredient for this pill .

With these materials, Cang Mang’s pill furnace and Alchemy technique, plus the little blue lamp pill improving ability… Qin Yu finally sees a way out of this desperate situation, perhaps difficult, but with determination, there will be a chance .

In the unchanging underground, times flashes by .

In the cultivating room, Qin Yu’s hand constantly forms signs with the pill furnace in front emitting constant heat .

Suddenly, the pill furnace let out a burst of heat, becoming unstable, from inside a muffled sound could be heard .

Qin Yu expression hardened, the hands signs increasing in speed, with almost ten signa per breath .


The furnace opens with a bang, and a medicine fragrance spreads everywhere with seven green lights coming out of it . Qin Yu was prepared and collected the contents .

Opening his hand, seven pills quietly lay in his palm, making Qin Yu extremely moved .

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