Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 746B – Explosive Anger

Chapter 746B – Explosive Anger

The sound of footsteps came to a stop behind her and the air fell deathly silent.

“Is there nothing you need to say to me?” Zhou Li turned around and coldly asked.

Beneath his black robes, Qin Yu thought for a moment. “I never thought I would run into you in Dragon City.”

Zhou Li tore through him. “Is it because you never thought about it or because you didn’t want to? Don’t think I don’t know what happened at the Shadow Clan auction!”

Well, this was awkward…

Qin Yu hadn’t expected that his actions on that day had been discovered by Zhou Li. No wonder she had such an ill expression right now. He was originally confused about how to explain things, but now it was even worse.

His silence caused Zhou Li to frown. She took a deep breath and said, “Hu Fu is going to take the resurrection lily so why are you going with him? Did Yun Die pass you my message so you wanted to take this chance to see me?”

Qin Yu coughed. “No…I am going with Hu Fu to the Western Tomb Divine Church’s mystic realm.”

The atmosphere fell silent. Zhou Li’s eyes flew open. After a long period of shock, she was enraged.

“Go with Hu Fu? Are you not afraid of death?” The anger in her heart was thoroughly ignited by Qin Yu and now it erupted outwards. “Qin Yu, do you really think you’ve become some great person that deserves awe and respect? You might be good at acting, but if you enter that role too deeply the only one to be harmed in the end will be you!

“At the Shadow Clan auction, if it wasn’t for me asking Elder One Eye to help you escape using the transmission array, the Witchcraft Sect might not have given you the chance to leave! And if I didn’t help today, it would have been impossible for Hu Fu to have the chance to exchange for the resurrection lily!

“Ning Qin doesn’t care whether you live or die. Since he’s controlling you from behind, he must have his own reasons for doing so. If you continue to indulge in this smug vanity of yours, sooner or later you will lose your life!”

Zhou Li clenched her teeth and said, “After today, if you stay in the Shadow Clan, then I promise you I will guarantee your safety.”

She couldn’t allow Qin Yu to kill himself.

Seeing Zhou Li’s angry expression, Qin Yu felt awkward. Still, a faint trace of warmth flowed through him. Although she had an ill expression, she couldn’t conceal just how much she cared.

Otherwise, why would she waste her time arguing with him about this?

But even if Zhou Li had good intentions, Qin Yu could only apologize and refuse. The Western Tomb Divine Church’s mystic realm was a place he needed to go no matter what. The cultivation level of this world was much higher than the Land of Divinity and Demons. Even if he managed to restore himself to his peak condition he still wouldn’t be a peak figure here. The stronger Purple Moon and his other residents became, the more protection he would have!

“No need. I believe that teacher won’t harm me.”

Zhou Li’s breath caught in her chest, “What did you say?”

The white palace bathed beneath the sunlight opened up, and the dashing and heroic Ji Yun, clad in pure white robes, stepped out. He swept his eyes around, looking at the two blurry figures beneath a curtain of light. While he couldn’t see their appearances, he immediately recognized that one of them was Zhou Li.

Hu Fu explained, “Young Master Ji Yun, Saintess Zhou Li is occupied. If time is tight, I can remind her.”

Ji Yun shook his head. “No need. Just wait for some time.” He looked towards the curtain of light, his eyes quiet. How could a man who needed the secret protection of a woman possibly be qualified to compete with him?

Even if that person still had some traces in Zhou Li’s heart, Ji Yun believed that it wouldn’t be long before they became nothing but a memory of the past. He was fully confident in this.

Of course, if he had information about this person, this process might proceed quicker. Ji Yu thought for a moment and asked, “Sect Master Hu Fu, is it possible for you to tell me about that black-robed person?”

Hu Fu shook his head without hesitation. “I apologize, but concerning that person’s matters, I vowed that I would never disclose anything. I ask that young master forgives me.”

Ji Yun had a calm expression. “It’s fine.” People who hid their heads and tails must have dark reasons for doing so. With Zhou Li’s disposition, she absolutely wouldn’t like this behavior.

So, even if he couldn’t obtain information about this person, none of that mattered.

At this time, the distant curtain of light shattered. Zhou Li turned around without hesitation and walked towards him.

Ji Yun moved forward to welcome her. Seeing the anger that had yet to fade away on her face, he smiled and said, “Zhou Li, who annoyed you so much?” He glanced behind her, a cold light in his eyes.

If Zhou Li expressed her unhappiness, he wouldn’t mind teaching this person a lesson so that he understood the difference between them.

Zhou Li shook her head, “I’m fine. If the portal is complete, send them through.”

“Them?” Ji Yun was surprised. He glanced at Qin Yu and said, “This fellow daoist is also going?”

Zhou Li nodded without expression.

Ji Yun thought for a moment. “Zhou Li, I told you before about how incomparably dangerous the mystic realm is. I wasn’t saying those things just to try and frighten you. If a person enters and they don’t possess sufficient strength, I fear they will be more unfortunate than fortunate.”

He furrowed his eyebrows together, a warning expression on his face. “Fellow daoist, I urge you to reconsider things. Don’t lose your life in vain.”

Qin Yu looked at Ji Yun. This was indeed a dashing young man with a righteous aura and good manners. Of course, he did have the arrogance and condescending manner befitting the young master of the Western Tomb Divine Church. Still, this was a status entrusted to him, and he had the qualifications to be arrogant, which in itself couldn't be considered a moral defect.

In general, Qin Yu had a good first impression of Ji Yun. He wasn’t a person with dark and dangerous thoughts. If Zhou Li could be with him, it would be a good marriage for the both of them.

“I have already made up my mind. I thank Young Master Ji Yun for the reminder.”

His tone was calm and indifferent.

Besides the restlessness he felt when facing Zhou Li due to his guilt, Qin Yu was able to calmly deal with anyone else. But, when this calm appearance fell in Ji Yun’s eyes, it seemed thoroughly fake. Did this person want to conceal his weakness and cowardice from Zhou Li?

Ji Yun smiled as bright as the sun, his appraisal of Qin Yu rapidly dropping. For face alone, this person was actually placing himself into a dangerous situation. It was utterly stupid.

Zhou Li angrily said, “Some people don’t know how to write the word ‘death’, so why waste time on them? Ji Yun, let them go in!”

“Okay.” Ji Yun smiled. He certainly didn’t care whether Qin Yu lived or died. The reason he spoke up just now was because he didn’t hope for this person to die and leave behind traces in Zhou Li’s heart forever.

But now, it seemed that during that chat just before, Qin Yu had thoroughly enraged Zhou Li. As for himself, he had no reason to stop him.

After all, even an extremely unimportant and lowly person still had the right to decide their own life.

“Fellow daoists, please follow me.”

Hu Fu nodded and followed behind Ji Yun. But, when he looked at this Western Tomb young master, there was ridicule and disdain in his eyes. This person was nothing but a lucky boy who had a strong sect backing him. Even if he appeared calm and collected, it was nothing but an appearance.

This Ji Yun had eyes but couldn’t see the forest for the trees. If it weren’t for mister seemingly having no interest in Zhou Li, then what qualifications would he have to compete against him? He might as well go back home early and play in the mud!

Zhou Li had a cold look on her face as she watched Ji Yun bring Hu Fu and Qin Yu away. But when the three of them stepped into the hall, her heart skipped a beat as if it was suddenly missing a piece. She was at a loss for what to do.

Like that, he had gone to the extremely perilous mystic realm of the Western Tomb Divine Church. It was highly likely that he wouldn’t return from there, and he would forever vanish from her life.

Bitterness swelled forth from her heart. Zhou Li subconsciously bit her lips, so hard that a bright red color appeared. However, her pride didn’t allow her to lower her head again. She had already done everything she could do. What could possibly be done when Qin Yu didn’t appreciate her kindness? He could do as he wished!

She turned and left. Zhou Li lifted her head and looked into the bright sun above. Her lips moved as she muttered, “Qin Yu, you bastard!”

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