Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 700B – Species Creation, Realm of a Grand Expert

Chapter 700B – Species Creation, Realm of a Grand Expert

Today was the last day to turn in the mission. Because of Sha Liuhe’s vague words, almost all eyes at the Midmorning City branch division were focused on Rising Lake.

The previously calm and quiet secret disciples had lost all of their previous confidence. They couldn’t stay in the laboratory any longer. They gathered outside the entrance, waiting in nervous anticipation.

When the sun rose up in the morning, it slowly climbed higher and higher. Following a fixed path, it began to fall down towards the west.

The doors were still tightly shut without any movement at all. The complexions of the secret disciples grew increasingly pale.

Could it really be as others outside said, that teacher had failed in the mission? And the reason he still hadn’t made an appearance was because he didn’t want to face the mocking expressions of others…

Although they didn’t want to believe this, the facts were laid out before them. The secret disciples started to shiver, their eyes filling with despair and resentment.

At this point, it was no longer just failing a mission. Once teacher was pushed down to the ground, he likely wouldn’t have a chance to stand back up.

And they would be buried along with him. They would never have any achievements for the rest of their lives!

Because he was tempted by a woman’s beauty, he had thrust himself into a hopeless situation, and as a result they would all be implicated by him…how could they have such a teacher!?

Li Hao’s face paled. He lowered his head, not allowing others to see the uncertain look in his eyes.

Suddenly, he clenched his teeth and came to a decision.

Teacher had already offended too many people. After he was stepped upon this time, no one would give him a chance to stand back up. Li Hao believed he had splendid talent to become a beast trainer and was destined for great things in the future. How could he allow himself to fall into the abyss with Ning Qin?

He looked up. Staring at the tightly shut doors, Li Hao shouted, “Are you still confused? Teacher has given up on the mission and given up on us!”

Everyone was startled. They looked at Li Hao with wide and shaken eyes.

Li Hao pointed a finger, “Look closely! Below the testing building, the teacher we have so much confidence in, the teacher we have placed all of our hopes in, is wallowing and indulging himself in the beauty of others! Have none of you thought about what sort of destiny awaits us!?

“He is a true beast trainer. Even if he loses everything in Sky Declaring Pavilion, he can still leave this place and make a fresh start. But what about us? We will be stuck here for the rest of our lives with nowhere else to go and no prospects to dream of!

“Such an irresponsible person is not worthy of being our teacher! I have already asked a true beast trainer and have come to an agreement with the pavilion. As long as we give up our current statuses on our own initiative, we can break off all relations with Rising Lake and become that sir’s disciple. All of us can make a fresh start!

“Now, I want to ask all of you. Who is willing to leave with me?”

Yan Jiao trembled. She screamed, “Li Hao, what nonsense are you babbling. You actually dare…you dare to slander teacher…”

Li Hao was without expression. He said, “I am only speaking the truth. It is teacher who gave up on us first!” He swept his gaze over everyone. “Is no one willing to leave with me? You must consider things clearly. Do you want to stay here and die, or obtain a new life with me?”

In the silence, some people began to waver. The first to walk toward Li Hao was a young female secret disciple. Her name was Rao Xiaoling.

She kept her head lowered, avoiding everyone’s disbelieving looks as she stood behind Li Hao. “I wasn’t wrong. It was teacher who was wrong…so, don’t blame me!”

Then, a second and third followed. There was shame and guilt on their faces. But when they stood behind Li Hao, there was more relief and disdain in their eyes.

“What are you all doing?” An ice cold voice suddenly spoke up. At some unknown time, the entrance to the first underground level had opened. Yun Die walked out, her ice cold eyes staring at everyone in front of her.

Yan Jiao was overjoyed. “Big Sister Yun Die, Li Hao is slandering teacher…he is accusing you and teacher of having a relationship and he said that teacher already failed the mission. Because he doesn’t want to be implicated by teacher, he wants to sever relations with Rising Lake!”

Yun Die’s eyes turned even colder. “Li Hao, is this true?”

For some unknown reason, when she looked at him, Li Hao felt immense pressure. But once the arrow was shot, it could not be retrieved. Now that things had reached this point, there was no room to turn back.

With a cold sneer, Li Hao said, “That’s right, it’s all true. I’ll ask one more time. Who else is willing to leave with me? Otherwise, don’t regret the decision you made!”

Yun Die nodded. “Indeed. You all need to think things over so that you don’t regret it.” She swept her eyes over Yan Jiao and the other secret disciples. “So tell me, do you want to stay, or will you leave?”

Yan Jiao said without hesitation, “Big Sister Yun Die, I will stay behind!”

It was hard to trust this teacher she hadn’t come into contact with much. But, she trusted Yun Die.

The youth with the soft gray hair smiled. “I will stay.”

These two people’s statements affected everyone else. After a brief hesitation, no one else chose to leave.

Li Hao sneered. “I’ve already given you a chance. Since you don’t want to take it, don’t blame me for not reminding you when you are crying your hearts out in the future!”

He turned around, “Let’s go. We’re going to the pavilion to explain that we're severing our connection with Rising Lake!”

Yun Die said, “Hold on.”

Li Hao’s lips curled upwards. “What, do you think you can convince me to stay? Keep on dreaming!”

Yun Die’s eyes were deep and profound. “Today, I will stand in place of teacher to officially announce that Li Hao, Rao Xiaoling, and the rest of you four are hereby expelled. From this moment forth, none of you have any connection to Rising Lake!” She lifted a finger and pointed, “You may leave now. If we see each other in the future, we will be enemies!”

“How insolent!” Li Hao was enraged. “Yun Die, who do you think you are to have the right to expel us!”

Yun Die’s expression was faint. “I am already teacher’s true disciple, so I naturally have the qualifications to deal with the lot of you in teacher’s place. None of you are people of Rising Lake any longer. If you don’t leave now, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“You…” Li Hao paled and he clenched his jaws. “Good! Good! Yun Die, just wait for me!”

He left in a huff of anger.

Rai Xiaoling and the other two paled. Being expelled and leaving on their own initiative were two entirely different situations. Once they shouldered this evil reputation, it would be impossible to cleanse themselves for the rest of their lives. But, since they had already made their choice they could only follow behind in an absent-minded daze.

Yan Jiao’s eyes widened. “Big Sister Yun Die, you…are you really an official disciple now?”

Her eyes sparkled but her complexion was a little stiff. Could the rumors from outside be true? Did Yun Die have some ambiguous relationship with teacher? Otherwise, how could she suddenly become an official disciple?

Yun Die raised a hand and knocked her forehead. “Shut up. What random thoughts are you thinking about now? Don’t disrespect teacher…I am just a little lucky so teacher accepted me as a disciple.” She glanced over everyone that remained and said, “As for the rest of you, in the future you will rejoice for the choice you made today.”

After speaking with the others and learning of the current situation, Yun Die’s expression turned ice cold. She sneered. You all want to make my teacher into a joke? You lowly villains aren’t worthy!

She ordered the others to stay at Rising Lake, and then turned and left.

Yan Jiao shouted out loud, “Big Sister Yun Die, what are you doing?”

Yun Die said without turning her head, “Turning in the mission for teacher.”

She suddenly thought about her teacher who didn’t care about this at all, and a look of deep respect rose in her eyes. Compared to her teacher, these people were only a gaggle of clowns…the swallows cannot understand the ambitions of the swan!

Although her teacher didn’t care about such minor glories or even the slandering of others, as her teacher’s disciple she needed to protect his dignity. She didn’t mind ruthlessly slapping these people in the face. She wanted these people to firmly remember that when journeying through the world, they needed to maintain a humble mindset.

Thus, as Yun Die walked over to the Internal Affairs Division, welcoming strange looks the entire way, her heart was already blazing with a righteous fury.

While her clothes were those of a secret disciple, the momentum she carried with her was far too strong. The Internal Affairs Division cultivators didn’t dare to underestimate her. Someone tentatively walked forward and asked her, “Miss, how can I help you?”

Yun Die said without expression, “I am turning in a mission for my teacher.”

There were numerous beast trainers at Sky Declaring Pavilion and missions were handed out and handed in every day. So, turning in missions was an extremely common matter. The Internal Affairs cultivator didn’t think much about it. It was just that his attitude toward Yun Die was even more temperate than before.

He never thought that this beautiful young miss was a disciple who had been truly approved.

“May I ask who your teacher is?”

“Rising Lake, Mister Ning Qin.”

The surroundings immediately fell silent.

Everyone at the Internal Affairs Division looked over. Seeing the supremely beautiful Yun Die, their complexions became strange. Could she be the rumored female secret disciple? She was a startling beauty. No wonder she had managed to mesmerize a true beast trainer.

But that wasn’t right…she was already a genuine disciple who had received recognition. Tsk tsk, if someone were to say that there wasn’t something strange with this, no one would believe it!

The Internal Affairs cultivator was stunned. His eyes turned cold and desolate, and there was even some pity there. “Yun Die?”

“I am.”

The person nodded, “Please follow me.”

The two walked past the front hall of the Internal Affairs Division and walked into the mission evaluation hall.

This was the last day of the half month deadline. Yun Die had come from Rising Lake in place of Ning Qin to hand in the mission. The evaluation was about to begin!

News of this spread throughout Sky Declaring Pavilion at a speed no slower than Sha Liuhe’s commotion yesterday.

In fact, even numerous great influences throughout Midmorning City were paying attention to this due to Sha Liuhe’s amazing performance.

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